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January 29, 2012 11:07

The location of the major organs of the brain


Inside, you are collected and stored abundance of knowledge. You — the key to the Living Library, and it was you — who needs the entity set to implement their programs. Humanity is involved in a very interesting process. With the help of imagination, you can send instructions to his own brain with the intention to activate those nerve centers that develop your imagination.

You can make your intention subtly adjust its structure and enhance the interaction between neurons. But your toes have the ability to carry the signal of the imagination, just like your brain, because your body's cells contain most of the same biochemical substances, regardless of their location. Each cell has the potential release of knowledge, and your cells awaiting the moment when you will guide them through their imagination. When you allow society, family and the education system to direct the flow of your world when feeling guilty or "duty" is constantly vibrating in your field, your body reacts on these programs.

It is imperative that you understand your body and not ashamed of what it does and what it needs. What you are doing with your body — one is another story. The physical body is perfect. Be generous to the physical body, to his grace. If you become uncomfortable when we express such thoughts, see how much you really love yourself and where does a sense of rejection and shame for the physical body. In itself, the physical body is in no way to blame.

The modern concept of the "perfect" female body — the body like a Barbie doll — only adds to the hatred of the already negative perception of women of his body if it does not exactly fit the proportions of artificially imposed. Thus significantly reduce the possibility of free will. The human body can have a huge variety of shapes and sizes, is expressed through a variety of characteristics. And it's always wonderful. Observing the diversity of people, you can understand the importance of diversity to the planet. If the creator wanted to see you as the same type of model, there would be a strictly limited number of people that would constitute a sort of "stamp."

For many thousands of years the human race you forget who you really are. You are ashamed of your physical body and its natural functions. Too few positive concepts exist in this area. We often compare the use of his physical body with the use of the car, which the owner says, "Yes, the car has a trunk, but it is a horrible place. Do not open it, do not put anything there. Yes, he was there, but did not touch him! "Do you see the analogy? This is simply ridiculous!

You reorganize at the subatomic level. Within your physical body luminous thread — thin thread-like power structure — are the energy forms that bind together your individual consciousness, as well as restore your connection with the energy matrix of existence. These energy filaments are reorganized in the body due to photons of sunlight that comes stream currently on the planet, bringing with it a net energy of the Cosmos.

The reorganization process threads and revival of the physical body are particularly intense when you are drinking pure spring water. The threads are also activated in the process of tissue oxygenation that can be achieved with a deep breath. There are other ways of tissue oxygenation, such as the use of certain herbs, so-called "kroveochistitelnyh 'fees. When you clean your blood, it acquires the ability to carry more oxygen. Reorganization of threads on the cellular level leads to a permanent restructuring of energy. All these processes are inextricably linked with the activation of your brain and nervous system. Do you have all the keys and codes to open the remaining "virgin" areas of the brain.

Our intention — to point people that attracting light and increasing the quantity of its individual space may develop consciousness, existing simultaneously in multiple dimensions. Most people act on the basis of 6 — 8 percent of their brain capacity. Someone who uses his opportunities at 15-20 percent, close to the "genius", as, for example, Einstein. Ask yourself the question: "What is the other 80% are occupied my brain? Why they are doing nothing? Why did they not 'on'? "

The human brain is composed of more than 100 billion neurons — the most complex object in the known universe. His study is associated with the search for answers to the most profound questions about human nature. As we come from and what we inherit from our ancestors? How our behavior depends on our genes? How we perceive the world and how we are changing the process of learning? How we feel, think and want? Our mind is connected with our brain, nerve cells and molecules?

Secrets of the brain hemispheres

Today, researchers of the paranormal have no doubt that the sudden mysterious disappearance of persons, vehicles, aircraft, ships, like UFO, associated with the transition from this world to the other, parallel (or parallel universe). With this passage connected the mystery of a large number of paranormal mysteries.

Official science tends to ignore such an explanation, since in the existing physical model of the earth and the universe does not fit the parallel existence of several independent worlds. But the study of the human brain suddenly gave stunning results … For centuries it was believed that the human brain functions as a whole, which loses its ability for any breaches of its structure. It later emerged that, if necessary, some portions of the brain take over the functions of damaged areas. But it did not cause any revolutionary changes in the views on the functioning of our central nervous system. But the big surprise by the discovery that in some cases, a person can live, even in the case of atrophy or removal of pineal gland (pineal gland) is that part of our brain is a kind of "brain within the brain."

