Putin claimed rework traumatic guns in combat

Putin demanded rework traumatic weapons in combatRussian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to legally change the strength characteristics of the gas and non-lethal weapons, to exclude the possibility of its alteration by live ammunition. According to the newspaper "Izvestia" in reference to the documents submitted in the order of publication, the President instructed the government should be done before July 1, 2013.

As the "News", gas and traumatic tool, remade by live ammunition, in great demand among assassins. From such tools, namely, was murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya, a priest Daniil Sysoev and Colonel Yuri Budanov.

Done tool Self-defense is often among the same materials and components as its military counterparts. For instance, gun "Makarych" is different from a Makarov pistol only by the presence in the dissector barrel lock, which prevents the use of battle Bullet.

For the remake of "Makaritch" in battle gun fairly uncomplicated handtools. In general, after the re-gas and live guns are losing their own safety and, in practice, suitable for a single use. Yet, the black market price alterations, according to the newspaper, can reach 80-100 thousand rubles.

After using the converted pistols and revolvers are simply thrown out. Find their owner is virtually impossible, as opposed to fighting it tool is not subject to strict control by the police and almost "impersonal."

According to the head engineer of "Izhmash" Misha Dorogushina, who cite the "Izvestia", the ready gas and non-lethal weapons from materials other than steel (silumina, carbon fiber or plastic) will raise its price and significantly reduce reliability. The hasty introduction of government restrictions on the production of weapons of self-defense technique can also bring down the civilian market instruments of Russian production.

In July 2012 the Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council Alexander Torshin suggested evenly phased out traumatic tool, immediately allowing the Russians to take military revolvers and pistols. Possible market "korotkostvola" Torshin estimated at 746 billion rubles for 10 years.

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