Secret knowledge of the Dogon: who flew them from the star Sirius?

October 31, 2011 21:51

Dogon.  Africa.  Photo: From the site

Dogon. Africa. Photo: From the site

Astronomical discoveries of thousands of years the Dogon priests of the African people are still shaking ethnographers and paleoastronomov.

In southern Mali in inaccessible plateau of Bandiagara in the jungle a French expedition led by anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterle in 1931 suddenly opened the Dogon people. They are so interested scholars that Griaule and his colleagues studied these amazing Africans already to 1952. But what was surprising: living in complete isolation from the outside world, the Dogon from generation to generation for thousands of years passed ancient astronomical knowledge, which while even modern science can only guess.

For example, the theory of the "Big Bang" that gave rise to the development and expansion of the universe, astronomers debated to this day. A priest in the 1930s, told researchers: "In the beginning of time, the almighty Amma, the supreme deity, was in a huge rotating egg, which originated in the center of a tiny seed. When it grew and burst, there was a universe. "

Look into space without TELESCOPE

But one of the most exciting discoveries of the Dogon — that is, information that is the brightest star in the sky and in the constellation of the "Big Dog" Sirius — is a system of four stars! Moreover, the closest companion they call the "On", which means grain of millet — tight grain. "This star has an incredibly heavy, dense metal, such that all earthly beings, together, would not be able to pick it up," — they told French ethnographer. "In" or Sirius B (stars with "close relatives", such that they do not get lost, call the letters of the alphabet — A, B, C, etc. — Ed.) Astronomers finally just looked only at the beginning of the twentieth century, but also found that it is a white dwarf — a superdense star goes out. Even if we assume that the Dogon telescope was two thousand years ago, how could they know that there is a "heavy star"?

In the 1950s, some astronomers surmise about the third satellite of Sirius, but were ridiculed colleagues. It was only in the late twentieth century, scientists clearly using powerful telescopes and precise mathematical calculations confirmed the discovery of the illiterate and ignorant people of the African jungle.

This is evidenced by the latest "directory components of binary and multiple stars", drawing from the work of astronomical satellite «Hipparcas». And the head of the astronomy department of the State Astronomical Institute. Sternberg Valentine Esipov:

— The fact that Sirius A is Sirius B became known only in the first half of the twentieth century. It is 1,000 times weaker neighbor and invisible to the naked eye. And only recently, astronomers discovered that the star was twofold: beside her opened Sirius C and D, which rotate around its own center of gravity.

Fantastic! Who was the teacher of Dogon? Judging by their myths, — newcomers to this "dog star," which they were told more about the moons of Jupiter, the spiral structure of the Milky Way, about the rings of Saturn and a lot more interesting.

BEFORE Noah was the ark of the Nommo

So one of the myths of the Dogon reminds one of the well-known Bible stories, which passed from mouth to mouth long before the Bible. This is a story that from Sirius to Earth in Africa thousands of years ago flew a god Nommo the ark full of different animals and plants that resembles much later story of Noah's ark.

Here is what we read in the records of Griaule, "Dogon tell about three touchdowns" Angel "Wow from the constellation Sirius. And the first arrival is not even fit on the surface of the planet, as it ended in the transformation of the ark Wow … the Earth. For his second space travel Wow built the ark much smaller. As the draft for him, he used the grain "in" — the language of the Dogon means grain of millet, and in a broader interpretation of "on" — is the smallest particle of matter, there is an atom. In other words, a second ship was on Wow nuclear propulsion. On this second visit to the Dogon also bind the whole story, which in combination with rock paintings of their ancestors can be interpreted as the basic principles of starting and landing of spacecraft on the surface of the celestial bodies. For the third time during landing ship Wow crashed.

After that, the era of another "angel" Nommo, whose task it was — the Earth was populated by people. Nommo built the ark more complex ships Wow, consisting of two parts, separated by 60 compartments. In these compartments Nommo put all the animals and plants that were to multiply on the earth. And besides, in the ark were "four pairs of twins, that is, eight parents." They were like amphibians — half — poluzmey with flexible limbs without joints, red eyes and a forked tongue.

Then the ark Nommo went down to Earth "copper chain." However, the landing was not too successful, as the "Ark slipped in the mud," and the work he had a hole in the ground filled with water, thus creating Lake Debbie, located to this day on earth Dogon.

Paintings of ancient Dogon.  Photo: From the site

Paintings of ancient Dogon. Photo: From the site

Nommo leg, foot on the ground when he came out of the ark, left trace copper sandals. After him there, who were in the ark, left only two of the first compartment 60. After that, the same "copper chain" ark was lifted back into the sky. Why the crew did not release all the compartments — is unknown. And they were — too. Obviously only that flew Nommo from Sirius in order to check-earth, and it is in Africa. "

Recent paleontological studies support this myth: in fact, the first people arrived on the continent. Preserved murals in churches Dogon: the trajectory of interstellar flight — a curve, entwine constellation Sirius and Earth.

