Secret testimony astronaut G. Cooper, recorded the alien radio transmissions

November 26, 2011 14:46

UFOs and aircraft — photo

Rough silence information about UFOs is not in the interest of the authorities. And they themselves initiate dosage leak. As well as the creation of numerous films and computer games on the "alien" theme. For what purpose? It is possible that humans are preparing for the upcoming open contact with intelligent beings from other parts of the universe …
The fact that the astronauts during their flight observed a UFO, well known. However, researchers have collected information about this literally bit by bit. Somewhere astronaut let it slip. Someone accidentally had access to classified documents or specially climbed into a closed computer network.

 Some meticulous ham recorded talks with astronauts or official television broadcast from orbit. This, of course, crumbs compared to that accumulated by official agencies. But even they are joined together, lining up in a very interesting picture.
The very first American astronaut John Glenn, who made 20 February 1962 on "Mercury-6? three turns around the Earth, said that during the flight of his ship followed by three bright objects. After a while they picked up speed and overtake him.
Curious reporters this observation was explained simply and clearly: "small flakes of sewage output capsule." Why are they suddenly picked up speed, did not explain.
I must say that at first the "explainer" not particularly excelled — "and will do so." For example, images of luminous objects in the background of the cosmos, made "astronaut N2? Scott Carpenter ("Mer-curies-7?, May 24, 1962), some experts confidently commented as" dirt on the porthole ", others — no less categorical:" thrown bottle. "
In April 1962, during his record flight at high altitude aircraft X-15 Joe Walker filmed five disc-shaped UFO, long step formation accompanying him at the height of 47 kilometers.
Pictures reasonable explanation was found, and for journalists simply declared fake.
Three months later, a rocket plane, piloted by Robert White, again drew the attention of unknown objects. At a height of 95 kilometers, they flew to the X-15, and for a while accompanied him.
Future astronaut (in June 1965 the first of White Americans will be released in an open space) filmed "neighbors" on the film. Again, there was a low-brow explanation: "flakes of ice."
However, interest in flying grew, and soon the whole army radio, tuned to a particular spacecraft, eagerly catching every word sounded in the air.
To avoid unnecessary problems, the Mission Control Center in Houston had during the negotiations with the astronauts and then go to the "bird language". In particular, the unidentified flying objects that have been observed from orbit, code-named "Santa Claus."
First used it during the session astronaut Walter Schirra ("Mercury-8, October 3, 1962.), Which saw a huge glowing object over the Indian Ocean. This fact is reported in a few years a renowned expert on NASA space radio, one of the creators of communication equipment for the lunar program "Apollo" Maurice Chatelain.
In his book, "Our ancestors came from outer space," published in 1975, shortly after the "Moon" program, he admitted that the unidentified flying objects controlled nearly all space flights Americans. Regarding the origin of UFOs, Chatelain is sure extraterrestrial.
Extremely interesting video made with "Shuttle" during its docking with the space station "Mir".
This official television broadcast have intercepted by a special dish to one of the American UFO-radio in May 1997. The screen is perfectly visible, as in the Russian station and then there are unknown objects, luminous pulsating light.
They move in different directions at different speeds, some do maneuvers. For fifteen minutes shooting scene was at least nine sites. I have the feeling that this is not a desert space, and busiest airport …
Part UFO impression vpolnematerialnyh "metal" balls (they clearly visible shadow of the sun). However, the vast majority of the objects look like fireballs. They glow, as if enveloped in plasma, many pulse.
Some sort of materialize, appearing out of nowhere, and after some time become invisible. Ufologists believe that these balls act as robotic probes and run from base ships to monitor the Earth and near-Earth space.
Generally speaking, the astronauts observed UFOs are not too diverse in form. Most often it is the balls, much less — cylinders, "cigar", discs, triangles. But sometimes in the viewfinder come very unusual instances.
Especially impressive shooting "plasmoid" made the crew "Discovery" expedition during STS-48. Frames with this "inexplicable cosmic phenomenon" in its time, even broadcast on Russian television.
Clearly shows how gigantic writhing glowing "caterpillar" swims against the "Earth." According to some UFO researchers and contactees, this unique survey captured the so-called "plazmoidny" ship — alien technology is very high.
Not all astronauts are willing to talk about their encounters with UFOs. Why? Neil Armstrong in response to the request of our diplomats to tell what they really saw on the moon, answered laconically: "We also gave a subscription …".
