Russia offered to find the money to protect poor countries from global warming


On the eve of the summit taking place in the "Big Eight" meeting of finance ministers of the head of treasury of three countries — the U.S., Japan and the UK — called the other five countries to join their initiative to create the world's first investment fund in the amount of $ 10 billion to help developing countries fight with global warming.

Launched this initiative three major economies, according to ITAR-TASS, pledged a total of about $ 5 billion: U.S. — $ 2 billion, Japan — $ 1.2 billion and the United Kingdom — £ 800 million. It is assumed that the others, including Russia, will make the second half of a $ 5 billion.

As the head of the Japanese Ministry of Finance Fukushiro Nukaga (Fukushiro Nukaga), it is about creating two funds. The first is called "clean technology fund" and is designed to provide developing countries in the adoption of the latest energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies. The second — "Strategic Fund" to be used in order to help these countries adapt to climate change, which destroys infrastructure, leading to droughts and floods.

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