Putin says NATO cool throwback to the times of war

Putin says NATO during the Cold War throwbackRussian President Vladimir Putin said NATO's current form, "atavism cool time war "and calls for early transformation of this block in the political campaign.

"Why it exists today — is unclear. This (NATO) To a large extent throwback to the times of cool War "- said Putin at a meeting today with soldiers of the 201st Russian military base in Tajikistan.

The President noted that our homeland would wish NATO do not go beyond the limits of its own statutory activities and expanded the scope of its activities and became a global organization.

According to him, Moscow is interested in the fact that NATO was transformed faster.

"Our partners NATO they say that they Tipo transformed into a political group. Faster if they were transformed into a purely political organization, "- said the president.

Putin confirmed that in Russia a "reasonable concern" have been and will accept extension NATO.

"You, as military people, perfectly aware that it is one thing — a debate, and another thing — the presence of any attack systems or missile defense systems near our borders. This makes the real danger to our country. Obviously, in this case we must build its defense policies in such a Makarov, that these risks arrest ", — quotes the president ITAR-TASS.

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