Psychotronic weapon

A strange phrase "psychotronic weapons" appeared in the media is even 20 years ago. But knew of it then usually sent to military retirement or unrecognized Academy scientists. In the main they were reporting on some of the generators, which, being of hundreds of kilometers of the "object" can Tipo create a "mess" in the human brain, behavior will change, shake the psyche and even brought to ruin. After these publications are usually the victims were psy-impact weapons. They stormed editorial complaints that some voices whispering them orders. Reporters politely listened, and after the conversation turned to a psychiatrist recommended.

By 2000, the flow of these magical fables, smacks of psychiatry, has dried up for some reason — a psychic impact was forgotten for a couple of years.

And that was the topic again emerge. Suddenly started talking much more severe people — former employees of state security. Who is to "tell the world the truth" wants to Major-General Boris warriors.

Thousands of scientists under the hood of the KGB

— Boris K., when the military decides to give your rank interview itself circulation newspaper of the Russian Federation and even at such a delicate subject, there is a logical question: why you need it for?

Once upon a time our hero is guarded by Boris Yeltsin.
— In 1-x, for the power I'm sad! — Says the general. — What we did in Russia in the field of psy-effects as much since the 1920s, at the moment, which is consumed even in Pakistan, not to mention other countries. And until the mid-1980s the largest private centers for the study of the psychological effects on humans were in Kiev, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Minsk, Rostov-on-Don, Alma-Ata, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm and Ekaterinburg — only 20, all under the auspices of the KGB. Worked on this problem of thousands of the best scientists. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, all these centers were closed, and the scientists had left — who are in the country, who are over the limit.

In-2, you need to bring to the people and government information that the threat of exposure to the general consciousness at the moment, more than ever, great. This is due to the breakthroughs of new technologies and the proliferation of web. And in addition, and with the work of the Commission on pseudoscience when the RAS. Academics continue to insist that psi effects — is quackery. And the third reason is currently the world's enthusiasm for psychotronic erupted again with the latest in strength. According to my sources, will not pass, and 10 years as a psychotronic weapon would be more severe than nuclear and atomic. Since it can be used to master the brains million, making them zombies.

— In general, we have in the country — continues Ratnikov general — in the 1980s was created by the system perfectly organized and conspiratorial work on new ways and means of solving inter-state and internal political problems without verbovaniya forces of power and intimidation damaging effects. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the reorganization of the power ministries coordination artists broke up, and special units of the KGB and the Interior Ministry have completed their existence.

— You yourself have participated in the development of psycho-weapons?

— No, my task as deputy chief management of the Head of the Russian Federation was to track down suspected hazardous as the first persons of the country and the population as a whole. According to our intelligence, and it became clear to carry out such work both in Russia and abroad.

— And the fate of the people who were involved in its creation, you know?

— Many moved away to another world, while others went over the limit, others are lost in various centers and clinics. I know just the academician Victor Kandiba and his son Peter to continue to engage in these research works. Academic Vlail Treasurers of Novosibirsk is also working on this discrepancy. Academician Natalya spondylitis, although it hides its own interest in this subject matter of his own father did not leave, and as before exploring the "magic of the brain."

Brains were washed worldwide

— What's in the field of psy-effects developed abroad?

— In the U.S., developed the idea of psychic effects on the basis of oriental psychophysical systems — says General Ratnikov — hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), computer Psy, bio-resonance stimulation (state configuration cells of the human body. — Ed.). With all of this objective is not for capacity control human behavior. ISRAEL emphasis placed on research papers aimed at the merits of a man perfectly new abilities through self-regulation, the configuration of consciousness, the capacity of the physical body — for athletes, "perfect" intelligence, sabotage groups. In addition, the technical means are hidden programming of human behavior, acting on the basis of mathematical modeling of the symbolism of the Kabbalah.

The Academy of Self-Defense Forces of public land of the rising sun explored the possibility of using psychic phenomena, including for intelligence purposes. Over neuvvyazkami Psychotronics also operates the Institute for Religious Psychology.

Security services and control over the activities of North Korea's foreign policy experiment in the interaction of special transducers for the configuration of the human organs.

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One of the hidden documents submitted editorial "KP" general.
In Pakistan, special agencies developed a device that causes disturbances in the life of organs and physiological systems of the human right to a deadly ending.

