Secrets of lost civilizations

November 20, 2011 0:32

Not, perhaps, in the world of any nation, which would not be a myth or a fairy tale about a dragon who had to give not only the animals, but also people. In Native American legends have survived the invasion of the land of monsters, dragons, destroyed civilization ancestors. Therefore, those who are called gods Vedas-Nagas, most likely, were dragons, flown to us from Venus and colonize Earth. Remember the serpent people depicted in the halls of the Egyptian pyramids and the serpent in the biblical myth, the temptation of Eve, the forbidden fruit. Apparently serpent people and dragons — are one and the same. How many came to us legends of heroes and heroes battle with these monsters?

Sanskrit sources call them Nagas — this is the snake-gods living, according to legend, in the underground palaces. Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia — everywhere people talk about the same, about dragons, which had to fight as an impossible to pay tribute was no way. Russian word "fight" (compare the "dragon") suggests that the original battle was only with dragons. It is no coincidence one of the values "dragon" — Satan, and the same sound of the two words in different nations, suggests not so much of a single origin of the crop, but about a single real story. Description of Chinese legends horned dragon named moons coincide with descriptions of biblical horned Satan. Rule in ancient Greece archon named Dragon, known in history for his brutal laws, was provoked by Satan especially since all began to think that the draconian laws existed only during the above archon people just forgot about the open slavery Humanity in the Age of Atlantis.

The civilization of the conquerors

Apparently, the colonized lands, these forces continue to destroy all remaining asuras and their supporters, but left all that unsustainable and aggressive. They did not take the Atlanteans, who went to self-destruction. They did not take ape civilization, which, according to figures on the stones of Ica was cruel slavery, as well as those people who deify dragons egipetyan, Chinese and Africans, one of the first to accept the worship of the moon (the dragon), while on Earth widely spread out worship of the sun. All this may seem a bad science fiction, it seems at times fantastic description in the Old Testament, all kinds of monsters, but in reality, most of the writing in the Bible — the truth, although many contemporary Christian theologians believe the presentation of the facts of allegory.

Are there traces of the "gods of the conquerors" on Earth? Unfortunately all the twisted history of humanity — are all consequences of the conquest of the Earth civilization dragons. First, the forces of Satan could not manage to subjugate humanity, as people followed the solar cult and refused to change his religion and language. And only last 3-4 thousand years they have managed to completely eradicate the cult of the sun, worshiped by our ancestors and change it to "moon cult" or worse yet, a complete lack of faith. With all nations, completeness switched to the cult — have already disappeared. Curiously, in the Battle of Asuras with the "gods," as reported "Vishnu Purana", the last first lost the battle, and then they turned to Vishnu with the following prayer: … "Thank you, who is one with the Serpent Rasoyu, bilingual, rampant, cruel , insatiable in pleasure and abundance of wealth … Thank you … O Lord, with neither color nor extension, any of the approved quality "… and Vishnu came to the aid of the gods. Next, like the biblical legend "about seduction by Satan (Serpent) Eve to eat an apple", but here is a seducer Vishnu, who persuades the asuras reject the Vedas and as soon as it is made Asuras, the gods they were immediately won.

The civilization of Atlantis

During the existence of Atlantis, perhaps most strange time in the history of our planet. Myths of different nations tell us that at this time reigned monkeys, while others argue that, after a fiery crash ruled dragons. But all right — this time the greatest diversity of civilizations on our planet.

In 1902, the eruption of Mont Pelee in Martinique (Antilles) to destroy all life, but life quickly returned to the island. Now, however, was a giant: the vegetation, dogs, cats, turtles, lizards, insects — all have large and continues to grow from generation to generation. French research station installed on the island to study this phenomenon, determined that the growth of the animals was caused by radiation of the resources that were made eruption. The head of the station Jules Carver himself grew by 6 cm, and his assistant, Dr. Rooyen, who was 57 years old, 5.5 cm Desyatisantimetrovaya lizard "ldoruy" has become a half-meter killer. The phenomenon of abnormal growth stops immediately as soon as the object taken away from Martinique. After the fall of radiation monster began to decrease in size. Is it not this phenomenon is explained by the Renaissance reptiles known among the various peoples called dragons and monsters? When in Antarctica, scientists have discovered a frozen dragon, they decided that the glaciation occurred in the Mesozoic. But it was 30,000 years ago. Remember the findings of the American expedition of Admiral Beyerda in 1946-47, which is mentioned above. At one of the Ica stones engraved figure dinosaur, attacked by two hunters. This engraving belongs to the era of Atlantis, which replaced asurskoy civilization.

