Radioactive dust cool war

Means of destruction, applicable only to special services and terrorists

Radioactive dust Cold War

In times of Russian radiological weapon in our country was considered to be something like the diabolical inventions of the imperialists. Even the article about him published in the era of perestroika and glasnost (1990 year) Naval dictionary accompanied by marked "foreign.": Say, not our term and zabugorny. In reality, however, a similar "Diabolique" and engaged the Russian "defense industry".

Under radiological weapon should be aware of the means of combat, the action of which is based on the use of radioactive substances. It is intended to engage people to ionizing radiation.

Murderous "Coffee Break"

Obviously, the ever-memorable Glavlit would never have missed in the open press even a hint of the development of Russian radiological weapons. In general, radioactive substances equipped combat troops "Geranium" and "Generator", made with us in the first half of the 50s, adopted and not adopted. The fact that they have been fitted with remote ballistic missile act P-2 and P-5 structure SP queen. But soon for these BR managed to make small nuclear warhead, so that eliminated the need for military combat units that can only infect the terrain and objects on it.

However, radiological weapon sabotage mission was available to the Russian special services, namely once existed in the 13th Division of the First Brain control (outer intelligence) of the KGB. He was engaged in the liquidation of overseas traitors who are former security officers, and members of anti-Soviet organizations. For example, in 1957, during one of the anti-Soviet meeting in Frankfurt-am-Main lady — KGB agent — slipped radioactive thallium in a cup of coffee ex-intelligence officer defector Khokhlov. Itself out here on the event radioactive "coffee break." By the way, Khokhlova show out to the light and could not — he Irradiating, but was saved by Western doctors and lived to a very old age.

It is clear now that the Russian radiological weapon was tested in the middle of the 50s on Lake Ladoga, on the towing ship Navy "Kit" — captured German destroyer "T-12". It was produced by explosions of bombs containing radioactive substances battle. Only in 1991, the rescue party of the Leningrad naval base raised flooded back in 1959, "Kit" with a 10-meter depth, inactive (at the time of recovery was recorded background radiation in the 10's once more than the permitted sanitary standards) and vehicle towed to the dock in the bay on the Black newest Earth. The personnel of the special expedition, led by Rear Admiral K. A. Tulin and Captain 1st Rank M. the Short bestowed awards and medals, as the Mariners managed to spend a very difficult operation. Its complexity was the fact that pump water from the compartments "China" in its rise was forbidden.

Now the harsh military value radiological weapons (the so-called dirty bomb) is not given. Experts see it as a tool in the arsenal of the likely terrorists who may try to use the industrial sources of ionizing radiation. Prevention and suppression of attempts to seize such sources — intelligence task.


Radioactive dust Cold War

Yet radiological tool — however, no fighting, and training — consisted in the supply of chemical troops Russian Army (now the troops of radiation, chemical and biological defense.) Was referred to as an educational tool "Device ZMCH-P" — a training set for the real part of infection with radioactive dust. With the device ZMCH-P produced the most that neither is true, though errant radiation dose rate of infection. Intended ZMCH-P to simulate the real battle of infection radioactive substances military equipment, weapons and uniforms in training troops and decontamination methods of dosimetry. The creator of these lines studied in this priborchik long been 80 years in the military department of the institute.

Nezamudreny on the device, it consisted of a nebulizer and equipped with radioactive dust vials, and ancillary supplies. One set ZMCH-P allowed to infect up to 150 objects large military vehicles. Involved in the objects of infection and following decontamination personnel, of course, put on combined-arms protective kits UGC (hated by all who come across them in the army, but it is very prized by anglers), and gas masks. The radiation dose calculations, working with a set of ZMCH-II, envisaged in the range not exceeding 0,017 roentgen per day per soldier's soul. Of course, even a micro-doses hardly anyone had a great desire to get free. But the oath sought by soldiers without much whining endure the hardships and privations of military service. Decontamination of contaminated sites was carried out by means of standard-issue spetsrastvorov.

From the standpoint of the current day or this kind of military-radiological 'fun' seem quite valid. But during the cool of the war, especially at the dawn of the nuclear arms race on the ecology of the Soviet Union as, in general, and in the U.S., attention is not particularly directed. What's a Stealther device — both superpowers in 50 years, with more than one occasion, carried out military exercises with actual nuclear explosions, driving away through the zone of radioactive forces of infection. So the situation in these here ekzertsitsy really was very close to the battle. With the amendment that defeat in a true global nuclear war is unreal …

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