Putin about favorites protest movement, there are smart people, sit in the plane and dumps

Putin on the leaders of the protest movement, "there are smart people", "sit in the plane and roll the"Vladimir Putin on Mon met with its trustees. The Kremlin has given to understand that this event should be taken seriously — training with the role of senior administration officials began recently.

ITAR-TASS, the President announced that meetings will be held twice a year. And for the current trustees of the Institute proposed to integrate the activities of the All-Russia People's Front. Some of the participants immediately offered with no fix to the status of a trustee and the president to issue a certificate. But Putin that of the train of thought is not liked, "And the car, the secretary?" — Quipped he urged not bureaucratize the job.

At the meeting, Putin and his proxies wrapped, usually, a wide range of topics — from Russians protest activity to a bad job "Post of the Russian Federation."

Russians are willing to change, not revolution

Vladimir Putin does not see in last year's protests nothing extraordinary and I am confident that the Russians do not want revolution.

"Nothing unusual in this country did not occur. At least some were in the process built up public campaigns, including protest activity," — said the head of the country at a meeting with the trustees.

He reminded that the shares have gained more glow before the elections to the State Duma. "Your faithful servant, your principal, on the views of the harshest critics, though won in the first round, there is a dispute about the amount of interest, but no one does not hesitate to have won in the first round," — said Putin.

In his view, the current downturn of the protest movement is not connected "with the crackdown." "Although some citizen of the Russian Federation shall have the right to express their worldview, to fight for what he though legitimate means. Do not think it's — the crackdown," — said the president.

He is convinced that "the vast majority of people do not want revolutions, but wants changes to the best, and the faster — the better." According to Putin's beliefs, it is also associated with the decline of the protest movement. "We are currently litsezreem what is happening in other countries, with countries where myagenkaya transformation, and what happens to countries in which the revolutions — they can not be completed, the total destruction of the economy and the social sphere, people die every day. No one wants ", — said Putin.

In his words, "the vast majority of people belong to this cautiously." "I often travel around the country, I feel the people," — said the president. He believes that the same sentiment felt the favorites of the protest movement, as "there are smart people."

According to the President, to the downturn of the protest movement have also led the reform of the political system. So, at this point already created more than 2 10 s parties and "200 organizational groups and unions to create new parties." "There was an opportunity to legalize their activities to the party to fight for the voters," — stated the President.

Putin has also referred to the world of "many ordinary people" who believe that the favorites protesters "in which case it will sit on a plane and falls off, and we live here, no one wants to shocks."

"I hunt to think that our critics and members of the protest movement will be engaged in positive work associated with the ability to provide new tax laws," — said the head of the country.

On corruption, the Ministry of Defense and Shoigu

One of the trustees, the pilot Magomed Talboev thanked Putin for his resignation Serdyukov. He described the situation which existed during his line from the song: "The fourth day of burning the village."

"It was time to finish" — saw the president, smiling. With all of this as the "Interfax", according to the views of Putin's taken the country's anti-corruption measures — not campaigning, and the fight against this evil is necessary not only at the top, and on the street.

"This is not a campaign, it is a consistent trend to eradicate corruption, — Putin said. — Beat necessary not only in the higher echelons of the government, the Ministry of Defense, and in the streets, where sometimes the face of the respective structures stretched resources in the social sectors, which also goes extortion, "- he singled out, adding that the fight against corruption is complicated by the fact that during the transition period to formulate the requirements for the market.

And to continue the theme — Sergei Shoigu, who came to replace the dismissed Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, adequately cope with the task of reforming the armed forces. Putin is convinced that Shoigu "enough knowledge and experience in order to perform the main tasks facing the armed forces."

Responding to a question, he said that the purpose of the sun were formulated in 2005, before Anatoly Serdyukov headed the Defense Ministry. This increase in the social status of military personnel, the development of combat training, modernization of the army.

Putin stressed that "the funds allocated for rearmament should go to our industry."