Coming out of the cave people first began to gain height, but because of the small air pressure is born again he lost. Replacement of destroyed biosphere engaged survived in caves asuras. They recreate it, at least for 5,000 years. This is a huge time was due to the fact that as soon as the increased biomass of the biosphere, which used water from the oceans, as there is growing concentration of carbon dioxide in the water. He stood out in the intense atmosphere of the greenhouse effect, and the torrential rains started, grow into the next flood that destroyed all recreated. The era of the Atlanteans — the first civilization in the last 10 million years, which began to build their cities on earth. However, not all followed suit. Found in North Africa, underground city, falls into the era boreytsev because the size of rooms more suitable for their growth. This is how the system of tunnels beneath the Sahara English writer and traveler John Wellard in his book "The Lost Worlds of Africa" (The book "Secrets of the Millennium ', Moscow, 1995, Around the World):" The system consists of a set of parallel and intersecting shafts referred to herein as "fogtaras" … Despite the fact that they are similar in appearance to the irrigation tunnels in Persia (which are still in use), the construction of another African … Inside the main tunnels have a size of at least 4.5 meters high and 5 meters wide . On both sides of the main tunnels depart side shafts that connect them to the main underground artery. Many of these remnants of ancient structures are not known, although hundreds of tunnels are still visible. Traces over 230 tunnels with a total length of about 2,000 km. "

Atlantis existed between Europe and North America, the first recovered from the shock caused by the planet, and gradually extended its influence to the whole planet. But the terrible environmental conditions that existed after the nuclear disaster, spawned violent morality which persisted even after the restoration of the biosphere and it is to this day.

Atlanta, taking draconian morality, disintegrated into many peoples, nations, and races. They had no choice but to be in these conditions conquerors. It was at this time there was slavery. Having conquered almost all continents and partially restoring its former power, they are, according to Agni Yoga, Wiman moved on their speed of thought anywhere in the world to make its next villainy. Ruthless exploitation of natural resources of the metropolis, which built more and more of the city, has generated a lot of environmental problems, which gradually developed into eco-climate catastrophe. At this time there are many predictors, warned the then Humanity of possible global cataclysm. But the rulers have been deaf to their warnings and, according to Agni Yoga, for this kind of prediction was even put to death. And, according to Plato, for 9,000 years before Christ there was but one Deluge, which was to happen in these conditions. By the way, do not forget the current situation, when the leaders of several countries dismiss such problems. While it is very likely that the Flood was triggered again by the war between the two races, of which he writes, referring to "Puranas", EP Blavatsky ("The Secret Doctrine"). In the "Agni Yoga" EI Roerich about the event reported that the Atlanteans were killed because they possess tremendous energy crystals.

Ecological and climatic catastrophe

Our civilization is somewhat repeating the mistakes made by the Atlanteans. Therefore, it is appropriate to describe in more detail the cataclysm threatens recur to those who suddenly appear to be his witnesses were able to survive. Continental will cause showers to come in every continent stress in the earth's crust, and earthquakes that destroy not only human civilization, but also will cause irreparable damage to the biosphere. Where here to sit in the bunker! Destruction and fires at chemical plants, explosions and accidents at nuclear power plants and military facilities to make the planet a radioactive and change the chemical composition of the atmosphere so that not only people, but also many species of animals and plants will not be able to exist. In Russia alone in the arms race has accumulated about 50,000 tons of chemical agents, which it intends to eliminate 120,000 tons, and it has already likvidirova but rather buried. U.S. has no plans to eliminate its chemical potential agents, which is not inferior to the mass potential of Russia. But for that would poison all life on earth rather just 2 tons. And in the case of floods and earthquakes all fall into the biosphere.

