Repeated searches: again take computers, cameras, mobile phones

Police and KGB in the regions began to re-searches in the offices of opposition political parties and in the apartments of their activists. People claim that they have again taken computers, cameras, mobile phones and other storage media. In this case, the previously seized equipment is not returned, even if the computers are needed for children to study.

These and other facts of the persecution of democratic activists in regions recognized regional correspondents of "Freedom."

Gomel Oblast

Repeated searches from seizure of personal computers

Leonid Sudalenka

On Wednesday in Gomel local KGB officers raided the homes chairman of the regional branch of the United Civil Party of Belarus Vasily Polyakov and human rights activists, the head of the city organization "Legal Initiative" Leonid Sudalenka.

About the new searches, says the father of four sons Sudalenka:

"I have a house in children seized two computers. I made two for children, jobs where they learn. And there were computers — the Leni and Cyril, and took them. My personal belongings checked. They searched all — on the balcony, climbed in the kitchen. "

InVasily Polyakov security officers, which led the captain Naumenko, took home computer, a digital camera and a personal mobile phone:

Vasily Polyakov

"This company has for some time will continue — probably until January 31. 31 th will be decided in the European Union towards Belarus: what sanctions administered, and what — no. So it seems to me that until 31 th all this will continue. And then it will depend on what decision to take, including the authorities of Belarus — to make any concessions to the European Union or not to go. "

Special services at this time, along with the police spent today re-search in a private house on the street Polesskaya, 52, where the office of the regional organization of the United Civil Party, as well as several other community organizations.

The search was made on the basis of a KGB investigator Yatchenko with the approval of the regional prosecutor — within the study of the criminal case on the riots in Minsk.

KGB officer described the office equipment Gennady Belkavets. In the office on the first floor of the workplace Leonid Sudalenka security officers took the tape recorder and a new computer, bought three days ago at a department store "Gomel".

Also confiscated a desktop computer with a monitor that has survived the first search.

On the second floor of the desktop Vasily Polyakov security officers dragged his personal laptop. They took some reason th copier that is not touched during the search on January 6.

A January 25 Gomel KGB officially warned Ruslana, a student of one of the colleges of the regional center, the responsibility for taking part in the riots:

"They told to sign a paper that I warn that if once again repeats, and if possible even criminal article. In short, an official warning issued in one of the main KGB "

Ruslan was December 19 in Minsk on Independence Square. There he was captured commandos and the guy spent ten days of administrative arrest on Akrestin.

In Gomel, Mr. Ruslan questioned in the management of KGB on January 14. With him also were interviewed twice leaders of college:

"The first time was a conversation with the director and assistant principal, and then called and psychological. There allowed to read the two newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia" — that supposedly was on December 19. Well, in "Sovetskaya Belorussia" was two parts. And read the Administrative Code. "


Areas requiring participants to find provocateurs

In Mogilev local activists themselves trying to figure out why the security services do not seek provocateurs who were in the Square, and why is the persecution of the innocent.

Valentin Lobachyov

The company has already got used to that cause for questioning by the KGB. Eighteen-year member of the BPF Valentine Lobachova there not called even once. He went himself. According to protect their colleagues from prosecution. He's talked to two of the committee members.

"I told them that they did not touch our children. They replied that they cause only those who participated in the riots. They warned me that I am no longer involved in such events, as then I would be worse. Told to write explanatory about my participation in the Plaza. Asked, of course, about the activities of the Young Front and its financing. They gave me time to think — the fact that I stopped the activity. With no use talking to them, they say, then they will do it. "

Going to go in for questioning in the Minsk human rights activist of the civil campaign "Our House" Christina Shatsikava and her underage girlfriend Maria Voinova. Both were on the Plaza, and now they are called as witnesses to the First Police Department.

Christina Shatsikava

"I am interested to be a witness. I have pictures of those people I suspect they are the organizers of the riots. These are not people who sit behind bars. Photographs of these people I have to show the police officers who are still somehow can not find them. Apparently, they have them run the department, "explains Christina Shatsikava.

Maria Voinova itself from Vitebsk. He lives in Mogilev. Mother remained in Vitebsk. "Because of me, she had problems," the girl says:

"They called her at work. It says that I have them bad daughter. Was summoned to the Commission for Minors. I am also interested to be a witness. "

Christina Shatsikava detained at the Plaza, then beaten and punished by a fine of one million and fifty thousand. She has two teenage children. Mary Voinova also detained in the Square. She spent the night in jail in Akrestsin. Then, as an underage released.

