Roman Fad shocked CTC


Project CTC "Medium", which promises every day to tell the audience about the most unusual in the world, has not yet begun, and the crew is already suffering from unexplained phenomena.
Roman Fahd, a member of the fourth season of the "Battle of the Psychics", created a furor, passing the audition for the role of host of the "Medium". When a young Ukrainian magician appeared on the set, the studio began to happen something out of the ordinary.

— It was awful! — Shared his impressions operator Dennis, who works at the site. — Spontaneously turn off three cameras, lights flickered and became the limelight all off-scale high-frequency equipment!

On the team director "Action!" Reacted only people, but all the equipment was on strike. Crew only had that shrug. Only the Fad is not surprised what is happening.

— Wait a moment — reassured Novel TV personalities. — Here, everything has to get used to my energy, and then going to work.

After a while the whole rebellious appliances, and the truth is, once joined.

According to the creators of the program, Fad most suited to the role of leading the new project. After all, the basic requirement for individual programs — have a genuine interest in mysticism, esotericism and other "anomalies" of today's reality. Although ultimately lead is not yet approved. For this position claimed by many professional actors and TV presenters, science fiction writers and psychics, journalists and magicians.

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