There is no need to hide from the people the truth about what is going on with the atmosphere and the planet's ecology, the fear that the information will cause a panic, are untenable. In terms of ecological and climatic disaster, when high winds and muddy streams of boiling water will absorb more and more victims, the people will not need any bags of food or boxes with values. And in the flooded plains, cities destroyed by earthquakes and raging oceans, people will not be able to find a safe haven. In these circumstances, values, pushes death will endurance, strength and knowledge. In the event ahead of us useless individual salvation. What will be expected of those who for some reason can survive and adapt to the new conditions? Without housing, farming, no pets? In the constant struggle with the elements and the cold, in a very unusual for our planet's climate, landscapes of mutilated? Only diseases, mutations, craziness! Therefore, there are only two ways: to prevent an impending disaster, or at least reduce its destructive force.

Raising the temperature of the planet is due to the flow of carbon dioxide of human origin (2×10 to the power of ten tons) responsible for the greenhouse effect and thermal pollution (70% of energy consumed by humanity is dissipated as heat to the surroundings.) Ocean pollution waste civilization (as Elisabetta Borgaze dumped into the oceans every year 20 million tons of waste) enhances the absorption of solar heat (albedo) of ocean water, and it helps to warm-up. Temperature increase is also due to reduced forest cover, metabolizing excess CO2. According to Tibor Bokach, for 70 years has been destroyed 70% of the forests, causing widespread soil erosion. In Europe alone, the wind blows into the oceans every year 840 million tons of fertile soil in Africa 21 billion tons, not better in America and Asia. Blown as dust gets into the soil of Arctic and Antarctic glaciers, causing their melting. In order to melt the glaciers of the North and South Poles, is enough to raise, according to calculations Budyko, the average annual air temperature of 2 degrees. Started now melting ice caps release huge amounts of methane frozen in ice (the following expansion of the biosphere asuras). According to Soviet glaciologists, three water molecules, there is one molecule of methane. It is easy to reach the ozone layer, as it is lighter than air, methane rapidly destroys it than rigid solar radiation increases and stimulates the further melting of the glacier. Therefore, the ozone hole is often observed over the Antarctic and glacial mountains. Spreading to the continent, the ozone holes cause death, disease, and mutations in all living things and lead to large-scale forest fires.

All of these reasons include two positive feedbacks. First, open, and Manabe Vizeroldom, due to the fact that as the absolute humidity of air temperature increases. This causes the growth of moisture (due to evaporation), which generates a temperature rise. And the second link: with the growth temperature of the ocean from it starts to separate carbon dioxide, which again causes a rise in temperature of ocean water. Now if 10-20% of the solar energy is used for atmospheric turbulence (wind), and the rest is spent on evaporation, the temperature rise of the ocean, according to the observations of the Earth Institute, the power consumption on the turbulence increases 4-5 times and with the energy for evaporation. In this case, the evaporated water will be carried away by the winds on the continent, where there will be heavy rain storm, and over the oceans will always remain for dense steam. Under the rays of the sun ocean becomes a "boiler". Hurricane-force winds and torrential rains washed away all the soil, it will be enough for 400 mm of precipitation per month. Rainfall is twenty times larger and about 8 meters per month.

The only way to avert a looming environmental catastrophe ical climate — is to stop deforestation and stop polluting the environment, first of all — the oceans. According to our estimates with AI Krylov, 1987 Biosphere entered a period of instability, which means that any subsequent year of human civilization can be the last.

In the time of Atlantis to the heavy rains and frequent flooding have all become accustomed. The destruction of their civilization and the burning forests of minerals led to the formation of excess carbon dioxide, the remaining forests were no longer able to absorb, and as a result of the greenhouse effect began warming the planet.

If rainfall is more than 5 meters, an earthquake, as the tension in the earth's crust causes recrystallization and compaction of the earth layers (this critical thickness is taken into account in the construction of water reservoirs for hydro power plants), which may result in lowering of the earth formations occur, which pressured water column. In times of universal flood occurred lowering entire continents. Bottom of the Atlantic Ocean is composed of a thin layer of granite. The transformation of sandstone granite caused excessive pressure. Sandstone is about 1.5 times less dense than granite, therefore, according to the thickness of the granitic layer, land subsidence occurred almost a kilometer. There was chetyrehkilometrovaya wave — it was just this high, since Noah's Ark has been found on Mount Ararat is on this point. This wave went around the globe, wiping out cities, forests, country, destroying all life and carrying away soil. Mankind has once again been thrown into the stone age. Restoration of the biosphere spread over 600 years (the recovery time of the soil). The bulk of the remaining Chchelovechestva was prevented from farming. Agriculture remained only in places where the wave carried the soil, mainly in tropical and subtropical lowlands, such as the Ferghana Valley, Mesopotamia, the Nile, the Ganges, Mississippi, etc.