Eugene Vaskovich

Meanwhile, the deadline for conclusion of Bobruisk journalist Eugene Vaskovich. He was detained on the morning of January 17. Charged with disorderly conduct. Young man's mother reported that he was arrested for ten days. Should I wait for his release at the end of this period, ask the lawyer of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Andrew Bastunets:

"There is no certainty about it. Not even sure what is going on with him, because it is still, obviously, is not about the ten days of administrative arrest and detention for ten days, possibly due to a criminal case. "

Vaskovich Eugene was a member of the Square. Summoned to the KGB. Sign a statement of repentance is not accepted.

Grodno region

600 thousand rubles for a torn jacket policeman

Oleg Kalinkov

In the October Grodno court today sentenced to 700 thousand rubles activist Staff Neklyaeva Oleg Kalinkov. He was charg
ed with disobeying a police officer.

On election day, December 19, Oleg Kalinkou detained at the exit of the entrance plainclothes officers. In court, they testified that the certificate be presented and shown, and Mr. Kalinkov disobeyed. The defendant did not agree and insisted on its version, which the court rejected.

In particular, he explained that he came out of the entrance of the house and saw that his car was crowded with other cars. Immediately, he was approached by a man and asked for a cigarette. Kalinkov says he was afraid and began to flee back to his porch, two men ran after him.

Kalinkov"At the entrance, we struck up a fuss because I do not know who it was — they were in plain clothes and showed documents. During this fuss I'm one of them tore his jacket, which he later estimated at 600,000 rubles. "

In court, the police explained that they came for Oleg Kalinkou to take him to the station and interviewed regarding unauthorized picket, which he held close to the Agrarian University. However, they could not explain Kalinkou, why did not cause his agenda or not you call home.

The court sided with the police fully and ordered to condemn Mr Kalinkou 20 basic units for disobeying police officers.

Recall that on December 20 Kalinkou sentenced to three days for taking part in an unsanctioned picket. And then he still had to send a postal order militiaman 600,000 rubles for the torn jacket to not consider the third and the administrative record.

Most worryingly, says Oleg Kalinkov, is that he has a few months of no job, he has two children, and not to all friends and strangers, he would not know how to pay these fines.

Kalinkov"They helped ordinary people, even those I do not know. They found out that I have no money, and collected 600,000 and I paid a policeman's jacket. "

Oleg Kalinkov although he and a lawyer by training, but says the petition against the decision of the court is meaningless.

Groupie BCD persecuted for job election observer

Elena Davidovich lives in Bridges, a supporter of the BCD it. Having received the summons, it must appear at the January 28th District Commission for Minors. It seems to be from the neighbors there came the complaint that Elena did not properly perform their duties with respect to two small children.

Elena Davidovich believes that her attempt to exert pressure for its socio-political activities, for participation in the election campaign.

Davidovich"I am not afraid. So I was afraid I'd sent a trusted person. I am not ashamed of that mother of two children, I am proud of it. Terms of children to grow up comfortably, I create, so I go there, I do not know "to the wolves." But not for repentance, I have nothing to repent, I'm not afraid of anything. I know that my children have to stay with me. "

I have nothing to repent, I'm not afraid of anything. I know that my children have to stay with me.

Elena Davidovich, 24 years old, her daughter five years old, his son — a little more than a year. It educates them herself, lives with parents in the three-room apartment.

At one entrance with Elena Davidovich lives Dmitry Kukhlei, also a supporter of the BCD. He did not know that one of the neighbors wrote on Lena complaint.

