Russian passion watch online

Russian passion watch online
"He works before his death, to a pulp drink", — said Nikolai Nekrasov, a Russian man. Russian passion — unlike the Spanish, it all seriously. Lose — so the spouse. Duel — with 6 steps to destruction. Carried away by a lady — to kill fate. If the feast, the feast. Russian passion amazing strangers to their fervor.
Deadly interests of the Russian people in the documentary encyclopedia "Russian passion."

series 1 — Duels

Petersburg, 1817. The Volkov field — four duelists. "Party quads" — four- duelhistory even for the capital town where desperate head — guards, shoot almost every day extraordinary. In the middle of dueling — the future creator of "Woe from Wit" by Alexander Griboyedov.

Series 2 — Revelry

History Misha's life Alexeyevich Hludova, delicious Russian merchant-millionaire, famous throughout Moscow is not his millions, and unprecedented sprees. In the house itself, he kept a tiger, brought from Central Asia, during the conquest of Khiva, and in one of the factories — bears to be compared with him by force. In restaurants feasts on 100 man — no less and even sponsored a satirical magazine, which a year printed on the cover of the merchant in the cylinder, in which all effortlessly recognized Misha Hludova.

Series 3 — Cupids

History Russian Don Juan — Lofty Duke Nikolai Konstantinovich Romanov. Falling in love with a South American courtesan Getty Blackford, a nephew of Alexander II, breaks family ties and transgresses all possible barriers in high places. Distraught novel twists on the background of lurching patriarchal Russian society as a typical echo reforms majestic 60-ies of the XIX century.

series 4 — Excitement

Dice, cards, billiards, roulette … All of these games like Vladimir Mayakovsky. Nicholas Aseyev friend futurist, said that to him was terrible to play: he could not bear the loss and fell into a real frenzy. Mayakovsky was a man which lived and breathed for resisting everything — words, feelings, beliefs publicly. Life as such. The way the game belonged to Mayakovsky, says only one thing: to whatever he played, it was a variant of Russian roulette — all or nothing has sounded the fatal shot -14 April 1930.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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