Comparing Indian and Mayan calendars, A.A.Gorbovsky concluded that the crash lasted for 110 years, that is, Flood (precipitation-tectonic cycle) took place every three years, to be replaced in the winter, which lasts about three years, and so 36 times, until the excess carbon dioxide was absorbed recovering biosphere.

Borean civilization of giants

After the death of the era Borean Atlantean civilization, which lasted about 8,000 years.

At unprecedented for us was at the height of boreytsev biology, especially selection. In the late 80-ies of the century French paleontologists have found in Madagascar epiornisa skeleton — the ancient bird, about twice its size exceeds the highest modern ostrich. At the foot of the giant bird found a bronze ring with mysterious signs, ie Borean scientists studied the life and migration of birds and animals. Even the Egyptians cultivated a special kind of flax, not survived to our time, to 1 kg of linen stretched thread length of 200 m For comparison, advanced technology of the same amount can pull the thread up to 60 m fiber Subtleties Egyptian, we can not reach up to so far.

Adopting the best of the asuras, boreytsy succeeded in breeding animals. We have heard stories of Pegasus — the flying horse (in Russian Humpbacked Horse), the centaur — a creature with a human torso and a horse's head (the Slavs Polkan, ie half horses), the Sphinx — a man with wings and a lion's torso and a number of others, considered mythical characters. Most likely, this is really living in the distant past substance. We find them a description of almost all nations of the earth. Can not all the people coming up with the same! We must assume that these creatures were obtained by the recently discovered phenomenon of biological induction. It manifests itself in the fact that the child is at an artificially inseminated women like not the father, but in fact a man with whom she lives under the same roof. Moreover, a child can be like the first man a woman with whom she was, but for some reason she married another man. It is no coincidence therefore white women and black children were born men, though they have a family guy was not. Just before this woman was living with a black man. Similarly, if kept together horses and giant birds (last giant birds to feed the cows and having a wingspan of 6 meters, shot off in the 18th century), then the horse can be born Pegasus (Humpbacked Horse).

Another example of ancient superiority over us — their knowledge of astrology. Some schools of this ancient science is still hope horoscope based 12 planets (which includes the Moon and the Sun). If the ancient Romans knew only five planets visible to the naked eye: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, — that in ancient astrology have recently discovered Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have been correctly calculated the orbit and are three planets that astronomers that our periodically open, they forget about their existence: Proserpine, Vulcan, Black Moon. In Avestan astrology called as much 16 planets.

Some simplification of ancient ideas occurred as knowledge loss. Facts such as the burial of the deceased household items and jewelry, do not follow the primitivism of the ancients, and of imitation. As we know, the Egyptian pharaohs and Aztec supreme rulers were embalmed without violating the integrity of the body (as was the case in Tibet and Egypt, where through the anus removed all the innards, and the body of a thin layer of gold — and gets a statue.) Dalai Lama Tibetan funeral can not be attributed to the process of embalming. And Tibetans and Egyptians knew about reincarnation. It is quite clear the Tibetan tradition of creating a kind of history of leaders, emphasizing their continuity. Egyptian tradition is not to judge as straightforward and requires reflection. Of the more than two dozen Egyptian pyramids, only three have a size of 100 meters, and unlike the others, they are not painted inside. According to V. Avinsky, the three pyramids were used for other purposes, but they were used as tombs for their pharaohs, but they were built in the time of Atlantis. And this conclusion can not agree. Their huge size due to the fact that the Atlanteans themselves were enormous. Pyramid could be used by them for the "abandonment of deceased" of his contemporaries in the future.

