Riddle subsea sounds

December 24, 2011 0:53

Lake Svetloyar often sounds just before sunrise, and the full moon

In the 70-ies of XX century, a young engineer Igor Fomin, like many of his peers Leningrad, worked on "defense", considering himself a happy man: and paid well, and work in much the same hobby. He participated in the development of new systems of hydrophones — "ears" of submarines, and hunting them. A new design was tested on the water: on Ladoga, the Baltic and other water basins, depending on the task. But Igor hobby was boating.

 Somehow he had to work on the design of the hydrophone was used to convert sound into electrical signals new physical principles. This device is going to be a smaller and more sensitive. The tests were conducted on the experimental design of the west of Lake Ladoga, in the area of Rzhev artillery range. Hydrophone placed on the same boat, and on the second side, which was at some distance down into the water and blew his squib. At another stage of the experiments was to listen to Igor noise propeller second boat, going to the limit of hearing distance.

And once when setting up equipment hydrophone Igor caught a strange sound: rolling, like a growl of thunder Rain retreating. It was not like any sound of an underwater explosion or the sound of propellers. Bearing of the sound source was not taken, he seemed to go on all sides. Igor asked on the radio the second boat, but he was lying in the drift, waiting for the command to start the tests. É ground on this day of shooting in the direction of the lake is also not hold.

To decide on the sound, which interfere with the operation, Igor went to a couple of miles to the east, in the area with more depth. But the mysterious sound only strengthened. Igor quickly established a reserve hydrophone, but nothing has changed. After a while, he wanted to give the all-clear today's experiment, but a strange sound suddenly disappeared, as if turned off.

Igor has twice recorded the mysterious sound coming from the depths of the lake. Once he went on for several hours, and tests had to be moved to the evening.

Chief, received a report of Igor and a tape recording of an unknown sound, Contact the geophysicists. It turned out that this phenomenon is known, however, and such peals of thunder underwater on Ladoga called brontidami. Perhaps they have something to do with the peculiarities of underwater currents and complex topography. Unfortunately, the other lakes of similar data is little, and the study of them with underwater hydrophones was conducted.

Intrigued by the mystery, Igor young to committed an act that threatened him much trouble. For several reasons, the new sensor in the series did not go, but instead of destroying prototypes, "he zanachil" one of them brought home amplifier and decided to do their own research, the benefit of a holiday spent on the water. Seliger was the first object, but, alas, this lake was silent, except for the usual sounds made lake creatures. Not pleased with his Pskov and Peipus lake.

After learning about the hobby of Igor, a familiar "anomalschik" was hard to persuade him to explore legendary lake Svetloyar. That thing at the bottom of which, according to legend, is the invisible city of Kitezh and the people on the bank allegedly hear the sounds of bells, sometimes coming from the depths of the lake. In the legend, Igor did not believe, and rumors of his sound interested.

Svetloyar rewarded his past failures, a hydrophone, dropped into a lake, recorded a low, almost rumbling roar, not like the one he had heard in the Poconos, and really resembles a huge buzz of the bell. However, without the hydrophone neither he nor the people on shore heard nothing. It turned out that the lake often sounds just before sunrise, and the moon is full.

The next focus of research has become Igor Fomin Alpine Lake Sarez in Tajikistan. In the area of the Pamir mountain range Muzkol earthquake in Murghab River hit two billion cubic meters of rock. The height of the dam was 700 meters! The waters of the river, stopped the rubble, began to fill the valley. That was beginning of the youngest in the world mountain lake. Now it's length is 60 km, and the depth — more than 500 meters. However Murghab continues to flow in its channel, but now under the rubble, seeping through a rather loose natural dam.

Hydrogeologist familiar invited Igor "listen" young lake. When he was on the lake, started a small earthquake, so that the inflatable noticeably trembling from seismic shocks on their way from the bottom. Lowered into the water hydrophone recorded a real cannon cannonade. When Igor gave listen Hydrogeology recorded them on tape underwater rumblings, they quickly found it quite plausible explanation is a shift in the earthquake rocks through which seeps Murghab, and the overlap of underground streams creates typical water hammer, the sound of which is well distributed in the water. Indeed, as the distance from the wall of the natural dam, underwater rumble died down.

But the next sensation hydrophones "fished" from the North Atlantic. Since the mid 60's our submariners experienced unexplained phenomenon: the deep Soviet nuclear-powered ships began to record the signals, vaguely reminiscent of croaking frogs. Submarine "listener-in" immediately dubbed them "Quakers." And the signal source of these "Quaker" starts chasing the boat, then pursuing it, then cross the course, forced to fold to the side, and then went on this game.

Information about the mysterious phenomenon came to Navy Commander Admiral Gorshkov, and at the direction of the special group was set up a few officers who come to grips with this problem. To begin to gather all available information on the fleet and crew, and then by order of Commander of the ship "Chariton Laptev," in April 1970, an expedition was organized in the same area of the ocean where a submarine often faced with "Quakers." During this expedition was received «SOS» c submarine "K-8." Interrupting listening to and recording the sounds of the ocean, the ship headed for nuclear-powered ships and perishing managed to save most of the crew.

That same lake, the bottom of which, according to legend, is the invisible city of Kitezh

For some reason, in the early 80's the program was unexpectedly closed, and the group disbanded, although the observations are still classified. Some former members of the program are confident that "Quakers" is nothing like living beings, and with high intelligence. Perhaps, the signals emitted by their underwater vehicles. But be that as it may, the nature of some of the lake, and especially marine underwater sounds is still unsolved.

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