But the real shock was when it was experimentally proved that breaking the link between the left and right hemisphere of the brain is practically no effect on the mental and functional abilities, and if need be, this method can even cure epilepsy. No one has so far not been able to find a reasonable explanation for this phenomenon. Neuroscientists Roger Sperry and Michael Gatstsinaga studied the reaction of people who ever for the treatment of epilepsy has been artificially disrupted communication between the hemispheres of the brain.

These studies led them to explore the idea of separate reactions of each hemisphere in the perception of visual images. They used the fact that the nerves conducting signals from the eye to the brain, are arranged so that the signal from the right eye goes to the left hemisphere, and vice versa. People with whom the experiment was conducted, showed images on the screen, first the left, then to the right. At some point, instead of a frame with a picture-image appears the inscription: "Who are you? '. Right half responded: "Peter Samson." Left, when the inscription showing on the right side, it is confirmed. The next question is "sound" like this: "Who would you like to be" right hemisphere to formulate an answer, "a racing driver." A left answered: … "draftsman"! Scientists were stunned.

Further studies have shown that, without a doubt, each of the hemispheres is a single person. This person has their own dreams, memories, knowledge and emotions. It turns out that the full functioning of the human brain is composed of two separate peer "worlds" — that is, as may occur in the universe …

This discovery of two neuroscientists accidentally confirmed the hypothesis, which was recently made some physics, mathematics and astronomy, is building its own model of the universe, and only for the researchers of the paranormal, this idea has long been fundamental. In short, it became clear that in the brain there is a minimum of two parallel worlds. Neuroscientist Paul MacLean says in his work, that the human brain is made up of three separate areas, "nested" into each other like a doll, and each of them live in their own "watch." Their role is played by a group of nerve cells located deep in the brain, which are called "core crossing." Electrical impulses in this place shows a surprising regularity. Neuroscientist Colin Blakemore says they remind him of a ticking clock.

But how do these hours, without interfering with each other and "ticking" at their own pace? Alas, Blackmore sheepishly admits that he can not say anything definite. But no one will be surprised if one day be scientifically established that each of these separate "brains" runs an independent body … alongside existing in our body! It does not matter — physical, corporeal body or mental, incorporeal. And in this case the possibility of independent travel — for example, in the dream of one of the bodies in other worlds — will become science fact … Another mystery of the human brain is associated with the possibility of non-rational knowledge — the so-called. intuition. "Intuition told me to do so and so, but something held me back." Almost all of us have heard something like this: a man has once again listened to intuition, trust wicked voice of reason, and once again was in trouble …

People with intuitive, able to quickly locate the most difficult situations and instantly make flawless decisions. In some experiments, groups of subjects were asked to perform a variety of tasks — with numbers, words, pictures, — all of which contain some gaps. The subjects had to "restore" the gap. The results showed that those who walked logically, consistently have failed. Some have tried to solve the task "at random" random. And only a few have come to a correct result with intuition! Scientists link intuitive thinking to the work of the right brain. This would indicate that the left-handed (right brain "manages" the left side of the body, and vice versa) should be better developed intuition. And indeed, in numerous tests on intuition lefties always performed better than the "right hand" majority. Until recently "levshizm" was considered a defect, which tried to fix with the help of medicine, and children — from youth-handed — seriously "educated" in the "right-hand" tradition: parents worried that they grow "defective" children.

Meanwhile, the great Leonardo was left-handed, and it did not prevent him to do masterpieces. We, however, we live in a civilization "of right." To the right hand fitted all around us. The system of education and training is designed to develop a child have the left half of the brain — that is, logic, rational thinking. "Only without the guesswork, please rely on the data" — this phrase is dry, a sort of slogan "right-civilization", sounds like a refrain through life. And intuitive thinking pushed to the back of mind … Why did this happen? After all, human nature has both rational and spiritual. And the method of spiritual knowledge, develop calling on all religions of the world, and is called intuition. A rational thinking — this is pure materialism, mode of existence "in this world." No one denies the necessity. Still, "My kingdom is not of this world …" Remember, whose are these words? Therefore, intuition, as a method of knowledge is far above logic, above rational thinking. But, alas, the age-old work to oust the spiritual principle of human life has led to the fact that rationality prevails in the public mind, and the only officially recognized method of learning. Since that time, human civilization has reached a deadlock, which remains to this day. So mankind has huge reserves. And they lie in intuition — the area that leads to spiritual knowledge.

