Reflection: UFOs. The sinking of the watch

Reflection: UFOs.  The sinking of the watch

Unidentified flying objects. Exploring this paradox, we often do not think that three-quarters of the earth's surface occupied by sea space — space, not a lot of communities — where reports of these phenomena comes fairly rare. And, meanwhile, the UFO apparently tend to aqua elements.
Meeting with the mysterious guests in serious troubled sailors. This is understandable: after all, a danger not only to combat the tasks, and the safety of the people. Concerned about the extraordinary ability of unidentified neighbors. Often, they are great to watch, even without special optics, completely invisible to radar. When they approach stops working electrical equipment and radio equipment. They are all free and move with tremendous speed in the water. Obstacle for departing from the water facilities is not even a multimeter ice.
Dispatches from the crews of the ships and submarines of encounters with UFOs and unidentified underwater objects and then acted in the Intelligence of the Navy of the USSR. Naval intelligence mysterious guests motivate otherwise: sometimes they are very similar to the intelligence or hitting enemy targets. They are often very tightly fit our warships, prevent running combat missions.

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