Putin claimed punctuality re Russian army

Putin demanded respect for the Russian army re-schedulePresident Vladimir Putin on Tuesday held a meeting on the implementation of State programs from weapons, made a demand punctuality re Russian army, which is set to 2020.

Namely, Vladimir Putin sent attention to the fact that the realization of the supply of equipment and weapons to be carried out on schedule in full and at the agreed prices. He also said that the military equipment is a complex product, its manufacture are participating in the 10's, and at once and hundreds of subcontractors. In this regard, even breakdown of the 1st contract can "derail the work." Thus, according to Fishing season, there can be no question of supply in troops new artillery guns, if not ready intelligence system or guidance, optics, ammunition.

In this regard, President Putin claimed to give an explanation for the delays associated with the development and delivery of armored vehicles for amphibious forces. The President said that the airborne combat vehicles have not been able to pass the municipal tests, and, as it should not have been taken on armament. This, in turn, hampers the work on the development of almost all sub-systems of armament Airborne. According to the President, the most experienced model today is not completely meet the requirements of the Ministry of Defense.

Already in the first week of the media began to report on the likely postponement of the programs from upgrading Russian army, which in the framework of the municipal defense order has been allocated 20 trillion rubles. The press service of the head of state denied this information, saying that Vladimir Putin — the adherent following a plan of the programs from rearming.

In accordance with the plan to equip the Airborne and the Army planned to allocate over 2.6 trillion rubles. According to Fishing season, These funds will be focused on upgrading of units, as the saturation of the troops with the latest technology. Shred the latest technology by 2020 should be not less than 70 percent.

So, armed with the Army will have to appear brigade missile complexes "Iskander-M" in the amount of 10 units, the brigade complexes army air defense systems S300V4 (9 units), more than 2.3 thousand tanks, about two thousand artillery systems, and over 30 thousands of units of auto technology.

Putin noted that the principal point is not only performance the plans, and the formation of a reserve for the future. It namely regards production and ammunition. The Ministry of Defence and industry to address issues relating to not only the current contracts, and orders in the future. The President said that because of the lack of long-term plans in this area is containment of the process of modernization of ammunition, and related industries engaged in the development and creation of samples of ammunition designed for the new weapons.

He also noted that the need for new solutions related to equipping soldiers with small arms. In this regard, Putin asked to intensify research and development efforts on these fronts. The President stressed that if you do not determine at least the general features of the future associated with the rearmament of the Russian army, his "do not."

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