Speaking about the negative impact of the so-called 400-th order of the Minister of Defense of the premiums for officers, Putin noted that when the respective Law was adopted, it meant a significant increase in payments to those troops who are "on the main directions of development of the country's defense."

"But the fact that he is currently led to distortions, allows kickbacks at different levels — it is bad, and must be fundamentally solve this dilemma" — the president singled out.

Corruption cases without haste: no 37th year

In the investigation of corruption cases to act aggressively, and in turn, but without haste, as if the courts will make decisions without pay tribute to the evidence base, our home back in the 37th year, the president said.

"Move the court decisions, court sentences only because we are convinced that the man did sin, but failed to gain evidence, we can not, otherwise we Scat again in the 37th year", — Putin said his proxies.

He added that the police must always act within the law. "This is a complex matter and the investigating authorities for the inquiry, for the courts — to work well, efficiently and bring the matter to a final decision. According to many constituents and the general disposition of corruption in the economy of the process of proving quite difficult," — said Putin.

The question: "Where land?" The president admitted that he had once used the expression in a temper.

"Heat of the moment that is not true, but we are angry that we have going on," — he explained. "Landings should be sure, they do not have not much, but the question is not merciless punishment, and in its inevitability, we must strive specifically to this" — highlighted the head of the country.

Customs alliance — not a return to the Soviet Union

Russian President Vladimir Putin has described as "nonsense" the expression of Western political scientists that Russia, creating a customs alliance is trying to revive the USSR.

"I am very surprised to hear that the Customs Alliance (Our homela
nd, Belarus, Kazakhstan) — a revival of Soviet ambitions. What nonsense," — said the Russian favorite.

According to Putin, "the whole world is moving towards integration." As an example, he cited the association in America, Asia, and Europe. "The number of mandatory decisions taken by the European Parliament, more than the decisions taken by the former Supreme Soviet of the USSR — that there is what degree of integration", — said Putin.

According to him, the Customs Alliance — is "a natural thing." "We have a common Russian language, mentality, transport infrastructure, cooperation between sectors of the economy", — the president singled out. He noted that "it is — the movement to increase their competitiveness."

Necessary to revive the title of Hero of Socialist Labor

The President of the Russian Federation said that in Russia to revive the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. At a meeting with the head of the trustees of the country supported this idea of the above pilot Talboeva. But Putin is convinced that "aspects should be — clear and understandable." According to the views of the President, the title should be assigned to "not just for the number of years of service, and for the outcome."

With all this the head of the country, warned that "you can not do a full tracing" with the same title of the USSR. "I think the decision is made," — concluded Putin.

"Mail of the Russian Federation" to ennoble, but funds are needed

Vladimir Putin admitted that "Mail RF" may not work perfectly. "We certainly focus our attention on this, and I'll get to that in discussions with the government" — promised the head of the country in response to the statement by the 1st of the participants in the meeting with the trustees about the sorry state of affairs in the industry.

"Indeed, the problem is, the branch is not in the best position and technological development does not proceed at the pace that we would like to," — Putin admitted. "There must be a lot of give or funds from the budget, or increasing rates, but this and that — complex solutions from both political and social, and economic point of view," — explained the president.

"But I agree that it is necessary to do, and need a programm of development," — said the head of the country. Putin noted that social issues should raise and the representatives of the country in joint stock companies. "They do not just sit there" — he singled out.

Lenin's Mausoleum compared with the relics of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Putin did not agree with the fact that Lenin's mausoleum has no connection with the Russian historical and religious traditions. Responding to a meeting with the trustees to the question about the causes of the sharp increase anger in society, the president said that this discrepancy is caused due to the loss of the usual landmarks.

"After the collapse of the Russian Union did not leave anything in return. Even communist ideology out of the tenets of religion, namely, the Code even the builders of communism" — said Putin.

"They say it does not meet the Mausoleum traditions. Why? Look at the power of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the other monasteries. Them you will be able to look" — he saw the president.

Together, he added: "Of course, we need to go back to the roots, but, of course, at the appropriate level."

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