Head massage

As you know, massage is a truly miraculous method to return a person's health and as a consequence of beauty. Massage is very important for our body. There are many different types of massage. After the massage you will feel a renewed man. Health — is the value of your home, you should take care about the health and strengthened.

This massage, head massage effectively relieves headaches and migraines. As a result, such a nice and very effective procedure for a relaxation, a rapid impact on the brain. Also, really improves the condition of the hair and scalp. Head massage is based on the two chakras massaging person — 6th and 7th massaged from 5 to 12 minutes depending on the human biofield.

Have you noticed that when we have a headache, we automatically begin to massage the temples, nose, rubbing his neck. Since ancient times, our ancestors used this for fatigue and pain, and we will ingest drugs. Let's talk about the massage of the head, its benefits and the potential health risks.

Positive properties of scalp massage

Anyway, the massage heads need to resort more often. After all, with massage improves blood circulation in the scalp, and, therefore, delivery of nutrients to the skin. Of course, there is improvement in hair growth, improvement of. Also, exfoliate dead skin cells, purified oil glands, which also is only good.

During the massage the scalp run a complex chain of reactions of the human reflex nature. Massage use and neurological problems. After the massage, always felt the muscle relaxation, improves mood. Massage well as a preventative measure, if you have frequent headaches, dizziness, regular massage will help you get rid of them or significantly reduce all these unpleasant symptoms.

Ease head massage lies in the fact that it does not require special preparation, no need to strip, there is no need to use special creams for massage oils. It can be done anywhere, if you are at work or are visiting somewhere. Good head massage and to relieve emotional tension and stress. A good massage will only bring benefits to your body, but should take into account contraindications.

Contraindications of massage

Massage of the head, in general, can be carried out to all the people who do not have serious health problems. But we must always take into account the person's age and the presence of chronic diseases. The elderly should be carefully like a massage, it should not be intense or very dolgim.Krome addition, massage is not shown for people with diseases of the scalp, pustular rash, fungal infections and eczema.

If you have severe hair fall out, then massage is contraindicated. Of course, you can not hold a head massage in acute injuries golovy.Lyudyam with pre-hypertension should consult with an expert, and people with a high degree of hypertension head massage is not recommended at all. It is impossible without professional advice to massage people with elevated intracranial pressure, as in this case, a massage can harm the patient. Remember that everything should be in moderation and everything needed a reasonable approach.

Be selective as to whom you trust your head for a massage, it is especially important for those who are on the spiritual path. Clean energy, information field, the emotional state of the masseur is very important. Can you imagine what can "rub" you grief-therapist if it is dependent on tobacco, beer loves to play around, if he allows himself to swear words (though not for you), if it is not a manifestation of spiritual essence, and if his own health is poor , in this case, neither of which the benefits of massage is not out of the question, or a massage will be ineffective.

Head massage — a procedure in which periodically, and in fact very often, each person needs. In addition, he brings a lot of positive emotions. During the massage head is a significant relaxation constantly tense muscles of the head, so many people report a strong calming and brings good sleep and a good mood effect of the procedure. When the massage heads are excited nerve-receptor system of the skin, which triggers a chain of reflex reactions that lead to the harmonization of the most important processes of the body, especially the nervous system. As a result of a head massage brings relief from headaches, dizziness, neurasthenia, and serves as an excellent prevention of migraine, caused by the poor circulation of certain parts of the brain, causing increased intracranial pressure. It also improves memory and helps to recover. And concepts of Chinese medicine in the head are energy meridians located on them biologically active points, regulating the functioning of various organs. And the head massage helps clearing the energy channels of the head and the stimulation of active points that support the human body in a healthy physical and mental state.

