Sales of flying saucers begin in 2009


New photo cards company has not released. And in general — actually M200G we have not seen. The pictures old M200X (photo from

Double flying saucers hovering at a height of three meters with a maximum speed of 160 km / h, this year, the market did not go. Those who wish to buy such a device would have to wait for a three-meter diameter 2009. This is the new release date on the market, the promised U.S. company Moller International.

Recall that it was a "flying car" family M200, which includes modifications M200G, M200E, an early prototype M200X, and the version Firefly 3 to rescue people from skyscrapers. On these flying saucers we talked in detail a year ago, so we will not repeat itself.

In the latest press release (PDF-document) Moller International reports that the four apparatus are ready, and in 2009, 40 units will be built. Then start selling, and only through international auction (the experience of trafficking in Paul Moller is, and negative).

The company relies on rotary engines Rotapower own development and May report (PDF-document) about the successes in this field. Say, increased efficiency, improved efficiency, reduced noise and emissions (photo from

To become a "qualified candidate to participate in the bidding," to prove their ability to pay — to convince the company that you have $ 150,000. Apparently it is a bank guarantee or anything like that, "live" money as a deposit to make is not necessary.

Note that claimed to date prices — from $ 90,000 (M200G) to $ 450,000 (Firefly 3).

In 2010, the company threatened to start selling modified M200E, which will be offered as a designer, do not have "e-collar" that limits the height of the flight and will be the representative of the "experimental class of aircraft."

That's all the news. It is hoped that this time, Moller International, the intriguing world of flying cars (especially Skycar) already since 1960, will fulfill its promises. While it is possible for the umpteenth time to see an old video.

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