Military intelligence SPAIN funds research to study the impact of different physical causes for human organs and the brain to the creation of the means of violation of functions of these bodies and the configuration state of mind.

In Germany, research is carried out in the institutions of Bonn and Freiburg.

In England — the English Institute of psychic research laboratory at Cambridge Institute.

From theory to practice

— The main purpose of the research is to find new techniques, methods, forms and methods of influence on the human psyche, huge masses of people, the expansion capabilities of the human mind — says warriors. — In a number of states have information on the use of covert remote influence from individuals to large companies. In this case we are not talking about the experiments that are set for a long time, and the use of proven technologies for practical merits, most of the political and military goals. And these technologies with each passing days are becoming more complex due to the new abilities of science and technology. Of course, there are still technical issues in the application of this instrument. But when they are overcome, the psy-weapons in their abilities outshine all others taken together.

— I asked my co-chair of the Commission on pseudoscience when the RAS Nobel Prize winner Vitaly Ginzburg, whether he knew of the existence of psychotronic weapons? So he immediately disowned: do not know, it's nonsense. Who would believe? — I doubt it.

— Please, here I am for you to quote from
the 1st secret document entitled "Help for possible threats. KGB. Folder under number such and such … ":" The principle of remote influence on human psychotronic generator is based on the resonance frequency characteristics of human organs — the heart, kidneys, liver, and brain. Each human body has its frequency response. And if at the same frequency it affect electric radiation, the body goes into resonance, resulting in manifest or acute cardiac deficiency, or renal or inappropriate behavior. Normally, beating by a weakened, sickly body. In some kinds of cases can occur and be fatal. " These studies through the Military-Industrial Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of the USSR were spent millions of rubles. KGB studied and "some issues of distance biomedical impact on troops and civilians special radiation." And now, according to my information, using the most modern methods of influencing the state of mind and human behavior. The experimental standards of technical devices existed in the USSR Ministry of Defense. But with the collapse of the security services, without any trace of missing not only the technical implementation of development, and the employees themselves, retired from the authorities, fled to work in the commercial structures. And who knows in which direction these standards can be used, what the killers and what programm in the brain at the moment strolling through the streets of Russian cities.

— But if you dig into the web, you can find many articles refuting the general existence of psi-weapons.

— I myself have it in your hands not holding. How can it look — like a gun or a button — I do not know. But I still believe there is a premise that its technical creation can be particularly at this time. All the theoretical basis-that have long worked out.


Boris K. WARRIOR — Major General of supplies of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. In 1984, he graduated from OCS KGB specialty officer, higher education and with special knowledge of the Persian language. In the 1980s, on a business trip to Afghanistan as an advisor of HUD (the Afghan intelligence agency. — Ed.), Took part in the fighting, was awarded orders and medals. From 1991 to 1994 was the first deputy head of the administration of the Head of the Russian Federation. Since May 1994 he worked as the principal adviser to the President of the Security Service of Russia. In 1996 — 1997 m-appointed advisor to the chief of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. Prior to 2003, was an adviser to the chairman of the Metropolitan Regional Duma. Currently retired.


Chronology of "brain radio"

In 1853, the eminent chemist Alexander Butlerov for the first time in the world to make a scientific conjecture to explain the paradox manifests itself in hypnosis mental suggestion between the hypnotist and the patient. Butlerof proposed to consider as a source of radiation the brain and nervous system, suggesting that the movement "nerve currents of the body" is identical to the interaction of the electron currents in the conductors. Specifically, the electromotive effect explained by beliefs Butlerova the physical nature of the signals from the brain of one person's brain to another.

On a hunch Butlerova agreed physiologist Ivan Sechenov, drawing attention to the fact that emotions are similar and close the case, in particular between the twins, significantly enhance the effects of mental force interaction.

The largest known was a series of works on the electrical devices substantiation of mental suggestion in experiments on animals and humans, made in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Academician Vladimir Bekhterev, who created the first in the world of the Institute for the study of brain and mental activity.

In 1919, the engineer, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Bernard Kazhinsky began a series of papers on theoretical and experimental approach of an electrical nature of "brain radio".

