Sanctions: Pros and Cons

Economist Society Stanislav Husak believes that in the event of the imposition of economic sanctions hurt not the authorities, and ordinary people, so he is a supporter of restrictions exclusively political character:

Stanislav Husak

"I think so: the regime, then it is, it will end. Maybe not in a year or two, but he's gone. A Belarusian people will always exist. This nation is already endured so much poverty, so much trouble, and if still impose economic sanctions, it will be even harder. But our leaders. Something that will hurt, will primarily painful for the people.'s what I think, because it's very sorry for those same retirees.

So if that happens, it will be all the worse. We can feel it already. After the New Year off what is being done: Potatoes already 3000, carrots — 3000, beets — the same 3000, all for a dollar. So what's next? There will be 4-5 thousand, and there is still something wrong. Therefore, any restriction is not in favor of the questionthe man, namely, the common people formed the people of Belarus. So once again I say regime bent sooner or later. And people will always be. And we need to think about the people in the first place. So I think that economic sanctions would be superfluous. That is political — so measures should be primarily political. Maybe even somewhere and economic — where to eat you know who. Perhaps these sources to strangle them. But I would not want to hurt others. Because we do already familiar. "

Former presidential candidate in the last election Victor Tereshchenko does not rule out that the sanctions against Belarus can be applied most extensive — from the economic to the political. However, according to the policy, the fact that the authorities have brought the threat of blockade of the whole country, is a real shame:

Victor Tereshchenko

"I'm very sorry about what is happening. Further 24 September last year, I wrote about it in the press tezisno. I am very upset that the leadership, the Government of Belarus suffered from such lapse. This event December 19 — strumming full — — and, of course, the whole month of December. So, I think that sanctions will be, including economic sanctions. Americans just go to economic sanctions, they, sorry, do not care. I'm sorry, because people really suffer.

As for any alleged benefits for Belarus in obtaining visas, even if the visa and will be free, it is still necessary procedures need to be made. Show me the money, where and why you ride, etc. That is, the procedures and rules will still remain, so the discounts are not that adequate to the broad sanctions that may be. Therefore, the situation will deteriorate in any event. And the same is well aware of Russia: Belarus has no other way. Western vector is cut off, and not for a month, and at least a year or two. If you really try hard, then can be, probably go back to some positions. But neither the IMF nor the European banks, no one will give a single ruble, no credit, no investment, no preferences. Nothing like the more I will be. "

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