Prostitution-stimulus or the progress of degradation of society

Pochetaemye, such as we might wish, but we have to live or can exist at the time of PROSTITUTION stateliness of our time. Can someone and hurt by this vulgar, old little word, but it is a fact. We, the educated, literate and socially adapted, are living in the heyday of prostitution — yes, sad, but, as they say, we had to choose any place, any time, the fate of …

So it is all the same prostitution? Yes, we litsezreem fallen behind the word lady, Forced to sell their bodies to survive. But the concept of the word is much more significant than we imagine for ourselves. For many people, prostitution — Lifestyle, psychological condition.

Many raised in the critical position of choosing corruption and betrayal not only of their own standards, and betray the most intimate, the native people, who — for the sake of survival, who — for the sake of momentary good. Yes, Putana — word ladies' race, but it is inherent in its value to the stronger sex, we, the peasants, who must protect and keep us inherited from ancestors.

Appears regular note: traitor — who is he? Each of us appears automatically only one association — ……………., yes, disgusting Dushenkov who bargained themselves some good by confiscation of well-being in people close to him, in which he took advantage of the trust. But it is in respect of an individual. What does happen in our troubled times? Maybe some of you, and I will credit the craving to Stalinism or other epithets, but the enemy NATION — a combination of words meaning!!

And now let us our look at our reality.

1.SVOBODA WORDS — the main feature of democracy. But why it is applicable only of journalists who use it, selling their honor, for having it real good and the promotion of those in power, or by right on the money, did they not confused?

2. REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PARTIES AND THEIR Favorite giving unbending promises, which forgets, with such blessings that we never dreamed of, and we believe them. Did not they be confused?

3. And we all understand, evaluate and contemplate the reality — who are we? We are betraying the future of our children for the sake of momentary well, discussing and do nothing. Who are we? Condemning the actions of people who, unlike us, are trying to save and restore what we got and so we stupidly wasted.

Maybe I'm wrong, but the reality is cruel — catch us at the lowest desires — consumerism and permissiveness. And we are looking for who povinet? We are guilty! We are letting our behalf decide the fate of our own. We are not doing anything, and only indignant about yourself!

Our foolish credulity and corruption for a slice of sausage lead us to slaughter their golden calf — but we are not thrown only themselves, and the future of our children and grandchildren …

We effort to prove who is right — Moskal, toupee or Bulbash, and those who have bought it, we do not even put a memorial candle. People, wake up, enough to trade their future.

Yes, word Putana is even more profound significance — FALLEN, Disgusting, pathetic!

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