Brain development. Superman

This note describes the fundamental results of long-term studies of brain cells, which are radically changing ideas about the possibilities of the brain.

These results — lead to a real revolution in the physiology, psychology and pedagogy. These data formed the basis for a new periodization (stages) training — klassmirov used in the system WORLD.

The last decade of the twentieth century, not for effect called "the decade of the brain." The nineties were marked by major discoveries in the sciences of the brain, and one of them can be plainly distinguished name, and even revolutionary. It is in line with developments in neuroscience, as the discovery of hemispheric specialization, made about 40 years ago, Roger Sperry, or the discovery of the neural structure of the nervous system, perfect at the end of the nineteenth century, Santiago Ramon y Cajal.

It turns out that we are not born with a ready brain. More precisely, with the ready, the final number of neurons. They grow up with us at any age, even in 80 years. So all this talk as if every year we have the brain irreversibly dying a million nerve cells, and if the "nerve cells do not regenerate" — all this is absolute nonsense that someone invented a long time ago and no one knows what inspired credulous humanity.

In the course of many decades, it was considered axiomatic that a person is born at once with all your brain cells. "The bones and skin cells divide and multiply, causing tissue and grow. In the circulatory system, and in any organ — also, and only brain cells do not divide and are not updated, and live this once and a monastic life. The only thing they can do is to establish new relationships with each other using the finest processes, dendrites, and special areas of contact — synapses. And the rest — one indiscriminate death. "

And all that has strongly revised and we are just witnessing the painful breaking of established views. Facts that lead openers normal brain cells — their birth, growth, reproduction, and death — these facts are so obvious that they could not ignore, and, especially, to reject. And supporters of the traditional theory does not deny. They only say that these facts until they are convinced that they need evidence povesomey. Enthusiasts of the new approach does not argue: in evidence any weight they have no shortage.

Morten Raastad, a neuroscientist at the University of Oslo, a great connoisseur of the history of science, said that a situation similar to the present, science has not evolved in time, so that one day even the delicacy of Max Planck had to cry in public: "To approve the final new theory, it is necessary that all supporters of the old theories have died! "

About 20 years ago, a young physician William Shankly, was an intern at Boston University, pointed to a pile of dumped in the corridor of cardboard boxes. Shankly looked into one of them gasped. There were samples of brain tissue and the slides from the collection of Dr. Jesse Konela. Shankly asked not to throw away the box and send it. He was soon absorbed in reading the eight volumes, which succeeded in publishing the late Konela and to Shankly that nobody looked, and his eyes appeared the following picture. Connelles, working neurologist at Children's Hospital in Boston, studied the brains of children who died from accidents and illnesses do not affect the brain. He managed to do more than 4 million measurements of neurons in children aged from a few days to 6 years.

The measurements were made with a 1939 to 1967-th. Computer at Konela was not, and count all the neurons he could not, he very accurately described all the vertical columns of neurons in each of the 35 areas of the brain involved in each age. In those years, neuroscientists have only begun to understand that much of the higher functions of the brain is determined by the structure of these columns, but Dr. Konela already put this principle as the basis of their research.

William Shankly, now not so young neurologist, decided at home, the University of California, Irvine, to repeat, or better, check all that Konela did not dream of such a technique, which has now been in the hands of his successor. Shankly discovered an amazing thing: children from the day of birth and up to three months, the number of neurons grew by about a third, and in all 35 areas of the brain. But then, between 3 and 15 months, it dropped to the original level. Lost a third of neurons! Then the number of neurons increased sharply, and by 6 years doubled. Shankly suggests that brain growth, although at a slow pace, extends to 21 years.

"The brain does not increase because the increase of existing columns, and because the added new" — says Shankly. The rapid growth of the brain during childhood and dynamic changes in its structure may explain the mysterious fact that children who have lost even a cerebral hemisphere, then live more or less normal life.
To measure that had Konela and repeated at the computer level Shankly, hard to find fault. But skeptics still niggles. "Maybe it's not the neurons grow — they argue — and glial cells, their feeding. We must once again how to check, and where they come from, the neuron "? "From the same place and all — from the cerebral ventricles" — responds to skeptics Steven Goldman, a neurologist at Cornell Medical Center in New York. Just Goldman investigated tissue samples extracted from the brains of patients with epilepsy, and found in the ventricles of the myriad of progenitor cells, ready to turn into neurons. "I think — he adds — it is time to think not about whether there is anything in reality, but that can be learned from this for medicine"!

