Pyongyang threatens Seoul with nuclear war

Pyongyang threatens Seoul with nuclear warAfter the official Moscow has announced the cancellation of the 10-billion debt and the DPRK said on the probable realization of large-scale joint projects for the construction of the gas pipeline and transmission lines to South Korea for the remaining non written billions of dollars of debt seems to be the case Pyongyang and Seoul should be able to transform overnight in light. North Koreans should be able to will throw in the hot embrace of Koreans southern and south — to the north … kissing, hot handshake, solemn promises of peace and economic cooperation … But, for some reason, neither Pyongyang nor Seoul did not deign to heed the typical reconciles the promise of Moscow, and within the last 3 weeks of double-sided situation (between North Korea and South Korea) brought up a very tense.

The fact that the September 21 South Korean warships quite peacefully met North Korean fishing vessels caught in the territorial waters of South Korea. Unfriendliness resulted in the fact that South Korean sailors were firing over the heads of North Korea, to be read on the side of the boards of fishing schooners. In the end, the northerners were required to deploy their ships to 180 degrees and retreat.

September 25 around 21:40 local time, another fishing schooner flying the flag of North Korea entered the territorial waters of the southerners. And it became something totally not even on the lot (to some 0.4 nautical miles), but the alert, South Korean sailors hastened to send back North Korean fishermen to fish in the troubled waters of his … At this time there were no fire, but the border was a boat so zealously on the North Korean vessel that the North Korean captain quickly realized that now and fishing is not good …

There have been incidents with the crossing of the so-called demarcation strip section area 2-Koreas and the first of September.
And now, apparently, Pyongyang Seoul decided to answer that, you know, does not allow "brotherly" fishing in their own territorial waters. And the answer to all of this can be called 100% response in the style of North Korea.

On the days of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Pak suddenly North Korea sovereign for many stated that DPRK and the Republic of Korea are, neither more nor less, on the brink of nuclear war. That's fishing history … By the views of Pak, the Korean peninsula is now the most insecure point on the world map that provoked the actions of Seoul and Washington. Frankly speaking, sudden statement. We are with you wondered what the situation is now much harder in the Middle East, Afghanistan and North Africa, but it turns out it's much more dangerous to the Far East, where the South Korean border guards do not give North Korea the ability of citizens and plenty catch fish … For this " fault "of South Korea North Korea's military had orders, quote, reincarnate Yellowish Sea to trap enemies by launching a large-scale war of national reunification. With all of this trap will be open in this case, if you have at least one bullet proparhaet heads on the North Korean people, or over the North Korean soil. With all of this seriously Pyongyang says that he is ready to put a severe blow to South Korea.

Typical ultimatum from North Korea … It turns out that Pyongyang not only not going to recognize our own mistakes when approaching ships in foreign territorial waters, but also threatens to Seoul in the case of this kind of anti-overhangs launch military action. His words of power DPRK decided to reinforce the typical way. To do this across the border were launched balloons with a huge number of leaflets critical of the South Korean administration in order to influence the final elections scheduled for December. The hope was that the South Korean border guards shoot down those balls, and from there, from the horn of abundance will fall North Korean calls for the establishment of the road, which now goes by the DPRK. Would act as a massive these flyers on people of South Korea — a big issue, but the fact that North Korea obviously is not going to go on no rapprochement with Seoul manifests itself fully. What is already there closer when Pyongyang general nuclear war scares.

Coincidence or not, but strained relations between the DPRK and South Korea in the active phase showed itself particularly after Our homeland has written off the North Korean government debt decent. For all this, as you know, our home pleading for something to start the implementation of advanced energy and transportation projects on the Korean peninsula. Now, of course, the Russian proposal to Pyongyang over its rapprochement with Seoul is covered by a vessel such as a copper basin, and the remaining non written billion debt more closely suited to that, so it is also written off, as indicated above 10 billion dollars.

With all of this develops a strange impression that most Pyongyang on what-then why not go for a profitable economic ties with either Russia or South Korea, or with anyone at all. Oh, so to receive financial support and food, for what later do not pay, so — welcome, as stated on the recognition of a mistake of their own misconduct steps, so immediately — acid mine and the North Korean threat of a nuclear war …

In general, we in Russia, of course, have always understood that the North Koreans — a typical men, but only to us from the fact that there is the greatest of their burning point, as they say themselves, what enthusiasm? .. There was not enough to cover their proposals for constructive cooperation on the peninsula Kim 3rd us to the same war at hand arranged with its southern neighbor.

In general, all these skirmishes North and South Korea — an occasion for excessive Moscow loaf, whether as extensive write off debts to the right and left and said they believe that's still quite a bit and Russian business projects in DPRK Following the implementation of …

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