Putin signed a law on the development of the Funds promising research

Putin signed a law on the establishment of the Foundation for Advanced StudiesRussian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, October 16, signed law the development fund promising research projects (the analog of the South American Office of promising developments, DARPA). The respective document is available on the government portal legal disk imaging.

October 10 law about the fund promising research (FPI) has been approved by the Federation Council on September 28 initiative in the 3rd reading supported the State Duma.

The main objective of the DRF (established as a non-profit organization) will assist high-risk research and development in the field of defense, which posodeystvuyut raise to a qualitatively new level of military-technical, technological and socio-economic potential of the country. Rights to all intellectual property fund, including research and development, will be owned by Russia.

FPI will replace the Military-Industrial Commission, which manages the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, and will be governed by the Ministry of Defence and the Government of the Russian Federation. Controls department will be a board of trustees, the board and the CEO. FPI will lead to Rogozin, which and became its pioneer, is not yet clear.

In the first years of the FPI his staff will number about 100 people. With all this fund will sell about 150 different projects.

The South American Management promising developments was founded in 1958 in response to the Soviet launch of Sputnik. In the middle of projects, which involved DARPA, it must be emphasized Web, a system of Unix (formed the basis of operating systems Linux, MAC OS, and a number of others) and the protocol TCP / IP. At the current time DARPA, namely, sponsored the development of different bots in the interests of the Pentagon.

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