Putin has promised to double the creation of rockets

Since 2013, in fact in Russia will double production of missiles, both strategic and tactical (Yars, Bulava Iskander). Such a statement, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said at a meeting on the development of the Russian defense industry and the implementation of programs from the purchase of arms for 2011-2020, which was held in Votkinsk. On the creation of rockets until 2020 izderzhat 77 billion. rubles. Monopoly producer of strategic missiles in Russia Votkinsk plant will receive more than 9.6 billion. rubles.

The decision to increment in the production of missiles RF associated with the signed in the past year contract START-3 which anticipates that each of the parties is 1,550 operationally deployed nuclear warheads. In addition, the parties have limited the 700 strategic delivery, which include: intercontinental ballistic missiles, ballistic missiles on submarines and strategic bombers that are on alert. The U.S. media turned out to be more than 100 units, they will have to reduce them. In the Russian Federation, on the contrary, as a result of shock cuts of recent years, involving, first, with the aging of equipment, there are about 600 vehicles, so that doubling the production of rocket technology in Russia is completely linked to the signed contract START-3.

According to Vladimir Putin can be seen that the emphasis in this area will be made on the issue perfectly recognizable models of arms, though possessing different purpose and a different fate. Thus, the operational-tactical "Iskander" has long since come into force, however, the piece, the first intercontinental missile "yars" was adopted by the Strategic Missile Forces in late 2010. Only prospects missile "Bulava" sea-based are still in a fog. Military says the willingness to take them on armament until the end of the year, with all this, of 14 successful launches were only 7. But there is nothing specifically for this missile has already been built, "Yury Dolgoruky" — a main submarine series, which is still without its own main armament.

Meanwhile, at a meeting in Votkinsk sounded truly sensational stuff. Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said that Russia has already made the required number of missiles to arm the first nuclear submarine "Yury Dolgoruky". This submarine has 12 missile tubes coming out, and must be made 12 missile "Bulava".

Putin promised to double missile production
IDB "Governor" in the mine

It turns out that the strategic weapon, which still has not passed all the tests and do not even own ability to substantiate even just fly to the target, not to mention the fact that starts with a staff vehicle "Yury Dolgoruky" did not exist already hard at work rivet . It is unlikely that you can remember at least one similar case when the cannon has gone into series creation before signing the municipal testing. All this is even more striking, because it is not about a gun, and the strategic missile carrying nuclear warheads.

You can not waver in that the outcome of the last meeting of experts at open a discussion will be hot and long for another reason. Here it was stated that our homeland has begun to develop the newest ballistic missiles on the heavy watery fuel, which would change 30 years of standing in the arms of "Governor" (in the West missile dubbed "Satan"). The logic of the initiators of the recent rocket understandable. Any missile "Governor" was carrying 10 warheads, with all the extension of the life such missiles would be on duty up to a maximum of 2026. Meanwhile — this is the main part of our nuclear shield. On remaining in service 58 such missiles, distributed between 62 minutes (Krasnoyarsk Territory) and 13th (Orenburg region) missile division is 580 nuclear warheads. This is almost half of what is now available in the SMF (1,259 warheads). After 15 years in this half of the Russian Federation will be gone.

Solid rocket "yars" that try to change the outgoing languid missiles can carry a maximum of three warheads smallest power. The exchange then obviously bad. If the situation does not change, we have no contract START-3 samorazoruzhimsya. In order to avoid this, and had the idea to create a missile like the "Governors". It is expected that new girl rocket get to 9 warheads and throw-weight of 10 tons.

But there is a range of fully-defined problems. With criticism of the creation of the languid ballistic missiles not so long ago made Yuri Solomonov — General Designer of the Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Technology — a missile, "Topol-M" and "Bulava". In his opinion, such a new armament inevitably will bear the burden of technology for themselves 30 years ago. In addition academician Yuri Solomonov believes that new girl rocket because of the superior line of motion of its own flight fails to overcome the great South American missile defense system. The reason is that the liquid-fuel missiles are not adapted to modern missile defense elements gallakticheskogo-based data missiles have a long active site of the first stages and fly at altitudes pretty huge. According to the views of Yury Solomonov, this idea only bestalantnaya embezzlement of budget funds.

Designer and recalled that not so long ago, the first deputy defense minister for armaments Vladimir Popovkin announced that the decision on the development of the modern liquid rocket has already been taken. With all of this are the reasons that led it to put it mildly, does not correspond to reality and let them remain on his conscience, said Solomon. Enter into polemics with him I was not going for one reason: he is — a person is not free to make their own decisions. Moreover, Yuri Solomonov accused of Governors of the Ministry of Defence that their weird decisions they make in the interests of some of the "dignitaries" has not specified what it did for the face.

Putin promised to double missile production
IDB "yars" on the mobile launcher

After his expression immediately began to suspect that under the guise of military-scientific reasoning is an ordinary struggle for economical billion and Yuri Solomonov, in recent years monopolized the development of ICBMs, just fighting to stay so close to the trough. Maybe the way it is. Either way, at a meeting in Votkinsk Sergei Ivanov announced that under the "Roskosmos" will be organized new holding company for the production of ballistic missiles. According to experts, its members may enter city Makeev Rocket Centre (major sea-based missiles), Reutov NPO Machine Building, Municipal gallaktichesky Research and Production Center and the Khrunichev Space Rocket Center "Progress Samara Space Center." It seems that there may be, but recognizable Russian designer threw in the address of the Ministry of Defence of his charges, public and reasoned response to this effect was not followed.

After the last meeting in Votkinsk their assessments shared with journalists Alexander Konovalov — Director of the Institute of Strategic Studies and Analysis. In his opinion, the creation of venture incre
ment missiles will not work twice. Complete this puzzle in modern conditions is simply unrealistic, the Votkinsk plant is no free flow lines nor enough professionals. Pessimism is supported by professional and past failures rearmament program notes. Because he does not think the conviction of the Kremlin in the implementation of the current one. In fact, there is increasing everywhere procurement technique, but it is not clear, due to which this growth takes place, the expert said. The defense industry of the country is not a beast by feeding more hay which can get more milk, there is more and more terrible. DIC is in decline, that does not prevent him to master any means, but does not guarantee the desired output and high-quality tools in appropriate amounts.

Alexander Konovalov skeptical looks at the prospects and the latest heaviest rocket that has come to replace the "Governor". In his opinion, this will be another feeder that would dwarf the scale of development of rocket "Bulava". Moreover, Alexander Konovalov even does not see the need to develop such missiles. In his view, the problem of the cancellation of the missile alert "Governor" can be solved much more conventional method. In the "Governor" of obsolete faster the first two steps, which are fueled. On the third stage in the mine did not happen, in principle, can only be ordered in Ukraine creation 2-the first stages of a rocket, and everything — their life extended again. Do I need to state that such a normal way and a cheap.

According to the views of Alexander Konovalov, the main problem here is that the Russian authorities do not think about how best to do at least some work. All their thoughts, and this applies not only rearmament, focus on something, like grab a bigger budget funds. They put their trust that when their zahochut grab for one place, they will already be quite far away from Russia.

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