Putin prepares to make a choice that will determine the future of the Russian Federation

Putin prepares to make a choice that will determine the future of RussiaIt's time to determine which part of the split to join the world's elite

Topic of the UK part of TNK-BP's still plenty of time to open a discussion in the press, with all this will be a variety of thumb facts, nuances, gossip and speculation. The main reason for all of this — the amount of the transaction, from which the modern media might feel, reminiscent of an orgasm. With all of this important question in their — who will receive the highest financial return from this operation.

Since we, in contrast to the current economic media are aware that the situation in what is now taking place counts, in the very last time will be fundamentally changed, then we will not deal with them, because the special sense in this. Well, really, where you can now get a few 10 s billions of dollars, especially if consider that these funds get people who have only recently had virtually direct access to the resources of the Fed's equity? For them, at a theoretical level, where exciting access to natural resources. Why are they, I ask, changing completely sensible asset for papers that are at the theoretical level, they themselves can print?

Here are two possible answers. First — that these people (more precisely, the elite group, which is somewhat more than a set of specific individuals) do not have access to the equity bucks, and of the euro. Second — that a situation in which they found themselves, so changed that asks a few other estimates or those of other assets.

And here is the time to remember that I wrote a few months back — the fact that the global financial elite is divided into several groups, one of which is interested in the emergence of several other emission-independent (financial) zones. With all of this myself, this group is going to take control of a niche exchange transactions between these areas, and it is why we have received the title of "me."

If this assumption is correct, then the "money changers" have very quarrel with that part of the global money elite, for which the most important thing — to save the monopoly of dollar in the global monetary system. And, accordingly, the latter must cut off the "money changers" from the access issue. Moreover, in view of the scene that comes to this part and the administration of U.S. President Obama, in order to feasibly possible to click on "me" is used all the administrative power of the United States. This, by the way, I also wrote.

Based on this situation until the early to draw any conclusions. On the one hand, the money changers in this situation needs to "disengage" from the Bucks, on the other, as they have previously had problems with access to unlimited Baksova "tank", but now there is, so far Bucks still retains its role in international payments, it is necessary to take here and there, and the operation for the sale of the big oil companies here just in time.

But, it would seem to lose access to resources is not very true, as, Unlike dollars and other currencies, they are not printed. And now here comes another aspect — the place of this group, "me" in the newest building global money system. If the emission zones will be not two or three, or more, the role of mediator between them is not confined to the obvious exchange transactions (after all, a couple of players can agree specifically, without the role of assistants), he still has to "hold" bargaining site and build some kind of a balanced line, in other words to look for some consensus decisions.

And here comes the narrow point. The fact that the structure, which has its own interests in the part of the major players can not build consensus and severe balance between these players. In other words, if you want to be a mediator between the various monetary zones, you will not be able to have their own strong interests in one or more of them, as in this case, no faith to you will not.

If we imagine that the "money changers" are the same forces which in conspiracy literature in the word "Rothschild" (what is it that it is, I omit, because I do not know), you can draw attention to the fact that they are kept under control not only the international organizations such as rating agencies, but also purely resource companies, such as BP. And if all the previous arguments are valid, they must implement these companies — and in order to get the bucks they need, including in order to fend off enemies in the United States, and (in the main) in order to retain the image specifically interzonal mediator, not a resident of one of the big money areas.

Now — the question is: who implement? It is clear that additional access to the bowels of the Russian Federation with pleasure would have purchased those who now holds the key to access the Baksova printing press (in their way, and with bucks problems will not). But that's exactly it, "money changers" sell anything interesting, since there is no strategic sense. But if you imagine that they wish to make a single monetary zone on that part of the world that in the near future in the word "Eurasian space", then quite natural that sell specifically to those who are interested in it.

And we litsezreem? BP sells its stake in TNK-BP is not their partners, not an old Russian oligarchs and even large international companies, and entirely for themselves parastatals, with the managed people that the official media close to the U.S. administration really do not adore and call various annoying words. And this leads to the suspicion that these people are doing something that does not like this very administration.

What they are doing is described above: make a buck alternative monetary zone. They do it, of course, a pretty haphazard, so sickly that even appears the question: do they understand what they are doing? But, on the other hand, the "me" too, no special exit. How would say one recognizable in Russian history, an outstanding manager, "other writers you have not!" … It is possible, by the way, that the said transaction is just one of the tools for clarification of the Russian elite, where it needs to go.

With all of this, of course, need to be aware that the "money changers" in Russia, in general, are in a severe minority, since almost 20 years, ruled the roost here is not just global financial elite (to which the "money changers" then too concerned), but the part that worked through the IMF, the World Bank and the Federal Reserve, and which we previously referred to as "alchemists", as they do not let the heritage of the lead, but from the printed the machine. In other words, the overwhelming majority of Russian officials and business elite are now tightly closed just on those who intensely at war with the "money changers".

The more fascinating selection of a partner for the sale — that far not the most influential part of the Russian elite, which is obviously not in tune with the "alchemists", not to say that in the last few years, business has almost came to open war.

But the main question which Now should disturb "me" — this is the position of Putin. Till the time he is very nedavneshnego perfectly balanced between all the active forces and people, but, most likely, in the current situation it is time to make a choice, as without the inflow of funds can not live, and this influx can be either through th
e acquisition of equity bucks (why have to deal with the "me" in the territory of Russia), or by creating their own monetary zone (which is impossible as long as the financial and economic policies are kept under the supervision of representatives of " Alchemists "). And Putin does not change anything capable: it — external causes over which he has no control.

This particular choice, I think, is the enthusiasm and from the standpoint of understanding the future of, and the above-mentioned principled deal that shifts the equilibrium toward the "money changers". Means "alchemists" have to respond, otherwise they might not play on the territory of Russia. And in this situation and it makes sense to look at.

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