Reserve Pillars closed because of the invasion of bears!

Reserve "Pillars" closed because of the invasion of bears!  Photo: from the site www.ecokem.ruEve toed forced to hide in a guard booth "Bobrovyi log."

Clumsy this year show unusual activity. Workers Reserve "Pillars" sounding the alarm — only this month bears four times out to the people. Two weeks ago 11 tourists sit on the roof of the stall — the latter came bear-two year olds. Master of taiga interested in garbage cans, but you never know what could come at the bear's head.

Today, the administration decided to close the reserve "Pillars" to the fifth of July. Everywhere will stand posts, block the cordons.

— Just last night in "Bobrova ravine" to the security guard came to bear, — said the deputy director of the reserve for the protection of "Pillars" Irina Smirnova — the good, the man was with the dog and then be trouble. Animal scent approaching beast whimpered — guard immediately closed in the area. For 13 years I worked on the "Pillars" never happened.

Liberate "bear hostage" went MIA officers and specialists from the reserve. The bear was standing near the booth and waiting for something. Shoot him no one — in the dark you can miss, and the wounded beast — it's scary.

Irina Y. explained that now bears "wedding", and their grown-up offspring are simply thrown out, so as not to interfere. So they are going to wander, play tricks and scare the citizens.

— About 23 June, I was working with the pass, leveled the site — said another witness "Polar Bear walks" on the post Basil Cormack — here he comes, let's dig in tanks. A Buckeye is far from us. Well, first we did not pay attention. And then the sound of the bear caught — got up and went slowly on us. Workers shouted, threw something at him — scare. Bear left almost immediately. It was, of course, scary — albeit small bear, but a person can easily hurt. It is terrible, of course, that the bears have become interested in people — before they were scared, and young because there is no fear yet — so they run hither side.

This year, a couple of clumsy noticed in Sliznevo, bears walking around Bazaikha and Mana.

— Bears go to where the people are, because by their nature they are lazy — said Acting Service to protect, control and regulate the use of animals and their habitats Paul Kochkaryov — garbage man leaves food waste, and clubfoot is exactly what the . Today, the number of bears is really high — before giving birth bear no more than two children, now three and four is. Today we decided to stabilize the situation — in the "Beaver Log" a group of people go on shooting.

What should you do if you encounter a bear

In no case can not turn your back, run away or waving — it just clumsy provoke aggression. You can try to scare him shouting or loud noise. At this time, start slowly back away, keeping his eyes on the animal.

By going to the area where the bears may be necessary in advance to make themselves bear: loud talking and laughing — bear realizes that the people here and will not leave.

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