Secrets of Helena Blavatsky

November 21, 2011 1:47

"My childhood? It pampering and pranks on the one hand, punishment and bitterness on the other "

In 2011, celebrated 180 years of the birth and 120 years since the death of Helena Blavatsky — one of the most controversial figures in world history. Her fame has long died down, yet she was still arguing. Who was she really? Distinguished thinker, writer and religious studies? Medium and psychic? Adventurer and a fraud?

 Elena was born in Yekaterinoslav (now Dnepropetrovsk) August 12, 1831 in a family of nobles. Father, Peter Hahn, served in the military and moved permanently to the battery from place to place, the family wandered in after him. Elena's mother wrote novels and even the nickname Russian George Sand. From early childhood, Lena surprising people: heard voices, saw the strange dreams, communicating with invisible beings. Household frightened her fantasies and attributed their vivid imagination girls. She grew whimsical, capricious, not once was caught in a lie, but always bent his line. "My childhood? It pampering and pranks on the one hand, punishment and bitterness on the other "- so sparingly Blavatsky wrote of himself in one of his letters.

LOVE — Nightmare

At 17, the young lady jumped hastily married to the vice-governor of Yerevan Nikanor Vasilievich Blavatsky, who was more than twice her age. What prompted a grown man to marry anemone, wrote in his maiden diary: "Happiness is a woman — to gain power over otherworldly forces. Love is just a bad dream? " And from what she had to rush to the altar? Whether luck governess, who in the heat threw extravagant young mistress, with such a character that her marriage is not shining. Whether she wanted to become independent. Anyway, three months after the wedding, Helen ran from Yerevan to Tbilisi to her grandmother, where he announced that to commit suicide if her back.

Family decided to send a fugitive to his father in Odessa, but she sat on the other ship and left for Istanbul. There, she quickly ran out of money, and to make ends meet, she labored rider in a circus. More humiliating lessons for noblewoman not come up, but Elena has always been against the current. In Turkey, she met old friend Countess Kiselyov, who invited her to travel with his own expense. Why would such generosity? Blavatsky agreed to perform an extravagant whim Kiseleva and all the way done in costume. What follows from this, history is silent, but, we think, a curious reader himself everything guess.

Helen has traveled many countries: Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Greece, Germany, and France. In Cairo, allegedly met with some occult teachings derived from the old Copt. There's something, and came to the conclusion that attracts people all illicit and incomprehensible, and to get power over them, you become the owner of the secret knowledge.

Catcher and BEAST ON RUNS

In 1851, HPB was in London, which hosted the World's Fair. Her guests were delegations from different countries, including those from India. On his 20th birthday, Elena met the teacher — the great Mahatma named Moriah, who until then was constantly in her dreams. He gave the girl to realize that she had been chosen for a great mission and should now devote herself to the new case. Again, all this with the very words of Blavatsky, and what was in fact — a mystery. The next seven years — continuous gaps in the biography of Madame Blavatsky. She herself told me a little about this period, there is not no letters, no memories. Or it will destroy them? According to biographers, she traveled from country to country (Canada, USA, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan), until he found himself in Tibet, where she had touched secret knowledge of Tibetan lamas. "I was like a dream! We were there for about two years, receiving a monthly cash (not having a clue on whom they are) and in good faith by following this path. " Finally, after ten years of absence Blavatsky returned to Russia in order to sow seeds in the native country of true knowledge.

But excuse me, this is a fairy tale, nothing more. Afford such a trip twenties? Yes, and how much money, because the journey — not a cheap pleasure. There is evidence that all this time inspired person does not leave Europe, and, moving from one city to another, engaged in dubious profession, earning a living.

Secrets come out

From 1858 to 1866 Blavatsky spent at home. General Blavatsky, the lawful husband, made no effort to return to his wife in the bosom of the family, and it was left to its own. That was visiting relatives near Pskov, then jerked to St. Petersburg, then waved to Tiflis. There, in Georgia, she allegedly had a hasty affair with Estland Baron Meyendorff, Nicholas, from whom she had a son George. At the birth of a boy was seriously injured and crippled. Later Blavatsky strongly deny any involvement in maternity, arguing that raising an adopted child. Moreover — and everywhere go on about their virginity, and even asked to provide help. Yet between her family and a crack, and she hurried away, as usual, at the border — for the secret knowledge … In fact, fled to Italy for the famous opera singer … Agard Mitrovic. Next in her biography again some white spots. In 1867, Yuri died, and, as if to escape the boredom, she joined the squad Garibaldi and even participated in battles where injured. Then, heal wounds, rushed to the East. After crossing the Himalayas, was in a Tibetan monastery, where, under the expert guidance of Buddhist teachers began to comprehend the esoteric knowledge. In late 1870, allegedly returned to Europe — to sow reasonable, good, eternal. But murder will out, detractors insisted on his version all the time Helena Petrovna and her Italian friend held in Ukraine — in Kiev and then to Odessa, which, as you know, has always been a haven of criminals. Lovers badly needed, and Helen made a living making artificial flowers and selling ink. Finally lucky, Mitrovic was invited to the Cairo Opera House. On his way to Egypt ship exploded — transported in the holds of a large quantity of gunpowder. The singer died Blavatsky miraculously survived. From Paris, she sent a letter very curious gendarmerie chief of Odessa, which clearly expressed its readiness to perform duties overseas secret agent. This information is quickly sold abroad, and esoteric career "Russian spy" could put a cross.


Blavatsky did not give up. Helena Petrovna moved to America, where he tried to restore the tattered reputation — has written a book "Isis Unveiled" and the famous "Secret Doctrine," and at the same time created the Theosophical Society. Blavatsky's doctrine was based on three pillars: the creation of universal brotherhood without distinction of race, religion, gender and race, the study of ancient and modern religions, philosophies and sciences, the study of unexplained laws of nature and psychic powers latent in man. The latter Blavatsky knew firsthand. From a young age involved in spiritualism, read the letter, without printing them, move things look, divined the thoughts of others. However, later it was discovered the note, in which it explained in black and white, how to arrange this or that "phenomenon".

However, the Theosophical Society was gaining momentum: the fanatics who want to find a spiritual guide's and stand under any, even the dubious banners, full at any time. Blavatsky talked about in the press, she has received many invitations. But she was not the same: tormented old wounds, because the chronic nephritis swelled and swollen hands and feet, knees were amazed arthritis, and every step was hard. She had, it does not provide a sophisticated manner, and in the last years of his life entirely to the waved her hand. Wear old clothes, somehow cleaned hair. Spoiled and character — was bile, poisonous, does not shun strong language. The portraits of the time we see a sick woman with tired extinct hard look. Blavatsky suffered not only physically: Russia does not accept it, the West rejected. And then there's the scandal followed scandal. Her former supporters suddenly made sensational, and it was a blow to the heart. His health was completely undermined, and in 1891, Blavatsky died.

Well, if Helena Petrovna and led a double life, the fate of revenge on her for everything.

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