Kukhlei"I do not know what there may be a claim to it. We will prepare a paper on the commission that it is normal to deal with children and generally good mother. I think it should be called the names of those who wrote the paper, that it does not cost to children. "

Because it should not be considered anonymous, believes Dmitry Kukhlei:

"I think everything will be fine. This is just a continuation of pressure on her since the election, when it began to be pressed. It took one and a half months, and again for some reason came from. She was an observer in the committee and worked on the team Rymasheuski. She wrote notes in the course of the campaign, the complaint filed in the Election Commission, it also signed. I think it's bullying continues. I do not think any action will be taken against her. "

Vitebsk Region

Kagebisty come with plumbers

Vitebsk activist Helen Fomin, that during the election campaign was the confidant Dmitry Uss, KGB caught in the clinic — on the phone said that now waiting for her in for questioning:

Elena Fomina

"They said they wanted to talk to me. I'm already in the clinic, I say. Answer: "We will send you the agenda now." "Please — I say — once in paliklikniku Lenin! Did not you hear what I'm sick?" — "So, you have and help?" — Ask. Like, is there any confirmation that the sick and therefore they do not go. She said she would help me. Then, they say, come on Friday, but with a reference to be. Yeah, I say, as long as you tell me you do not give my technique, I'm not going anywhere! "

Equipment — laptop, the second computer system unit and several flash drives — in Helena St. Thomas took after scouring the 13th of January. Then she said they would call and summoned for questioning. Call had to wait almost two weeks, and was forced to go to the KGB immediately. The day before yesterday Elena Fomina sent in Vitebsk Regional Directorate of the KGB statement that she urgently returned to the selected office equipment, as she is studying in absentia YSU and must complete quests, and the son is a student — home-schooled, so the computer in the family is a must.

Another activist Vitebsk, a spokeswoman for the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Olga Shpakovskaya, spoke about her interest in obscure by the police. One evening the police came to her and started asking about the lifestyle of the activists:

"It is a 9 th evening, did not identify anything … Began to ask questions, one I live. No, I say, with her husband. I work as if I was asking. I told him that no, I do not work. Then — why I do not work. I say that, first of all, I can not find a decent job, and secondly, my husband is a happy situation. He receives a pension. That's how it was. Essentially, I'm not afraid of anything, though I'm working, though not, but this situation is unpleasant to look.

During the 2010 presidential campaign Olga Shpakovskaya was an observer at the polling station has recorded a number of violations. In the last presidential election she supported Alexander Kozulin. Then, as she says, in her absence, tried to enter the apartment by unknown persons who identified themselves as neighbors, "the masters of the housing department." No masters, says Olga, she did not call.

And on January 25 of this year already, "master of the housing department" tried to get into the apartment Alexei Gavrutsikava, who was a confidant of the prisoner Statkevich. Mr. Gavrutikov doors did not open, because no experts did not call. And he knows very well that in Vitebsk practice exists, when the KGB or the police come along with specially plumbers, electricians or employees of "Water canal" to the hosts opened the door. Then start or searches, or interviews, or "preventive conversations".


Threaten Russia and citizen

In the region of the prosecutor's office to issue a warning to participants Square. At the same time people are threatening criminal charges in the case of repeated violation
s, and a Russian citizen with a residence permit has been said about possible deportation.

In Ivatsevichy prosecutors, police and the local administration issued a warning Vladislav Mikolajczyk. Vladislav — Russian citizen, lives in Ivatsevichy since 1992, has a residence permit. December 19, Vladislav was on the Plaza. He was detained and sentenced to 15 days in jail, which he served in Zhodinskaya prison. In the local administration of Minsk came to the documents, which show that even addressed the issue of the deportation, said Vladislav:

"They took me to the police chief, then the prosecutor had a conversation with me. Discharged with an official warning. Put on record. Once again, I was fingerprinted and photographed. Officially, I was warned that I repeat offenders may be deported from Belarus ".

Officially, I was warned that I repeat offenders may be deported from Belarus.

Igor Baranovsky from Brest says that Pruzany now discuss the situation with local students who were expelled from the capital's universities. Two young men from the village of Mogilev region Pruzhansky deprived of instruction in public schools:

"For participation in the Square expelled two students who were trained in Minsk."

Prosecutor's sister received a warning Catherine and Julia Pasko of Brest. The sisters have written summons to the prosecutor's office were. Representative of the human rights organization "Viasna" was not allowed to be with them at the public prosecutor, says Catherine Pasko:

"The warning was written that we are members of the unregistered Belarusian Christian Democracy party. In addition, the prosecutor noted that allegedly one of our friends gave evidence to the KGB, that on December 19 we were with him in Minsk, and there engaged in organizing mass riots. Our actions violated public transport. "

A visit to the prosecutor's office, says Catherine, took about five minutes. The prosecutor informed the regional prosecutor's office Myahovich sisters with the documents under which they put their signature.


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