Exercise is very important not only to maintain good physical shape, but can also stimulate brain activity. At least that is the conclusion reached team led by Fred Gage of California, which studied the rate of generation of new nerve cells in the brain of mice. In the group in which mice actively mastered the maze, the number of new brain cells twice that in mice, leading a sedentary lifestyle. Scientists explain this effect, not least increased blood flow to the tissues of the brain. However, it remains unclear how the activity in this case it means — because the animals in the experiment to separate the physical from the mental activity is difficult. So it is unclear what to do with new people for fouling brains: Cool bike or solve crossword puzzles?


Three levels of the senses

Development of the senses is a separate area of study at the school. Considerable attention is paid to the susceptibility of the body as to what is going on outside, ie development of external sensory organs, and to what is going on inside of us, that is, development of the internal organs of the senses.
In the development of the senses can be divided into three levels:

1) improving the sensitivity and sensitivity of existing organs;

2) the development of additional functions of the senses — for example, feel, taste and smell of leather, with one touch of the fingertips to the silver spoon allows you to experience an odor and taste of the silver metal.

3) development of additional senses are not characteristic common man (what is called the 6th sense, the third eye, etc.) — those of the senses, which are traditionally considered to be psychic. For example, for the operation of the "third eye", a concerted effort is needed in a special mode of the brain, the pituitary gland, hypothalamus and pineal.
In the beginning it is necessary to develop what we already have (level 1), and with vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch to get as much information. The more information we receive and analyze, the more we will develop other senses (levels 2 and 3).

Thus one of the most important principles in the work of the organs of sense perception is the complexity of the world, which is necessary for the harmonious development of the brain. The sense organs are the tools that deliver information to the brain about the processes inside and outside the body. If one develops some specific senses and their corresponding brain centers, then there are various developmental disorders of the brain, if one part of the brain works, and the other not, as a result it hypertrophies, and the rest nedorazvivayutsya. And the greater the imbalance, the greater the deviation. This is similar to the balance of the general physical and spetsialnofizicheskoy training. Some parts of the brain nedorazvivayutsya, and this leads to consequences that people just do not expect it.
Need to learn how to use the centers in the brain senses that, first, to level the balance of all brain senses, secondly, to increase the sensitivity of all of these functions.

Exercises for the development of the senses, outward

Smell — a very powerful tool that can be used not only to distinguish odors common in the air, but also to feel that it would seem impossible. The sense of smell can also be turned inward, to recognize bodies, status, etc. In view of the fact that the sense of smell in modern humans are poorly developed, respectively, some parts of the brain are also underdeveloped, and as a result of thinking and analytical functions of the brain begin atrophy.
To work with all the senses of smell and in particular, you must first relax the neck, head, all the muscles. If in this case we will start to sniff, a sense of freedom and expansion in the nose. With all the senses is important to listen carefully to them. It is important not to concentrate, focus and blur. And do not be surprised if there were not the feelings that you were expecting.

Feelings of many bodies may not appear in the sense of smell, because we are not all able to perceive odors. They may appear in the sensation of taste, images, etc.

Hearing — the instrument is not less important than all the other senses. Rumor also need to be developed, the task of the practitioner is the same — to find a state where all the sounds are perceived at the same time, certain sounds do not stand out from the general background.

View — and here, too, the principle of all the surrounding community. Do not look at one thing, do not get hung up on one thing, and to blur the view, and try to absorb the surrounding immediately. Frog eyes — all fixed or relatively fixed hardly perceived. Against this background, movement, or any manifestation of activity is instantly noticeable.
When people are new to the development of the senses, to listen to the feelings, he begins to distinguish between something that previously he could not feel. So the brain starts to produce these feelings, which he considers the most coincident. Much he begins to treat yourself to your body (for example, a man was taken to hospital as a result of ill with all diseases). However, with constant practice, the brain is beginning to distinguish what belongs to him, and what is not. Constantly confronted with new experiences, he after a while they will be able to identify, classify, and sort "on the shelves."

