Psionic magic. Anomalous zones of Russia

July 24, 2012 13:12

Local areas of the earth surface, where for some unknown reason people are killed or disappear, known for a very long time.

In ancient times, such places were called Ghibli, cursed or diabolical. Now such anomalous zones attract attention of scientists and enthusiasts and researchers who are trying to scientifically explain their deadly characteristics.

So far, the most extensive anomalous zone is the Bermuda Triangle. It is estimated that over the past 150 years there have disappeared under mysterious circumstances, at least 50 ships and 20 aircraft, with the victims of the triangle began about 1000. And if there are such dangerous anomalous zones in Russia? It would just be a surprise if in our vast territory could not find at least a few black spots.

The best known and least mysterious black spot in Russia is the famous Death Valley in Kamchatka, which became known in nachale30 of the XX century, when hunters have lost dogs, came upon their bodies in the Upper Geyser at the foot of the volcano Kikhpinych. In addition to the dead dogs in the area around about 2 km long and 100 to 300 m in width were numerous half-decayed carcasses of other animals and birds. The hunters quickly left as sinister place, they are paid with a sharp deterioration in his health. Attracted by rumors of such an unusual place, to Kamchatka moved amateur expedition. Many of them, unfortunately, ended tragically: dozens of researchers and enthusiasts died trying to solve the mystery of Death Valley.

Although scientists quickly assumed that animals and birds died due to poisoning by carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, which are released as a result of volcanic activity still remained some uncertainty. The fact that these gases are quite slow and large animals such as bears and wolverines, would have to have time to leave the danger zone. Struck by the fact that, having tasted the meat of the animal, who was killed in the valley, almost immediately died very healthy bear. Only in 1982, scientists were able to establish that the volcanic gases are present in Death Valley toxic cyanide compounds, which in some cases caused almost instantaneous death of animals and birds.

If the mystery of the Kamchatka Death Valley can be considered solved, then another death trap — Ferris Cemetery — near the confluence of the river lie in wait in the Angara still continues to confuse the minds of the researchers. According to the recollections of old residents, Devil cemetery appeared in 1908, just after the fall of the Tunguska meteorite. Local residents had to be moved, even if part of the road to protect their livestock. It was said that in the first place anomalous observed just a hole in the ground, which in time was filled with fallen trees and dead animals, so, and appeared lifeless fields covered with bones. Following the publication in 1983 article in the journal "Technology — Youth" about this mysterious place in search of the Devil's Cemetery off numerous amateur expedition. As in the case of the Kamchatka valley of death, many enthusiasts have paid with their lives for trying to solve the mystery: according to researchers of anomalous phenomena in the search for the Devil's Cemetery killed about 70 people …

In 1991, the expedition of Vladivostok UFO after a long preparation still managed to find a mysterious clearing. The researchers found even an image feature-arrow-pointer, which cut into the time when the transfer of the road by local residents. When approaching the cemetery, on the story of Alexander Rempel, members of the expedition, oddly behaved compass, a device which records the electromagnetic radiation, began to show the maximum value. Researchers in any case were divided into two groups: one went to a mysterious clearing its other insured. When approaching the Devil's Cemetery people began to experience a strange tingling sensation in the whole body, your connection with the fear of the group. Clearing was surrounded by black lifeless trees were visible everywhere whitening bones. Were already dusk, and the study was decided to postpone the next day, camped a mile from the field. Alas, in the morning for a number of members of the expedition began unearthing health problems (numbness of the body, swelling of the joints, the fall of view) that it was decided not to risk and to conduct research in the following year.

However, the country erupted in economic upheaval, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?), Did not allow the financial plan to organize a new expedition.

No less mysterious black spot is in Yakutia, mentions of it dating back to the XIX century. One of the tributaries of the river Viluy focused strange huge "copper pots", several meters in diameter. Older Yakuts say that except boilers and here is a large underground structure with a lot of space. The one who slept in them, soon died. One of the "pocket" were found amateur expedition Yakut students. All their attempts to take a sample of the mysterious metal of which was made "pot", were unsuccessful, he was super strong. About "pot" grow abnormally tall grass. Forgetting to Prevent old Yakut guys pitched a tent right next to the "pot". When they returned from the expedition, one of them lost his hair on his head, and the other had problems with the skin. What are these "pocket" — structures of ancient lost civilization of the Earth or long off base aliens from outer space? This is yet to be established.

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