Russian authorities have established national park in Chukotka Beringia

Russian authorities have established a national park "Beringia" in the eastern part of the Chukchi Peninsula, which will become part of the Russian-American conservation area, told RIA Novosti the WWF Russia.

According to her, an executive order was signed on Thursday.

A new national park of the same name will appear in place of the Regional Natural Park. "Beringia" is located in the eastern part of the Chukchi Peninsula and consists of five plots with a total area of over 18,000 square kilometers, of which more than three thousand miles by sea waters.

The new natural area will preserve the unique landscape of the Chukotka Peninsula, hot springs, archaeological sites and historical and cultural heritage, in the first place — the ancient cultures of the Eskimo and Chukchi, the report says. In this area there are more than one thousand species and subspecies of plants, there are at polar bears, bighorn sheep, the Pacific walrus, the coasts are going bird colonies.

Following the establishment of the new National Park will begin the creation of the American National protected area. This transboundary reserve will consist of "Beringia" in the territory of the Russian Federation and the National Park Bering Land Bridge in the U.S..

USSR and the USA in June 1990, decided to organize a Soviet-American international park in Chukotka and Alaska to preserve the unique natural and cultural complex. The transformation of political agreements into real solutions took 20 years — it was necessary to take into account as fully as possible, on the one hand, the task of preserving the unique biodiversity of the region and the interests of the indigenous population, the other — the socio-economic development of the region.

Now Russia and neighboring countries have 4 cross-border area. Each of the members of the transboundary nature reserve protected area managed in accordance with the national legislation, and for them are developed and implemented joint programs for the study of natural processes.

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