Putin sent Serdyukovs resignation, the new Minister of Defence appointed Shoigu

Putin sent Serdyukov's resignation, the new Minister of Defence appointed ShoiguPresident RF Vladimir Putin has sent a resignation of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. The new head of the defense department appointed Sergei Shoigu, to the current working day or the governor of Moscow region.

These staffing configurations head country said today at a meeting with Shoigu. "Taking into account the situation that has developed around the Ministry of Defence, in order to make the conditions for an impartial investigation of all the issues, I have decided to release Defence Minister Serdyukov of his post," — said Putin.

Together, he noted that "in recent years, a lot is made for the development of the armed forces to deal with social issues, including housing problem."

According to the views of the President, the new minister of defense "should be the person which will be able to continue all positive for the lively development of the Armed Forces, to ensure the fulfillment of the state defense order and excellent plans for upgrading the army, which are delivered. "

"This man could be you" — addressed head country to Shoigu.

Main Military Investigation Department of Insurance RF initiated five criminal cases of fraud in the sale of real estate, land plots and shares owned by the company "Oboronservis", controlled by the Defense Ministry. They investigated the articles of fraud, abuse and abuse of possibilities.

According to the investigation, the Ministry of Defense officials RF selected from the property complex of "Oboronservis" more liquid and prestigious objects, sites and events, including in Moscow. Then, usually, in this real estate to invest more economical means, and then the property was sold at significantly reduced prices affiliated with the company "Oboronservis" commercial structures, said earlier in the RF IC. In addition, many of the objects were purchased with funds stolen from the very same "Oboronservis."

According to preliminary data, the damage from the sale of only eight houses exceeds 3 billion rubles.

November 1 tribunal arrest warrant in this case the ex-head of the commercial organization "Center for Legal Support" expert "Catherine Smetanová also her wife, the former director general of the Metropolitan Area warehouse Air Force and businessman Maxim Zakutaylo.

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