Punctures in foreign films

In the near future Russian film distribution amuses the audience with countless genre films. Unfortunately, so far Russian the market is filled with new films, in the main, products of the South American filmmaking. But for now Russian the market did not come to the harsh production capacity, which differed Russian market of the Union, have to rely on overseas trends. Cheers that soon the Russians had a choice: to look whether such comedies as Huge Momma: Scion of a father or a hd into the depths of the chamber Cinématographe, which not much is clear, but with all this is very, very entertaining.

Now by popularity amidst the Russians first place confidently take concrete zabugornye comedy and comedy television series. In second place confidently stand horror movies and thrillers. But with each passing year higher in the ranking of favorite movies in our country are foreign-made films of historical content based on real historical moments. With all of this, many viewers are often stare historical films of English or South American production, as in Russia is a niche is almost completed.

Often while watching these movies with harsh story revealed so called kinolyapy when the creators and directors of the scenario is not particularly fussing about adjustedness historical episodes. In particular, a huge number of marriage is found where there is a speech about the history of the Russian Federation and the Russian Union. In these films, shot in the western studios may appear majestically Russian characters in a form that did not appear until after the war. The documents in films about the second world war can create print with the inscription of the KGB. This proves that the creators of the film is not particularly cared about reading stories, because such authority as the KGB in Russian Union appeared in March 1954, and the status of the State Committee of the KGB, he was as much in 1978.

Such incorrect forcing the viewer to think about the quality of movies, but the Russian directors makes me think that it is necessary to remove more of its own material, so that the younger generation has condemned the history of their country not only for films made in Hollywood or in the studio documentary BBC. If you increase the creation of Russian films, then, competitive struggle with foreign movies produced will go successfully.

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