Meanwhile, Vladimir and Vladimir Durov Bechterev for the first time in the world on dogs in a large series of scientific experiments confirmed the existence of the phenomenon of brain power influence a person's thoughts on dogs. Bechterev published their results in 1919 in the articles "about the experiments on the mind's influence on the behavior of animals" and the "Protocols of the experiments on animal specific suggestion made by physicians and I. I. Karmamovym quails." And he made a special report on the opening of its own at the conference of the Brain Institute in November 1919. In his works Bechterev pointed to the discovery and the discovery of the mechanism of their brain special extrasensory contact that occurs under certain conditions between man and animal, and allows the "language" of the animal — with the help of movements and feelings — to control his behavior at the level of thought.

In 1920, Academician Peter Lazarev in the article "On the work of the nerve centers from the standpoint of the ionic theory of excitation" for the first time in the world in detail proved puzzle direct recording of electrical brain radiation, and then spoke in favor of the ability to "grasp the idea of outer space in the form of electric waves . "

In 1920 — 1923's brilliant series of research works carried out Vladimir Durov, Edward Naumov, Bernard Kazhinsky, Alexander Chizhevsky in laboratory animal psychology Practical Management of Head of People's Commissariat of Education academic institutions in Moscow. In these experiments, psychics, who were then called "radiant people" were placed in the chamber, a Faraday cage, shielded metal sheets, where they are at the level of thought influenced by a dog or a human. Good results were recorded in 82% of cases.

In 1924, the President of the Scientific Council of the Laboratory of animal psychology Vladimir Durov published a book "Animal training," in which knows about experiments on mental suggestion.

In 1925, an article about mental suggestion and wrote Alexander Chizhevsky — "On the transfer of thought at a distance."

In 1932, the Institute for Brain them. B. spondylitis received an official mission to start an experimental study of distant, in other words, from a distance, interactions, scientific management of which was entrusted to the student spondylitis Leonid Vasiliev.

By 1938, has accumulated a large experimental data, summarized in the form of reports:

"Psycho-physiological bases of telepathic phenomena" (1934);

"On the physical basis of mental suggestion" (1936);

"Mental suggestion motor acts" (1937).

In 1965 — 1968 years the largest known example of the Institute of Automation and Power USSR Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk. We investigated the mental connection between people, and between man and animal. The basic material research was not placed because of regime judgments.

In 1970, the order of the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peter Demicheva created Municipal Commission for the examination of the paradox of mental suggestion. The commission includes the greatest scientists, psychologists country:

Luria, Leontiev, B. Lomov, A. Ljubojevic, D. Gorb, B. Zinchenko, V. Nebylitsyn.

In 1973, a more severe outcome in the study of psychic phenomena, scientists have Kiev. Consequently, the Council of Ministers of the USSR adopted a resolution on a special closed psi research in the development of the USSR Council of Ministers of the USSR scientific-production association "response" led by Dr. Sergei Sitko. Once part of the medical experiments carried by Ministry of Health of the USSR by Vladimir Melnik and the Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology, under the co
ntrol of Dr. Vladimir Shargorodskii. Studies on the effects of mental suggestion on psychopathology of the central nervous system led to the Republican clinic them. Pavlov Dr. Vladimir Sinitskii.

Guns or antenna?

How can look psychotronic weapon? According to General Ratnikova, in different ways: in the form of a gun, and the antenna, and even the pill, which is similar to the device, mosquito repellent. But he is convinced, no such in the hands never held. Although hard to believe it's hard — it had a very specific information.

— According to our service — says General — psychotronic equipment allows us to manipulate the masses, throwing people into a state of so-called "induced" trance. Capable of eliciting a range of emotions — from fear to euphoria. The impact is a means of microwave electric fields (EMF NISVCH) and laser light, which is very safe for the higher functions of the brain. They are difficult to detect and identify the range is constantly present electrical emissions of industrial origin. NISVCH specially modulated electromagnetic fields can cause visual and auditory hallucinations, tangle thoughts shatter the psyche, to change behavior, provoke anger, depression, catalepsy.

