Russia without the oil and gas

That it would be in Russia, if removed from the budget revenue taxes on oil and gas as well as revenues from oil and gas companies?

  1. In January-October 2010 to the federal budget were:

MET — 1119000000000. rub.

Export duties on oil and gas — 2034000000000. rub.

Cumulatively for 10 months — 3153000000000.

During 12 months of severance tax and export duties have to bring in the budget — 3783000000000. rub.

  1. Subsidies from the federal budget, covering the budget deficit of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in 2010 to 2.530 trillion. rub. or 57.5% of total expenditures RF PF.

Budget ministnerstva Defense for 2010 is 1.262 trillion.

  1. Thus, the budget revenues from mineral extraction tax and export duties finance 57% of pensions in Russia and 99% in defense spending.
  2. This does not take into account:

— income tax oil and gas companies (450 billion rubles).

— VAT paid by oil and gas companies in the sale of hydrocarbons in Russia (VAT on petrol and diesel fuel — 160 billion rubles., Gas — 75 billion rubles.))
— excise tax for sales of petrol and diesel fuel in Russia (250 billion rubles).
— property tax oil and gas companies (Gazprom — 21 billion rubles.)
— Personal income tax and social tax paid on the income of employees of oil and gas complex (PIT — about 50 billion rubles, UST — about 100 billion rubles.)
—  taxes paid by companies (and their employees) indirectly dependent on the oil and gas industry.
Total: 1.1 trillion. rub.
Total direct revenues from oil and gas to the budgets of all levels of 4.9 trillion. rub.

Now imagine that in Russia, in Belarus — oil and gas almost none.

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