Putin: We shake us to listen

Putin: "We shake us to obey"

Elections behind. It's time to thumb their results do resounding statement, celebrate victories, grieve over the losses, read about the absolute honesty of elections or their injustice. This is normal. It is totally normal and that assessment given the recent election and abroad. For all this, these estimates, of course, very different. Taking into account the results of the elections predestination, from our closest allies in the CIS clearly have waited statements confirming the crystal honesty event, even if the result of "ER" would be at the level of 90-95%. It is not surprising statements of Western leaders such as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on the undemocratic nature of elections. Wait for another evaluation of the West is not necessary, and so whether it principled? Recall that Mrs. Clinton does not consider the past elections in our country, "neither free nor fair." Latin American politicians may respond favorably about current events in our country only when these actions are dangerous our state, in other words when they are developing in line with the interests of the U.S. government. It is also completely normal. By that time has long been used to. But such statements western teachers of democracy could be and not to pay attention, if he had not picked up "champions of justice" inside the country and did not make a personal contribution to the likely destabilizing.

It seems that many of us may feel about the ruling party and Vladimir Putin, can not be denied justice trivial follow his words: "The first thing that made the U.S. secretary of state — gave characteristic that the elections unfair and unjust, but has not yet received even materials ODIHR international observers. It kind of set the tone for our leaders inside the country, gave them a signal. They heard this signal and with the support of the U.S. State Department began active work. " In this regard, it should be noted that the hot heads that came out on the capital rally on December 10, serve as a disservice to the Russian Federation. Such actions demonstrate our disunity, our lack of state idea, make us weaker, instilling confidence in our opponents that stateliness of the Russian Federation will no longer happen. Similar protests will not bring any benefit to our country, under whatever slogans fair they do not pass. We are so sorry for not passed in the Duma, the Democrats, who are already quite a bit ruined the stately country in the nineties? Either the people who are going to the square, was so impressed by the comments of Mrs. Clinton, who, as at least some South American politician who dreams to build our country niche, fragmented, mired in strife?! Maybe some of our opposition, "the champions of democracy 'dream of their own Arab Spring? Only now wishing to implement similar scenario in our country, we should remember how silly and sometimes mercilessly Russian revolt and usually ended up as its organizers.

About falsifications read style. It has become a good tone. What surprisingly, a fraud they say even those who themselves sincerely and good will of its own voice gave "ER." For all this, as surprising as it may sound, but there was no fraud. It is of course for at least some thinking person. At least, it is not blocked at the level which could provide so convincing victory of "ER" and just as convincing failure of Right Forces, whose representatives mainly in the elections even took part, and in fact they are specifically more than others shouting about "stolen votes." Half of our people (for "ER" was given almost 50% of the vote), just once again voted "as all" by making regular choice in favor of stability, without thinking about the fate of Russian democracy, in the form in which it is so zealously support the Western guardians. Most of the people who voted for "ER" ruled by the judgment, "if only to get worse." And these people in their own right. Certainly, there were those who voted on the orders of his superiors fear of losing a job. But it did not have a decisive impact on the results of the voting: the vast majority of voters in a similar way still does not have its own representation, persistent political preferences and attitudes, and not even read the programs of political parties, including "ER," for which voting. They would have voted the same way and without pointers above — such a psychology of so many of our fellow citizens.

People who voted for another can of course be sad. And this offense is inflated by rumors of fraud and the use of other, less trivial techniques and technologies that are worth a lot of money. In this regard, Vladimir Putin reminds citizens that work in the electoral process very intrigued by the person investing significant funds: "We shake, so we do not forget who the owner of this planet, obeyed. But when foreign funds invested in political activities — is an occasion to think about … when they start to fund opposition groups — this is unacceptable. " With the words of Putin on the inadmissibility of funding the opposition, including the mass actions is difficult not to agree: our vision and reaction almost willing to buy, with all this get so Makarov, so we do not know about it.

According to estimates of professionals in recent years, the U.S. State Department izderzhal more than 20 million dollars to finance the technologies that the company revolutions on web. The fact of such technology, namely the use of social networks in the organization of Arab uprisings — is undeniable. Quite naturally, the Western puppeteers are not averse to apply this technology in our country.

As an adequate political figure, who cares about the fate of the Russian Federation, Putin is absolutely right about the punishment for those who try to influence Russia's policy in cooperation with foreign governments. It's a simple espionage. The position of the control of the Russian Federation about attempts to loosening the country's stability expressed by the head of the Duma Committee on international affairs Konstantin Kosachev: "If any initiatives will be manifested on the U.S. side for the direct support of those whom Mrs. Clinton ranked as" democrats ", then we will respond this aggressively and consistently. "

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