Secret Weapon spondylitis

February 9, 2012 18:50

The death of the great Russian scientist Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev, is among many other things the physiology of higher nervous activity, is still shrouded in mystery.

He died on December 25, 1927, poisoned canned food. This absurd and sudden death caused a lot of rumors and legends. According to one of them, especially Bekhterev was poisoned by the NKVD, as shortly before he inspected Stalin and diagnosed him with "paranoia." A completely different version of the death spondylitis expressed in an interview with the magazine "Technology Youth" Rudolph Balandin writer Gleb Anfilov.

According to his hypothesis, the death of spondylitis was directly related to his work in the field of "ideological weapon."

It all started with the animal experiments conducted jointly with the Bekhterev trainer Durov. These experiments consisted of performing animals mental experimenter wishes. The scientists then tried to find some kind of radio wave, which is "in charge" broadcasting thoughts. Therefore, the first attempts were not very successful. However, further Bekhterev was able to connect their own development in the field of "crowd psychology" with the latest engineering. This happened in 1925.

As set Bekhterev in the team there is a strengthening of suggestion, and, most successfully influenced by emotions. Here, the case has reduced spondylitis Kazhinskim Bernard, author of "biological radio communication." Speaking Kazhinsky took from spondylitis idea of the emotional crowd control, and he, in turn, gave the idea of technical amplifiers mental signals. Just at that time, have the opportunity to develop spondylitis this line of research with the participation of the State Experimental Institute. The group included two engineers of the Institute — Astafiev and Arenberg, and another engineer from his institute and one older brother Kazhinskogo. This Somebody, originally from the Germans, was often on business trips to Germany and brought out a first class radio equipment, ostensibly for medical experiments. There is every reason to believe that he was working for German intelligence, which is very interested in the Soviet experiments in thought transference.

According to the hypothesis Anfilova based on interviews with former employees spondylitis, in their group quickly stood out in two directions. One of them — the transfer of thoughts and emotions at a distance, that is, telepathy, headed Kazhinsky. We have managed to achieve some success, mainly broadcast emotional states.

Another line led Someone. It used to instill a common radio or microphone. Revealed complex signals a certain rhythm, causing listeners slight hypnotic state, increases suggestibility .. First on these hidden signals react only a few, very pliable, and after that there is a process of mutual induction, characteristic of the crowd. People are so enchanted state in which Bekhterev called "hypnotic charm." After some time, the nature of the signals changed, so inspired by the idea fixed in the subconscious. Therefore, this method was used in a similar way in demonstrating sound film.

The resulting experiments "ideological weapon" should be used internally. If usually psychological weapon aimed at suppressing the enemy and disorganization, it is, on the contrary, was to mobilize and inspire their own. In fact, it was a weapon to subdue their own people. It does not create not only docile crowd, but the image of crazy — just crazy, beloved leader. About this application Bekhterev first have foreseen. But from the first successes of the who — the employee reported to the appropriate authorities. Ideologues quickly appreciated this opportunity.

In early 1927, Someone suddenly disappeared, likely fled to Germany, taking with him the secret of the company. This, at least, much explains the similarity of political situations in Russia and Germany at the time.

Bekhterev was under the gun of the NKVD. Moreover, the authorities have not experienced it needs, because the method has been worked out and tested. Could only put it into life. This is likely to opposed Bekhterev. Then it was taken ..

The version of the secret weapon spondylitis helps a lot to clarify the history of XX century. Of course, in the old days, there were many times the mass psychosis.

The cult of personality — also a very common phenomenon. But how could it happen that at the same time in the two neighboring countries have little to each other similar nations rapidly entrenched cult of the two dictators, very different manners, character and beliefs? And is not the deciphering of the fact that in the period of the beginning of their rise to power were conducted successful experiments in the field of collective reflexology, biological, radio, hypnotic telepathy. Almost all of the participants in these works, or mysteriously disappeared or were repressed or simply killed.

From that time, however, under the first volleys of psychological warfare, first in certain cities, and then to the vast expanse of the epidemic began maniacal cult. Is it too much of a coincidence to assume they are random?

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