Prosecutors: corruption leaked military government of the Russian Federation

In 2010-2011 in Russia were convicted for corruption in 1060 war, among which more than 500 senior officers and generals, 19, told the deputy military prosecutor Alexander Harutyunyan.

According to him, most of the military receive sentences for fraud, misappropriation and embezzlement of property, forgery, misuse and abuse of official capacity, and receiving and giving bribes and commercial bribery.
Harutyunyan acknowledged that "corruption leaks and to higher military authorities, and even in the central office of the Defense Ministry, officials of which must themselves be engaged in the suppression of this evil. "
Defense Ministry to collect from convicted over 153 million rubles in compensation.

Military Procurator at regular intervals say about their own anti-corruption in the Russian army. According to a similar public "records" the last couple of years the number of cases of corruption grows into multiple volumes.
Another first 2011 Russian president acknowledged that his campaign against corruption has brought no results, but noted that such a configuration can not occur rapidly.

Harutyunyan gave several examples of corruption cases

So, Balashihinsky Garrison military deputy chief of the military tribunal sentenced warehouse Colonel Andrew Kaseeva to 3.5 years in prison for what he and like-minded stolen from the warehouse of food by 37 million.

Head of Department Head Missile and Artillery Directorate of the Defense Ministry, Major General Valery Znahurko purchased without testing 14 thousand bullet-proof vests.
The prosecutor's office says that vests "were pre-apply for implementation in the fight" because "just made their way in small gun and shrapnel."

Head of the department last 62 orders and deliveries of material means of rear service of the Defense Ministry, Colonel Nikolai Chekulaev will have to pay a fine of 29 million rubles, which is 70 times more sane him a bribe.
Russian service Bi-bi-si repeatedly wrote about corruption in the army.

In March of this year, the East Siberian District Military Court sentenced the former head of the Siberian military service auto neighborhood Gen.-Major Alexander Stetsurina to 9 years in prison severe regime on charges of corruption.
General ordered to pay a fine, stripped of rank and municipal awards for the fact that in 2009 Gen. written off and "gave merchants from warehouses auto property worth about 4 million rubles."

In the same month, last commander of the Plesetsk space center, then head of the head of the Department of Educational Ministry of Defense, Anatoly Bashlakov was sentenced to 7 years in prison for taking a bribe of 700 thousand rubles.

Against former zam.komanduyuschego Command troops of special purpose on the rear of Vyacheslav Dvurechensky, which already serving time for fraud, filed another criminal case — on suspicion of wasting more than 60 million rubles.

Then the expert "independent newspaper" Vladimir Mukhin said, that it does not hit a huge number of cases against the generals.

"The best part is surrounded by the Minister of Defence — people from the fiscal authorities, who can do an audit and see to it that the funds have been spent correctly," — explained Mukhin.

A military Observer "newspaper newest" Pavel Felgenhauer said that the reason for the huge number of corruption cases against senior military officers of the unknown, "because we do not know how much that costs in procurement, and as the cost of funds and rassredotachivanie secret."

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