Putin instructed to take strict control of migration

Putin instructed to take strict control of migrationVladimir Putin has approved the Concept of State Migration Policy until 2025. The president just said at a meeting with the head of the Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovsky. The main objectives stated in the document, — the increase in the population of the country, ensuring the needs of the labor force, increasing the competitiveness of the economy and state security. Head countries are also instructed to prepare proposals to tighten immigration laws and discuss them with the public.

Movement of Russians in the country, migrant workers from abroad. All this in mind, all this is — a very sensitive topic. Lack of order makes the people a sense of injustice. The laws in the field of movement must be clear, transparent, and in some cases, and tough. On how to do it without hurting the interests of law-abiding people who read Vladimir Putin with the Director of the Federal Migration Service.

"We need to work with immigrants from other countries.'s All the same I wish you realize you're preparing to present these proposals, what preparation they are and what you offer to go out, what solutions? "- asked the head of the Federal Migration Service head country.

The Federal Migration Service is preparing a number of configurations in the law for such violations are commonplace, as the flight of foreign workers from the special, from the Centers for readmission. In certain cases, according to the Office, the penalty for the offense unreasonably myagenkie.
"It concerns the growth and sentence for illegal transportation company, for a crossing, or rather, finding the Russian Federation on the ground, if the period of closing-in is not finished yet. Other words, he closed check-in, and he entered the Russian option or some method for this lure to justice, "- explained the president for what is proposed to increase the punishment director of the Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovskiy.

Difficult situation with Russian citizens who violate the rules of registration. In the big cities is particularly noticeable and makes social tension.

"But we have a voice from you about the ability of the introduction of criminal sanctions for repeated gross violation of the rules of the respective registration" — remembered Vladimir Putin.

"We are making these proposals, — confessed Constantine Romodanovskiy. — But there is a process of negotiation is not always litsezreem awareness on the part of our colleagues. Difficult process goes."

"Look, what colleagues, as the voice of you, I do not understand — Putin surprised. — You with the voice itself: who object if object, then on what grounds. Why should we listen to and hear all the people and all points of view to know? In order to make a final informed decision. Indeed, refers to the social well-being of very large categories of our people, a huge number of people living in large cities, on the one hand and on the other hand, we must not infringe any of those people who any of our internal rules and regulations, and to have violated the right to freedom of movement and residence, where they zahochut as citizens of Russian Federation. This is a difficult task — to regulate this area of work. But leave everything as it is today, is incorrect. As , just saying that our existing available tools, norms, they are ineffective. "

Any configuration of tightening the rules on the views of the President, should open a discussion carefully, thoughtfully and in public. Open a discussion not only with the Public Chamber and the deputies, and specifically with the general public and the government minions diasporas. All law to restore order there. Vladimir Putin instructed to do so as quickly as possible.

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