Secret Symbols of the Dollar


Whatever you say, and the money — it's not only the life but also a sign of wealth and power. Proud of its outstanding fellow citizens, almost all countries of the world represent their portraits on the money as a form of such pride.

Prior to the first third of the XX century on the money, mostly coins depicting only crowned heads of states and rulers, but then the situation changed. Coins were produced, not only dedicated to outstanding personalities, but also memorable to certain anniversaries. Today we tell about the secret signs and symbols that are put on the banknotes and known for a very small group of people …

In a number of states on the money put some secret signs and symbols are not in the usual sense to improve the quality of protection against counterfeiting. This so-called Masonic symbolism, originating according to legend, from the time when Hiram, king of Tyre, sent to King Solomon of Israel masters and materials for the construction of the "Great Temple" of Jehovah in Jerusalem. It was then that the first-ever "free masons", or Masons, in the service of "God's chosen" people, was a whole system of signs and symbols, allowing them to learn in any setting like-minded.

In Russia, the beginning of the XX century there were secret mystical Masonic society "Golden Dawn", which consisted of the Baltic barons and nobles of Germany and Russia. Even the Queen Alexandra occasionally attended meetings and it was there met with left-handed swastika ("suuvastikoy") — the character that she portrayed in 1918 on the wall of a house in Toboshzhe during his imprisonment. The swastika, but with the opposite direction of the rays, was the emblem of the "Golden Dawn". It is interesting to note that the threads of the "Golden Dawn", as well as another company — "Bayatzhum" — were drawn to Germany, the so-called Termanenorden ", from which later emerged the bed" Tula "and the party of Adolf Hitler.

In addition, there are common roots in the occult Nazi and Soviet symbols: the swastika has moved from secret societies to banknotes of the Russian Provisional Government, which were issued before the spring of 1918, and then was used in the poster design of the Red Army. And although we have not caught it, has become well known as the official symbol of the Nazi Party, on the other hand, good to see the five-pointed star was decorated in the early twenties, not only Budenovka and caps Red Army, but also the shape of Hitler's storm troopers, who wore a pentagram on the lapels of their clothes.

This is probably explained by the fact that, despite the obvious differences in ideology, until the German invasion of the USSR in the country were trained by German military specialists, manufactures equipment for the needs of the Wehrmacht, and so on, because there were involved in a completely different not accessible to the uninitiated, principles, goals and objectives.

The most fully reflected Masonic symbolism found in the United States, which by the beginning of XX century was the center of world concentration of capital. On the back of a one dollar bill, made by order of the U.S. Vice President Henry Wallace Russian emigre-theosophist Sergei Makronovskim (aka — Nicholas Kericho) and introduced into circulation in the late 30's, there is a whole bunch of Masonic signs and symbols and above all the annoying repetition of the number 13, which, according to the teachings of Kabbalah means 13 degrees of initiation.

In a narrow sense, thirteen — the number of degrees of energy and transformation of man. In a broader sense, thirteen stands as a symbol of incompleteness of the world and its needs to be predvodimym certain group of people, the "top", as the only superpower at this he finds the integrity and avoids the danger, which is also symbolized by the number 13.

In the left corner of the bill above the inscription «The greal seal» («The Great Seal") placed an image of the Masonic truncated pyramid consisting of thirteen brick tiers, where every brick is a separate nation or state, with its coin, symbolizing the unity of all the money in the world, ranked in hierarchy that defines the top of the pyramid — the Masonic triangle with glowing eye of the Great Architect of the Universe.

This symbol is crowned with a Latin inscription ANNUT COEPTIS, consisting of thirteen letters and a distorted quotation from Virgil: "Be supportive of bold initiatives", which clearly emphasizes that only the "Chosen One" destined to rule the world.

A truncated pyramid is at the Masonic symbol of the concepts of the world order established by the "Freemasons", thus expressing the idea that Freemasonry is predetermined role of the ruling clan. This again is confirmed by an inscription in Latin: NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, located between the base of the pyramid and the inscription of the "Great Seal". Her translation says about a "New Order for the ages."

In the right part of the bill an eagle bearing a shield with thirteen stripes (light and dark). And, surprisingly, in his right leg, he holds an acacia branch with thirteen leaves and thirteen buds open flowers. But acacia, as we know, is not only a sacred tree of Freemasonry, which allows to open the tomb of Hiram, but also symbolizes the strength and organization of the Masonic tradition, the possession of secret knowledge, the ability to resurrection and immortality.

In the left foot eagle holds a bundle of 13 arrows, symbolizing the knowledge and power, designed to subdue, and if necessary, and destroy the enemies, so ideally each of the thirteen arrows threatens one of the thirteen storeys, forming a pyramid of enslaved humanity. In a broader sense, arrows represent success, which should be accompanied by progress toward the ultimate goal of global "new order for the ages."

In its beak eagle holding a ribbon with the traditional Masonic slogan again of 13 letters: "E PLURIBUS UNUM» («Of Sets — One") According to the Masonic doctrine based on the ancient materialist theories of the origin of the world, and it was only the beginning of the "One" which subsequently collapsed and continues to decay until now to "set" of various creatures, objects, events, types, categories, etc. Therefore, the ideal goal is to destroy the "set" to eliminate the wealth of diversity inherent in the people, their traditions and cultures, for the restoration of an updated "One".

Above the eagle is a six-pointed Star of David, composed of thirteen Masonic five-pointed stars and symbolizing the "reconciliation of opposites" reconciliation "of heaven and earth." In this case, it represents the ideal erasing wealth differences that exist in the world. To make sure the focus of work to transform a variety of "sets" in the impoverished uniformity "One", does not necessarily delve into the archives. It's enough just to look around.

World War I crushed four empires that have resisted the expansion of supranational capital. After the Second World War sovereignty of every day are more and more threatened, as the process of systematically destroying the last reserves of the identity of peoples and their cultures.

Today, the world is united not only usurious exploitation networks and transnational corporations but also to the world of the Internet. In almost all countries, people drink the same drink, consume the same food, "fast food", wear the same clothes, paying tribute to the dictates of another fashion, listen to the same music, which dissolve the last remnants of original folk music, despite the abundance of TV channels, watch the same mind-numbing program, film or advertising, which serve as a supplement to the rapid punching faceless and obedient mass of zombies, corroding from the minds of the people, even the slightest hint of its national identity.

This explains why in the center of the bill drafted by the motto: «IN GOOD WE TRUST» — «In God We Trust." In what kind of God believe these people, I think, do not have to explain.

"Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism" № June 2013

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