Residents of the Urals thrilled UFO invasion (PHOTOS)


Upper Salda, Sverdlovsk Region, September 19 (New Region, Svyatoslav Bulgarin) — Residents of a small provincial town Upper Salda thrilled by this invasion of UFOs. In the same day, several saldintsev seen "strange slow-moving balls." In order to understand the causes of the phenomenon, the Upper Salda were quickly sent to specialists.

As the "New Region" Director of the Monitoring Station Ural anomalistiki "Uranus" Dmitry Volobuev, closest to the mysterious objects crept local hang gliders Eugene Mamin. In the evening he was on his hang glider flew neighborhood and saw a glowing ball of bright yellow color. He had a smooth outline. Screws or engine noise was not audible. My mother's rose to a height of one hundred meters. The subject was at his motoplana and was moving slowly, slowly.

At the same time — about 23.00 local resident Berezkina Svetlana and her daughter were walking along the street — were returning from a home. They both described the UFO as "little yellow ball", which was moving slowly. It was felt that the object was flying low, at the level of the clouds. Dark sky ball is lit, but the light itself. There was no sound or only a buzz from both aircraft was complete silence.

In addition, the villagers Neloba, which is located near the Upper Salda, made at the same time the photos later saw the yellow spot against a cloudless blue sky. The facility was located just above the heads of posing.

Investigate the incident Salda invited Dmitry Volobueva. He not only provided photographs of UFOs, but the video footage on a mobile phone.

"After watching the video UFO filmed on a mobile phone, and relive the events witnessed similar observations of objects, the first thing I asked," And in that day, by chance, no one was the wedding? "To which I replied unequivocally:" There was! These wedding we go every Saturday. " My guess about the nature of UFOs so immediately confirmed: it turned out that the couple ran the ball late in the evening with a candle — like repeatedly observed over Yekaterinburg. The townspeople are often mistaken for UFOs "- a disappointment saldintsev Volobuev.

Studying photos of Neloby not yet concluded: "At the moment, experts station" Uranus "conduct a thorough examination of the photos to make an objective opinion on the UFO imprinted on it. Make a final verdict, we can only in a few days. But one thing we can say right now: the object looks suspiciously like a bug or a bumblebee, which flew close to the lens and reflected the light from the flash. In the elongated body wings are even visible. Since this is a large insect moving quickly, the photographer did not notice it at the time of photography — suggests ufologist.

Photos of Neloby. Ufologists conduct research picture.

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