Putin and privatization: the project under discussion by the President of the Russian Federation

After the publication of the plan assignments Vladimir Putin's privatization program for certain state-owned companies immediately began polyphonic debate about the rights or whether Putin is not right. For obvious reasons, the army of those who are in the modern RF sees only the "power of the oppressed" and "go to pieces" the country, spoke about the fact that President Gorbachev is expensive and Chubais. Say, Our homeland has had affairs with the privatization of municipal companies that began with back in 1988, Mike S., signing the "Decree on co-operation." Voucher privatization is carried out on behalf of Chubais, completed the process of ditching the manufacturing sector. And, they say, on this route and decided to go to Vladimir Putin, who is on the views of some particularly overheated comrades imprisoned in the Kremlin or the Masonic lodge, or the Mossad, or the State Department, or even someone from this "glorious" galaxy.

Putin and privatization: the project under discussion by the President of the Russian Federation

Naturally, the same flushed comrades did not expect that Putin, whom they had in his own mind as to portray expropriator, full natsionalizatora and sensitive to any bloody dictator, suddenly take, well, throw them so liberal law. And if they threw, the gromozvuchnym speakers who call themselves liberals active, nothing else apart from the charges in excess of Putin liberalism remained. This is what then is: active liberals accused Fishing season liberalism … Here's to you, Grandma, and St. George's day — something completely lost their Russian opposition, so to speak, landmarks.

So, now there is more thoroughly understand that after all of the law may seem in Russia, where you can begin the privatization of state companies. First we need to say that set the scope of those companies that are not subject to privatization mechanisms are. Here, namely, comes "Rosneft", which not so long ago, headed up by Igor Sechin. More difficult is the case with the state company "Russian Technologies". According to the plans of Russian asset management of certain parts of the company can be sent to the Exchange for bidding. Namely, it is reported that planned to bring to the IPO (initial public accommodation) shares of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia".

Naturally, many find close to each other such words as "Russian Helicopters" and "trading on the Stock Exchange" immediately provoked a strong reaction, which can be described in one sentence virtually "sell out Mother Russia" … Go there and the people who have noticed the bill Vladimir Putin plans to undermine the defense potential of the Russian Federation. It did not happen without the phrases "a protege of the West" which, they say, already reaches out to the Russian defense industry, and everything that looks or hysteria, or plain incompetence. But before falling to the floor and hysterical, perhaps, though it helps to understand what happened in fact.

In 1-x, the creation of the same state-owned company "Russian Technologies" within like 5 years ago, and Putin himself was initiated. Not enough, company turned into a real industry giant, combining fairly disparate businesses, which often could not find common ground for a more efficient operation.
In-2, 5-year growth of the role of state-owned companies in the state defense order headed for almost 150 billion rubles. When taking into account the fact that the 25 holding companies, which are now integrated in the "Technologies" in Russia is provided by 800 thousand jobs, is to deny that the thought of Vladimir Putin on the development of state-owned companies has been productive.

B-3, the conclusion of certain assets of the company up for sale not far idietichen that in the blink of an eye foreign business tycoons with the support of no less than the Pentagon or the CIA would take so buy up all the shares and receive the "Helicopters of Russia" on a silver platter . For those people who are so sincerely thinks is worth recalling facts from the world practice of lowering the country's role in the conduct of business. Now go through a similar path even in China, where the big companies that have 5-7 years ago we were at 100% municipal, transformed into a powerful tool for verbovaniya investment, including foreign ones. The practice of displaying a percent stake in what is called, in private hands — this is a common global practice that yields positive results. The main thing is that in this case all the costs without the Gorbachev-Chubais half measures with vouchers and unformed legal rules for the operation of cooperatives.

Naturally, there is a small correction to that for the majority of people of the Russian Federation (in other words, you and me), the very word "privatization" provides a typical musty smell. All this, again, due to the law on cooperatives Gorbachev, when the whole country were opened and thousands of thousands of cooperatives that produced nothing, and only deal with the resale of products. On the negative, which manifest themselves at the word "privatization", and related acts of head Anatoly Chubais, the privatization of the hero in the early 90's, when every citizen has received "in the teeth" on the check and privatization "could" become the owner of a piece of their own country. Of course, that when our country the word "privatization" again shows itself, it forces some of our people clench your fists. But in this context it is worth saying that it is time once and for all to jump stereotypes transitional period, where every action of the authorities was seen only wish of the people to squeeze the last juice.

To clarify the situation somewhat, there are examples of the economic practices of other countries. One of the most striking examples can be considered nedavneshny launch the first commercial cargo ship «Dragon». But this project, which in general is 100% funded by personal individuals. In the U.S., by the way, is also about the persons who are registered themselves patriots, and more than one's own country, once said that it's just a mess — "private owners" already in their space ships sent — help! .. But in the end, common sense prevailed and there is, because this is the «Dragon» is even more cheaper programs from «Space-Shuttle", which is not much that was sufficiently dangerous, since then almost devoured the means of the state budget. So if the United States goes to take such steps, then why in the incorporation of parts of the Russian Federation (not 100%) of the individual state-owned companies at once arranged such uproar, which pulled out of the regular order and bored single clicks that "Give us another president!" This is the resembles a clinical case: that Putin is not encouraging liberalism — is bad, Putin was very liberal — too bad. Well, you've already somehow determine the position of the (appeal to those for whom everything around lousy, and the world in general will gain only a complete euthanasia) …

By the way, the harsh debate in his time there and in Germany, where in 2007 it was decided to privatize 49% of one of the great German state-owned Deutsche Bahn AG, responsible for the German steel road. Then, too, the media have become state that Merkel and her party — or puppets of the Kremlin, or
the white houses (of that in Washington.) Allegedly, the government wants to implement the national wealth. But after a couple of years, and the influx of capital into the railway system in Germany has grown so that now the Federal Republic of Germany has all the chances to get on the length of railways in the 2nd place in Europe (after Russia), ahead of France. Over the past 4 years has increased the number of jobs associated with the service of railways in Germany.

Immediately it is necessary to give an example of 100% of the municipal railways of the same in Greece. In Over the past few years there has been a tremendous loss. For example, in 2010 the debts of state-owned companies amounted to as much as 10 billion euros! .. In this regard, the Greek government decided to privatize 49% of the assets of the company on the German standard, but such an idea here was met with hostility — protests and general strike of railway workers paralyzed the message and added even more negative in the Greek and the already crumbling economy.

Does not that something similar is now observed in Russia. Only in the Russian Federation in this regard, the situation is far more successful than, for example, by the Greeks. The fact that the same assets of the holding "Helicopters of Russia" now look for possible buyers of shares is very promising, because the company brings a stark profit.

It turns out that the solution of partial transfer of state-owned companies into private hands now — this is a common global practice that is used in the world and allows you to lure more private investment and increase the number of jobs. Only on what is needed in this regard to direct attention to is the fact that the process of privatization itself was held in a legal channel, and for all that all the errors of the past were indeed taken into account.

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