Protesters have been fined KGB

Nikita Volod'ko activists and Cyril Kudrova fined 30 basic units (150,000 rubles). The sentence was given by judge of the Central District of Victoria Shabunya.

Arrested Jan. 19 during a solidarity rally near the KGB building in Minsk Nikita Volod'ko and Cyril Kudrow spent a night in jail in Akrestsin. In the morning they were taken to the court of the Central district of Minsk to deal with administrative matters.

Central District Court Judge Victoria Shabunya not let family and friends are in the courtroom — the human rights center "Spring". On the court did not even let the parents of the detainees. Exceptions are made only for lawyers. The room is guarded police.

Recall that the only course of action Belarusian opposition in front of the KGB were arrested 22 people. 20 arrested at rally in Minsk were released without being drawn up.

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