People used in the analysis, all broken down into small pieces, each individually analyzed, then it all add up. So people listening, for example, a lecture, let him hear his own heart, and many other sounds. With age, the habit takes root isolation, and because the brain is feeling worse and worse.
Catching up, we should strive to the state when seen all at once. When working with the senses, attention will constantly jump from one object to another, lose the big picture. Dealing must "catch myself" on it and return back to the state where everything is perceived simultaneously. Our brains need a huge flow of information than it is, the calmer will work your brain and it will not have time for "introspection".
And then the brain itself are all defined and placed on shelves. And the answers to many questions will come themselves.

The development of the senses, inward

In addition to those experiences that are generally accepted, well-studied medicine, which we perceive the outside world, we do not perceive a less complex inner world.
The human body is penetrated by a network of various receptors that are listening to the inner feelings.

Organs of internal secretion on the one hand act as senses inward, on the other hand, as an instrument of the brain to control the body. Many inner feelings we can not be taken, but the brain of their records and analyzes. In order for them to start work properly, first they need to be put in working order. In particular this applies to the thymus gland and the pituitary gland, as they begin to fade faster than others.

Every person with certain exercises can restore normal function to its energy-structure (so-called aura). Get the necessary bio-energy security, the body's cells regenerate. Restore function of the affected organs, and then the entire body. Disappears chronic fatigue syndrome, slow down the aging process. Retreating incurable diseases. Special exercises activate the brain centers responsible for biochemical processes.

Which develops direct and biofeedback in the body, restores the function of life.
In general, there are many methods enhance the basic functions of life, including massage, reflexology, etc. However, many of these methods are limited by their nature, they do not give the desired results because of the short-term effects on the body. For some time, it may be an improvement, but soon the body again destabilized.

The reason? Need a special mechanism, a kind of tool that can enhance the inside restoration of disturbed functions. After all, with all the major pathologies severe violations are not outside, but inside the body. More precisely — in the mind. This tool is now known, one can discover in his body a unique provision, learning to create the necessary communication and interneuron including optional work in certain parts of the body and brain. In parallel, the development of intelligence and ability. Strengthening overall health, added vitality, self-confidence, new perspective in life, is reduced drug and alcohol dependence.

Concentration at the point

The task of the exercise:
Concentration is an important part of the training, as it allows to significantly expand the number of directly perceiving consciousness information. In the first phase — due to compaction through tapered sector perceptions. On the second — after initial contact between the areas of consciousness, the subconscious and the superconscious and the subsequent expansion of the system of crystal orientation, through the projection of infinite phases. Point at the center tapering and expanding cones, combined with the outer world and the inner world, is the center, divided by the perceived part (external makroproyavlenie) and inner spiritual part (the starting point).

The technique is

1. Focus on a point located at a distance from you two or three meters long, until you notice that there is around a dynamic phase — the phase of the glow.

All material in the world is created from the concentrated light. And you see now is the same light that is everywhere, in everything, and that never goes out.
See further, trying to avert his eyes from the glowing light dots, and you'll see how close to the point there are several bright areas, and will begin to move faster and faster around the glowing center.

2. Point of information came in arousal, and around any energy that passes through the mind of man, acquire properties and ability psihofizichnosti create another level of reality.
At this point, black point, as it were separated from the sheet of paper in the background there is a sense of open space and depth. Point just hanging in the air and even under the influence of thought can change your location.

3. At the next stage, the concentration on the black dot is better to replace a focus on bright spots (white, yellow, gold, silver, etc.). Working with bright points has the feature — if there is a concentration of flicker. The object appears and disappears. And around him, too, there is light shining crown — that is the area around the point of getting a lot lighter than the rest of the list. She just glows. This means that under your eyes light is concentrated, condensed, he becomes a sphere. He seems to be transferred to the stage of the corpuscles (stopped light), being an invisible objects of the world — atoms, molecules, etc.

This is the mechanism of manifestation unmanifested. This exercise is also useful as a prevention of strokes.

This exercise was taken from the book
"A system of abilities"

Author: Arkady Petrov

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