Putin asks to speed up the establishment of the ships of the last generation

Putin is required to accelerate the creation of a new generation of ships

Russian President Vladimir Putin calls to speed up creation promising military ships of the last generation.

"We need to rapidly begin to build ships of the last generation of promising. This includes underwater and surface fleet. Particularly promising ships will determine the future appearance of the Navy, and the means they have to have a corresponding armament, control systems, intelligence, communications, "- Putin said at a meeting on Mon development of the fleet.

Putin recalled that in accordance with the state program of armaments to 2020 the fleet will include 51 combat surface ship, eight strategic submarines, 16 attack submarines. With all of this 49 ships and submarines will be built all at Russian shipyards. For these purposes will be allocated 4.44 trillion rubles, which is 23.4% of the state program. According to him, most of the allocations will go to series procurement of modern technology — it will allow to increase the share of modern weapons and technology in general-purpose naval forces in 2016 to 30%, and by 2020 — up to 70%.

"One of the indisputable values — creation equilibrium naval groups filled with high-precision long-range weapon, "- said Putin.

Speaking about the development of new weapons, the president stressed the need to strengthen the areas of the state program, related to the research and development work to create systems and weapons systems for the next generation of ships that will be created after the 2016-2020 period.

"Specifically, armament, reliability and efficiency is always determined the combat power of the ships, and in some kinds of cases, even lead to the creation of new classes "- said Putin.

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