Institute of Biophysics, Ministry of Health, Institute of Biophysics, Academy of Sciences cells, GNTSSSP them. VP Serbian Ministry of Health, Institute of Military Medicine conducted research on the harmful effects of EMF NISVCH on brain structure and a fruit. By the way, in one of their reports I have read the subsequent: "… the main drawback Russian research this difficulty — the lack of coordination in the scientific program notes this trend. Low level of basic research because of the lack of money leaves no prospects and applied research to develop adequate measures to protect against EMI NISVCH. "

Controlled material

— In the U.S., the development of psycho-weapons and methods of protection against it once a year wasting more than 150 million dollars — continues Boris Konstantinovich. — Military Institute of radiobiology research in Bethesda (Maryland) began to create installations for remote influence on the people one of the first — back in 1965. But the apparent success, scientists have gained only by 1980, when they were designed in compact microwave generator capable of sending commands to the human brain that control its behavior. Referred to as the magic of military equipment pulse-wave miotron. If you point the light specifically on human up close, it is possible to completely suppress his will and immobilize.

As I know, in our country until the mid-1980s, developers were frequency and low-frequency generators encryption brain. "With a view to the creation of controlled human material", as it was recorded in a single document, which I beheld. In the middle of the developers believe the doctor of technical sciences and biological sciences PhD Valery K. Buzzard. He led the latent complex gallakticheskoy Biophysics, acting within the framework of the NGO "Energy". Managed "design principles, methods and means of remote control the behavior of bio-contact objects." Including through technical means — generators. Buzzard died. Like many of his colleagues.

— As anyone left alive?

— As I understand, the research work in the field of psychotronic continue to engage in Peter recognized academician Victor Kandiba hypnotist and his son. Not so long ago, they even released a book "Secrets of psychotronic weapons." Here is a quote from it: "Back in 1988, Rostov Medical Institute, along with other tests successfully graduated from the psychotronic generator and applied for the discovery of biological tissue permeability of the simultaneous action of high-frequency magnetic fields. The new tool is capable to suppress the will of the people, to impose another. Rostov generators — the most insecure of all types of psychotronic weapons. Their use should be brought under the control of the country. The emission of these devices built at the resonant frequency of the internal organs. The quantity of radiation is so low that air is much lower background. Because it is a tool to find no one. But it is capable of killing millions of people who fall ill and die. That's why scientists have been acquainted Shocking
Wana when General Konstantin Kobets said about the ability to apply during the events of 19 — 21 August 1991 in Moscow, these same psychotronic generators. "

— So apply them during the coup or not?

— I guarded the "White House" at the time, — says General Ratnikov. — And, in my opinion, the general Kobetc just bluffing.

— But even then, nibudt of the devices that affect the human brain, you beheld?

— I beheld antenna mounted in the cabinet Yeltsin for the book wall. It was covered with a tarpaulin iron frame size of 1 m 20 cm to 1 m 20 cm radioizluchatelem midst. Who enables or disables it, I do not have information. Maybe someone from the Supreme Council. But I know how antenna acts: introducing human discomfort, causes migraines. This antenna is an electrical device that operated at a distance of 10 — 15 meters. And it could be from an ordinary person to make fool.

Exploration subconscious

— As I understand, you want to revive the centers studying psychic impact?

— Yes, wish. And along with the staff of the respective written document. Shall read out: "Modern schools spetsoperatorov professionals, is a sensetivov with unique psychological inclinations, allow to prepare professionals who are able to address the following main objectives:

1. Getting disk imaging, identification of sources of external threats to the state nestled in the political, economic and military terms, to the officers of the military and political control of the country.

2. Issuance of foreign policy predictions, the social situation in the country, the behavior of the person, arising out of different processes in the society at a minimum available disk imaging.

3. Determining the location of objects on topographic maps, charts, plans.

4. Read the subconscious and the treasured disk imaging of the officials by name, name, patronymic, photo, date of birth. Classified documents and information.

5. Writing mental portraits, hell on officials by name, photo, date of birth.

6. Servicing health officials on name, date of birth.

7. Assess the level of preparedness of professionals to work in these criteria.

8. Identification of geopathic zones and seysmoneustoychivyh. Detection of dangerous faults and failures of technical systems of technological communication and industrial equipment. Performing diagnostic equipment. The embodiment of an additional, non-destructive testing of a soft objects.

9. Predicting natural disasters with the time and place.

10. Assessment of the status and productivity of natural resources, the embodiment of searches of minerals. "

— In whose hands at the moment psychotronic weapon?