Maybe these myths explain the mystery of the origin of life on our planet?

Expert comments


Director of the State Museum of Oriental Art, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Svetlana Y. Berzin:

-For the first time on the basis of study of the French expedition Dogon connection with the cosmos heard in the books Eric Gere "Essay on Cosmogony dogonskoy ark Nommo" and Robert Temple's "The Sirius Mystery" in 1975 and 1976. Scientists were severely criticized. Since all thought that Marcel Griaule misunderstood stories Dogon: after translating it into French African, not very well knowing dogonsky. That is, there was a double and not a very accurate translation.

YO to specialists who study the culture of Africa, the Dogon are interesting primarily because they have for centuries to preserve the traditional way of life: they do not affect any settlement, no civilization, no Christianity or Islam. Now their numbers — more than 600 000 people. And while they are not in many years, "mature enough" even to the level of the state, the social system of the union of tribes been established ideal. This is an extremely rare case.

We have recently received information that the Dogon — the descendants of one of the people who lived in the once green Sahara, had its very high civilization at the turn 2 -1 millennium BC and departed for Niger because of desertification in the area. So for ethnographers remain mysterious Dogon people, but not in connection with the cosmos.

Chief editor of the "Solar System Research," MSU Alex scarce:

-Can aliens called Sirius B the smallest and heaviest star, probably because they knew of the existence and smaller, and much more dense and heavy stars. And why are they Dogon reported only four satellites of Jupiter, while by now sixteen, and they know there is no certainty that the final number? Dogon astronomy closer to that though quite developed but earth astronomy that they could learn, for example, Catholic missionaries "White Fathers."

Could the Dogon see these satellites by sharp vision and clear sky? Hardly. To see Sirius B through glitter Sirius A, we need at least a 100-inch telescope.


Astrologer Alexander Velichko:

— It is hard to believe that the missionaries are on duty are called to spread the Christian faith among the Africans, suddenly would read them lectures on astronomy and illiterate overtake them carefully memorized.

Ph.D. in Philosophy Vladimir Rubtsov:

— A complex system of Sirius was known not only in Africa. Tishtria name of God, personified by the ancient Iranians Sirius, goes back to the Indo-European terms, means "three stars".

Writer, researcher unknown Gleb Dorovsky:

— Sirius is linked Dogon Sigi national holiday in honor of their ancestor Nommo, came to Earth from the star. Carrying out every 60 years ceremonies Sigi dogonskie priests associated with a period of Sirius B around Sirius A, which, according to the Dogon and modern science, is 50 years. In the reasons for discrepancies of these two figures the researchers could not understand. But the fact that the Dogon both cycles — heaven and earth — are rational connection, the researchers believe. Since virtually every Dogon can take part in this celebration of a time in my life, this is his only "heavenly" birthday.

At each ceremony, Sigi produced huge "Kanaga" — wooden bird mask, which is then stored in a special place. Elementary counting the number of masks is the beginning of the celebration of Sigi approximately 1300 BC And according to other sources, and even earlier. So Dogon astronomical ideas are really, really old.

Paleoastronom Vladislav Zinchenko:

— Dogon knowledge of the Sirius star system — not the first evidence that the Earth flew extraterrestrials. For example, the ancient Germans claimed that their ancestors came to the "flying towers." The Incas left the legend of the "gold ship", who came from the stars. Recently in Egypt have found ancient paintings, which show quite modern helicopters and planes, and figures of Assyria — even the image of the tank.

From the archives of the "KP"

Australian Aborigines SEEN soars "EUCALYPTUS"

Recorded at the end of the 1 century ethnographer Catherine Langlo-Parker Aboriginal myth tells of the event, surprisingly reminiscent of a modern multi-stage rocket launch: "… Going to the edge of the valley, they saw his companion on her other side, near the river. They shouted at him to stop, but he ignored them and kept walking, until he came to a large white eucalyptus. Here he fell dead, and next to it the people saw a black creature with two fiery eyes. It raised the dead man at the tree and thrown into the hollow. Hurrying through the valley, the people heard a deafening clap of thunder that struck, fell to the ground. Rising, they were surprised to see that the giant eucalyptus pulled out of the ground and carried through the air on the south side of the sky. They noticed four fiery eyes, sparkling from the tree … "

Is not it like a modern space technology: a hollow-hatch, the thunder starts and four fire engine nozzle of the first stage?

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