True, there are those who actually saw anything. And their testimony skeptics used as proof of the absence of UFOs. A fun logic: argue that there is no forest birds, because the last time, "barbecue" sorties they caught my eye …
However, many retired, lift the veil of secrecy. So it was, for example, the legendary astronaut Gordon Cooper. Here are excerpts from his interview:
"For many years I have lived in an atmosphere of secrecy surrounding all specialists in astronautics. But now I can say that in the U.S. a day passes without detection UFO aircraft radars and space tracking stations …
Some of us (astronavtov. — Ed.) Were able to observe a UFO from the ground or aircraft …
I believe that extraterrestrial aircraft and their crews are visiting Earth, fly to other planets, which are obviously more advanced than ours …
There are many qualified people who saw alien ships, and in some cases also the aliens themselves …
I also saw a very unusual event — here on Earth. It happened a few months ago in Florida. I saw with my own eyes clear-cut a patch of soil, scorched by fire, with four prints of the supports.
It was left to an object that is stranded in the middle of the field. Being out of it — there were fingerprints to prove it.
They seemed to be leading topographical survey, collected soil samples and, in the end, returned to the ship, which flew away at incredible speed. Authorities concealed the incident from the press and TV …
There are thousands of stories of witnesses and many documents to prove it (the presence of UFOs. — Ed.), But no one wants to make them public. Why? "
And that's the plot. Why, indeed, in spite of the stories the astronauts themselves, and many numerical photo, film and video materials, this topic remains "unopened".
In any case, the official agencies: NASA, the military government. Do tens of thousands of other compelling UFO sightings are not interested in power? Do not believe it.
Indeed, the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations on the planet — the problem of the emergency category. Then what accounts for this conspiracy of silence?
Gordon Cooper have its own version of "The authorities fear that people might imagine God knows what kind of horrible space invaders. Their motto was, and remains, "We want to avoid panic at all costs …".
I think the real problem is that the authorities do not know how to recognize the fact that they lied to for years. "
Trying to solve the problem, Cooper turned in 1978 with a letter to the UN: "I think we need a coordinated program for the collection and analysis of scientific data coming from all over the world to develop the most user-friendly way of making contact with these visitors.
First, we must show them that we are before you enter into the universal community, themselves learned to solve our problems by peaceful means, without war. Recognition on their part would be an incredible opportunity for our planet to progress rapidly in all areas …
If the UN has decided to take on this project and to recognize this phenomenon, many qualified experts decided to talk about it publicly, and to provide assistance and information … ".
But it was the "voice of one crying in the wilderness," and later, Cooper says, "I wrote a letter to the UN, because I thought that this is the best organization would seriously consider the cases of detection of UFOs.
I still think that we need to centrally conduct these investigations. But today I'm not sure that the UN is an organization. They do not take into account the opinion even astronauts. We have to create their own organization … ".
Yet the fact that yesterday was a mystery, today is the public. Someone explain this by saying that the astronauts, including civilian, and therefore has a lot to hide their observation becomes more difficult.
Someone thinks that the reason is the increasing availability of information through computer networks and the latest technologies. And someone suggests that the authorities were forced to weaken the reins. First, lie all the more dangerous.
Among the many UFO researchers with high skills, and to deceive them difficult. Secondly, it is harder to link the next lie with the previous. Perhaps, therefore, the authorities now are looking at the revelation of astronauts overlooked: not encouraging, but not pursuing, as before.
To get involved in discussions about the dangerous powers that UFOs are not going too: you will either lie again, or disclose the truth. And they seem to have chosen the only correct tactics — do not respond to such messages.
You do not. Do not deny or confirm, not to give any official explanation. In an extreme case, if very prizhmut, sluggish and unintelligible mumble something about "the difficulties of analysis due to lack of sufficient reliable information."
However, there is another opinion on the disclosure of UFO evidence in recent years: a gross understatement of information about UFOs is not in the interest of the authorities. And they themselves initiate dosage leak.
As well as the creation of numerous films and computer games on the "alien" theme. For what purpose? It is possible that humans are preparing for the upcoming open contact with intelligent beings from other parts of the universe …

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