— The most massive installation at the moment are not only armed with the U.S. military, Britain and France, and in the multinational companies that use their personal way to address their own issues. In Russia, there are experimental setup. The President knows this.

— What is basing at zabugornyh plants?

— Gallakticheskoe. There installation and on warships.

— What elements of food consumed there?

— Not only solar panels, and nuclear facilities.

— Psychotronic weapon used against Russia?

— It is on the alert.

— Massive Attack have been?

— No.


Terrible bomb

In 2005, Doctor of Technical Sciences Valery buzzards, former deputy general director of NPO "Energia", said:

— In 1991, we have been thinking about what might seem a fundamentally new type of weapon of mass control, liquidation of mind
of the individual. Then I gave a presentation to the government that if we do not currently develop international law prohibiting psychological and physical effects on humans, its mass production will start in 10 years. And it will be more terrible than the atomic bomb. My words no one listened. Research teams who were involved psychotronic, across the country were deliberately ruined by the middle of the 90s. Government bureaucrats do then closed KB, which our theoretical developments experienced in practice. What came of it — is unclear. And at this point in the world are intensively developed ways of programming the human mind to control. In the end, already 20 years may seem like "race" of people-driven.

Alignment PHYSICS …

Oleg Belov, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences:

Stand there and do not move. You irradiated

— There are a number of emissions that affect human health. But it is unlikely they can be used for mass destruction.

EHF — very frequency energy — millimeter wave frequencies from 30 GHz to 300 GHz. They say that they are secretly at a distance to hit a certain center of the brain, to provoke rejection of any system of life. Imagine that it's true. Even in this case, it is necessary that man froze. Then you can hit the brain or organ specific.

VHF — UHF — UHF waves of frequencies from 300 MHz to 3 GHz, the wavelength of 1 meter and 10 cm deep seep through the tissues of the human body. And, as it activates the cancer cells, so that after a while people die a natural method of cancer. As an instrument of instant destruction does not fit.

Microwave — sverhchastotnoe radiation — microwaves, frequency of 3 MHz. These are the same wavelength, which is in the microwave. Transmitters such waves can fully serve the telephone wiring, Telecom, the phone, fire alarm system, radio network. Directed microwave irradiation typically causes twitching legs, burning in the soles, ear pain, pain in the eyes, clicks in the "buzzing head", nausea and headache. But the radiator should be near the victim. Be very overwhelming. I. .. not very massive. Since in a strong microwave radiation victim fry without psihotronschiny as a sandwich in the microwave. So microwaves or gun, or psychotronic.

Ultrasound — wavelength of about 0,017 m, the frequency higher than 30 kHz. Fully may be used to suppress the immune system. Mysterious scientists say that ultrasound can be at one moment to suspend at least some human heart, and the "baking" selected areas of the brain ultrasound can be removed from memory unnecessary memoir. The history of these cases does not know.

Infrasonic radiation — wave length of about 17 m, the frequencies below 17 Hz. Here is the most insecure clearance of 6 to

9Hz. It seems that your head is about to explode into small pieces. The sound of such intensity can cause nausea and buzz in the ears, blurred vision and instinctive horror. Perhaps, it is completely possible to use as a weapon of mass destruction. So after all … on this principle, and made much of the repeller for dogs and rats.


Vladimir Kryuchkov, Chairman of the KGB of the USSR:

— Any tests on the effects on the human psyche is not involved in the KGB. After the collapse of the Soviet Union have written about similar research activities which we were Tipo. But this is not true.

Alexei Vorobiev, past member of the GRU:

— Curiously, when the number of disk imaging bolshennom psychotronic weapons no one until now has not discovered the principles of his physical actions. Generally the brain at the psychic level the average person is very difficult to influence in order to force not to perform any specific acts it. Even with the help of hypnosis. And the massive impact of psycho-weapons on the population and fun read. After all, it must be very massive to irradiate the village or a town. And if cumbersome, means it can be to find and kill. And standing next to such a machine can be to get your dose of radiation. Affect the terrorists such a tool is also unlikely. Since the action of "guns" should be directed at a specific person that would take a long time was in a motionless state, and when people are intensely moving and occasionally a long time are in the open, then work on their brains almost unreal.

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