Residents of Primorsky district observed a UFO


Residents of Primorsky district is now closely watching the starry sky. After the weekend observed an unusual phenomenon — or rather to. He suddenly appeared over the houses on the street planar, two minutes wavered in the air and disappeared.

What was it — a natural phenomenon or something else is unclear. The burning balloon, like whether a missile, whether on a meteorite flying pretty high. According to witnesses, not below the aircraft, the "Vesti Petersburg."

A first noticed it at a child. Where flew and landed where the burning object — is unknown. How to eyewitnesses, he disappeared behind the neighboring houses and never to be seen again. Perhaps the fact that it was ever tell experts.


GAZETA.SPb already wrote about when residents of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region have seen unidentified flying objects.

Since the end of May, about eight in the morning over the city Kirov in the clear sky in the absence of rain there were four small, randomly placed rainbow. A little earlier over Petersburg were seen strange objects.

What exactly could see kirovchane hard to say — whether it was a UFO, or an unusual natural phenomenon. A spokesman for the administration of the municipality "Leningrad Kirov region," said Elena Loginova that the brightest of the "Rainbow" — as if the hung directly over the administration building, was "overthrown" — that is, the line was half-rings parallel to the ground.

On top of that there was still a funny optical effect: the left of the sun "formed" the second light. In this case, the pale crescent melted at some distance to the right.

In early August, the night the townspeople from the parking lot near the "Okey" in the prospectus Zanevsky seen some flying objects.

According to an eyewitness, "was at the speed is higher than the supersonic aircraft. In this case, no noise in the silence of the night, they did not publish.

Bright yellow lights, or triangles, which retain their shape, or single objects at an angle of 30 degrees to the prospectus ZANEVSKY moved around from south to north.

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