Putin praised the contribution of Clintons rocking of the Russian Federation (CNN, London)

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin accuses the United States in the promotion of anti-government protests that take place in the 2-big cities RF. Putin told reporters that the Municipal Secretary of State Hillary Clinton provoked mass protests signaled his fraud. He also said that Washington paid groups in Russia, so they challenged the election results. Clinton has already rejected the application Fishing season, saying that it caused great fear. With the latest details from Moscow joins us, our correspondent Phil Black.
I think this reaction is Vladimir Putin was expected?

PHIL BLACK, reports CNN: Maybe Fionnula. Earlier, Foreign Ministry described the statements by the U.S. administration as unacceptable and unfriendly, but in public, Vladimir Putin spoke about it for the first time. Here's what he said now, listen to the small passage.

VLADIMIR Putin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation: first, that the Secretary of State has made the United States, gave a characteristic that the elections unfair and unjust, but has not yet received even the materials of international observers. Having said that, it kind of set the tone for our leaders inside the country and gave them a signal. They heard this signal and with the support of the U.S. State Department began active work.

PHIL BLACK: So, Vladimir Putin believes that street mess fueled by specific words Hillary Clinton. Moreover — he read about individuals in RF, that received funds from abroad and disposal to promote political dissent. He certainly had in mind the United States, when read, quote, "Russia shake, so we (the Russian people) do not forget who the owner on our planet."

Vladimir Putin said that the need to change the laws and do more in order to more ruthlessly punish the guilty that helped this foreign intervention, Fionnula?

Phil, these demonstrations and protests caught the Russians by surprise as a whole? Are they limited themselves to a greater extent naikrupneyshimi towns: Moscow and St. Petersburg? And will they be continued?

PHIL BLACK: Yes, bolshennomu account, they confined Moscow and St. Petersburg. You can go further and say that the number of participants in the main consists of teenagers and young adults of 2-core cities. It is unlikely that many Russians hit the emotions expressed by these protests.

And although the last sample protests were suppressed by the police, the organizers want as before next Saturday to arrange a huge rally in the center of Moscow, and as we are aware, the authorities are negotiating to obtain the necessary permits and the venue that would, in their words, hold up to 10 thousand people.

Vladimir Putin said today that legitimately held peaceful demonstrations should be allowed and opposition groups — hear out on the streets of Russian cities, if they are well behaved.

This is the main point. Suppose a group formed by all the rules — it all comes down to how it will behave in the action. And that, in fact, will determine the reaction of the police and security forces. The organizers of the protests calling and require participants to refrain from all acts of provocation against the police, that it did not lead to the oppression of the rally.

On the line was a band from Moscow Phil Black.

Material provided by CNN International.
Translation by RT.

Air date December 8, 2011.

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