Psychic war or anatomy of deception

Psychological warfare, or the anatomy of deception

"Propaganda does not have anything to do with the truth." Goebbels
"With the help of an experienced and long implementation of propaganda people can be heaven and hell, on the contrary, the most wretched life — like paradise." Hitler

First forms of war were primitive: that arm caught, then crushed and eaten. Later, people began to take a stick to hit on the head with a neighbor. The truth of Marxism say stick digging roots, and that the work has made of man. The turning point in the physical warfare was the invention of remote lesions: archery, spears and other mental tools of murder. Weak could get stronger and untrained — trained. Advocates ukrov did not put the issue of banning "Cossack Garmat", and from the patricians of Rome states that the bow and arrow should be banned, as Stealther can kill anyone they want, and it threatens the population of the earth. But come Colt, Mauser, Kalashnikov, Anka-machine-gunner, a nuclear shield, and other physical attributes of the war, the purpose of which — the place, resources, slaves …

The subsequent step began when someone came up with the idea that it is not necessarily invade, not necessarily to kill, can cost as lihvarsko — market tightened deal to regulate the amount of the population of the enemy, his mental level. In the end, arrange matters so that the country does not need to win, she will work for you. And so that people do not understand that their enslaved in the process of economic war, there was a need of hiding the wealth and poverty of some other states, striking example of poverty on fat black earth — Ukraine. In other words, there was a need for psychological warfare.

The countries of the "golden billion" consume more than they give. Why did they have a great need to push the nose to the other, so there is powered. And so they did not mind, and there was a need for special processing of the population of the Third World, the neighbors in order to neighbor does not realize that his loot. In the psychological war of the "golden billion" based on the so-referred to as the "fifth column", ie domestic opponents in the camp neighbors. The purpose of this, in the main oligarchic-grantoednoy "colony" is the division of society by ethnic, religious and other principles. The truth is now a "fifth column" as it is stylish in the middle "of the Galician settlers from South American accent," call each other different groups. If you want to understand exactly what is column of people think for their income. Ranks and titles should not be confused. Most people standing on the biggest stages authorities adjacent to the enemies of their own people. "Orange Ukrainians" is an example.

In the psychological war for the treatment of the population there is a particular strategy involving several waves of psychic influence. The first wave, as it paradoxically — humor. All these Petrosyan Serdjuchki, crooked mirrors and others priuchivayut people to laugh at themselves, subverting the taboo, the brain was removed by moral prohibitions jokes. If you can make fun of the Pope, and means you can criticize, but if you can criticize, one can and generally send out. The second are "political scientist", "scientists" exaggerated by the media disk imaging authority.

There is a manipulation of statistics, they say the obvious, that is, opens the mind. To open suggestibility person must first read him the obvious, or to sing, as in show business. After 10 minutes, a person falls into a state when it can "swallow" everything. A week later, it's all pops up, but in the form of his own thoughts. The same applies to the manipulation of historical facts.

Confront this can only educated and not much suggestible man. Subsequent waves are the party barefoot, human rights … These clearly indicate the target. If the first: humorists and political scientists are preparing the environment, loosen the psyche, the party officials, human rights activists they say directly, directing public opinion: we must have something now and then. Special predilection among human rights activists has russophobia involved on street democracy.

We'll see how things are election of the company, in countries not included in the "golden billion". Before the election comes from watching "Washington Regional Committee" and suggests the order, ie, chooses who should be here by the president. Later, catch means and held that man, which is necessary, and after the election he asked — we will put means to you so much to so many and so. Economic robbery turned into a narrow economic game. A cry from the ocean turned into psychic warfare. Recall mail and Gongadze for Kuchma. Or, for example, Yeltsin before the second period had a rating of 5%, and in three months — 55%. Under this? The media disk imaging, and more precisely a TV set.

A huge role in the current psychological war play radio and television. I stress once, that in the middle of a huge number of rusofobstvo Russian television channels, there is not the 1st of Russian and Ukrainian TV channels only in the middle with 2 sovladeyut citizens of this country. Now recall how during the dismantling of the Union all took the time and listened to the TV set, "sorcerer" or the next series. As for now heed the various political scientists, party members, human rights activists are still looking "soap operas".

The condition of watching the show absolutely comply with the terms of the hypnosis session. A man sits relaxed in a chair, eyes fixed at one point. Within a few minutes reached a state of trance, reveals the gates of suggestibility. Whereupon one can impact on the visual and auditory analyzers, the main influence on the emotions, will, consciousness.
In particular, the party members and political scientists working on emotions cause a negative attitude to anything, the effect is paralyzing the will, evokes a sense of meaninglessness of all the action. Memory clogged secondary, low-quality information, why is reduced level of thinking. All these impacts are focused on supporting the destruction of moral principles, changes in value orientations. When the looting of the country is given for "democratic reforms."

Generally in modern Western propaganda methods of mental processing very many people. Nowadays neuvvyazkami manipulation by Hitler "theory of the big lie" busy South American scientists D. Bell, E. Fromm, D.Rismen, D. Martindale, Herbert Marcuse.
Here are a few ways to use a mental war. A way to "offset concepts" when a bunch of garbage is considered a work of art, and the owner of the slave labor — free will. Not counting verbovaniya "authorities" and "witnesses" of some events of myth-making techniques are used, especially in the stories — flat heresy in the form of speculation, beliefs, etc. There is method of "ordinary story" if need to get people to violence at least some kind, handsome leading to a measured rovnenky face and voice, as if in passing, reports once a day on the most serious crimes.

After a few weeks of such treatment of the population does not respond to the most horrible crimes ….
In the end, according to the NPC "Empathy", conducted research in the center of Ukraine, we have a sad fact: the middle generation who grew up with a TV set, only abo
ut 5 percent have abstract thinking, proficient skills of analysis and synthesis and generation of independent judgment. The rest mass of the daily life focused on solving digestive and sexy needs. In the discussion of at least some of the problem that goes beyond the kitchen threads used hear in the media disk imaging phrase definitions.

Most of the brain became the guardian dies and stereotypes, which are reproduced in the form in which were received. The processing of disk imaging is absent. Julia with a scythe and tyschey — the main argument. Telek was an appendage of the brain "independent Ukrainians", taking over the function of thinking and develop understanding of the world. Intellectual degradation "nezalezhnykiv" manifests itself in a general decline in the level of culture, morality, the return of people, especially in the "cradle of the nation" — the village, to simple forms of behavior, it is replaced by a connected interjections, alternating mat and theft and prostitution have become respectable.

Now psychology — the most vulnerable people living in the place ransacked Ukraine. Its citizens, and how in general and the Russian Federation did not realize that if against them do not come with a tool in the hands, the instrument of heresy and innuendo with "boxes" and "basins" much worse Colts and Mauser. The result of mental processing is complete degradation of the people, the transformation of their countries — a raw material appendage. Posner, Schuster, Bedrosovich, Svanidze and Yavorivskiy not inferior to his own lethal force Chernobyl nuclear shield does not help …

What is the solution?
You can read about the program notes protect the Russian language, the support of the Patriarch and Metropolitan of All Russia Kirill and his defense of moral laws … Without meeting of Presidents Obama, Medvedev and Yanukovych, and their stadia in the fields of "nuclear agreements," still offer its own: the Russian channel with the Russian edited in Russia! .. For 150 million and 300 million Russian Russian language have not russofobstvuyuschie Russian, and at least one Russian

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