In our time, known for dozens of cases detected in the quarries immured amphibians, mostly frogs — and even mammals that have hit the stone bag many tens of millions of years ago. As soon as they were released from the stone prison, they came to life. February 9, 1856 "Illyustreytid London News" reported that in France for laying underground railway tunnel between Saint-Dizier and Nancy was released from captivity huge prehistoric stone bat with a wingspan of 3 meters 22 centimeters. She let out a few screams and died. Moreover, repeating the natural experiment — is specifically trapping a frog for several decades, U.S. scientists were astonished frog alive. That is a bricked-up state of the organism can be kept unchanged for millions of years. That you could not know the ancient, the whole process of embalming is very similar to creating stone bag, several stone coffins in the form of the human body are inserted into each other like Russian dolls. Apparently, Pharaoh agreed to move into the distant future, embalmed and supplied with everything you need, it will take them after recovery: cutlery, set of clothes, jewelry — that they did not feel the need to wake up of distant descendants. But the future will not respond properly to the message of the ancestors. Moreover, falling more and more in ignorance, were put into the grave utensils for all indiscriminately, thinking that it is useful to them in the hereafter. The absence of figures in three large pyramids tells us that they are likely to have been destroyed. And before they were placed sarcophagi volunteers who decided to bring his knowledge to us, and was depicted on the sarcophagi revival rite which the Egyptians embraced our civilization, as a rite of embalming.

Cause of death Borean civilization is still not entirely clear. The last legend is not described serious military conflict or disaster, except the flood. But some light on the mystery of the Bible sheds when describing sent down to Earth pestilence.
As you know, the Black Sea inhabited by only 100-200 meters depth, and further there is poisoned by hydrogen sulfide water. Hydrogen sulfide is usually emitted by the decay, when the remains of animals and plants are being demolished in the seas and oceans. After the flood in the shelf zone are intensive decomposition processes that make life impossible there, but after a few decades of the sea and oceans clean. Cleansing is mainly due to the activity of mollusks (no DC entering the water remains of animals). Since the last flood was already about 7,000 years, and the Black Sea has not yet been cleared. The assumption that the hydrogen sulfide zone is the result of the formation of the Bosporus and the mixing of fresh water of the Black Sea, which was supposedly fresh-water lake with salty waters of the Mediterranean, looks quite convincing. The Baltic Sea, for example, also half freshwater mixes with salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but there does not die freshwater fauna and flora and the hydrogen sulphide zone has not yet arisen.

Pestilential cataclysm

Maybe there was a war as a battle mage who sent against plague on the whole country and the state? Ancient sources replete with such examples as the gods intended to help disperse the enemy forces. For example, in the era of the Roman Empire, the Romans tried to capture the ancient city Magrip located close to Carthage, but the troops could not even approach the walls of the city, because Roman soldiers fled in panic. Nothing unexplained migrations, it can be caused by a curse area, after which her man can not live very long. These areas include all areas of endemic (local) disease, found nowhere else, with undetected carriers of the disease (the so-called filterable virus) or areas with a stable defect, such as homosexuality.

If it were a plague, caused by the magicians, the Black Sea for a long time to clear from the get there dead animals and plants, and it can not be cleared for more than 7,000 years. So there was some other reason. This reason could be chemical or biological warfare that caused the sea of people who lived in the area between the Dnieper and the Don and in Palestine. The chemicals that fall into the sea does not give the marine fauna and flora, clean Black Sea. This act has been committed by a sudden, all living in this region of the Earth died. Processes of decomposition of the remains, changing the gas composition of the atmosphere, called greenhouse effect and led to the heavy rains, which escalated into a worldwide flood. As a result, the oceans rose by 6 meters and the gases released from rotting corpses were quickly washed by rain into the oceans (according to geological data, previous deluge raised sea levels by 20 meters). In the Sanskrit text "Samhara Sutrathara" says chemical and biological methods of warfare. "Samhara" was a rocket, spraying chemical and biological agents, leading to the appearance of deformities, and "moss" — weapon damage which entailed a complete paralysis.

Perhaps Atlanta made hostages to their offspring through boreytsev arms race. After all, even the accumulation of weapons of mass destruction can result in a world tragedy. For example, Americans decommissioned nervnoparaliticheskie toxic substances buried in the Atlantic Ocean. Oceans annually by processing ocean gruntoedami soil (mainly bacteria and primitive invertebrates) are lowered by one centimeter. If the thickness of the walls of the containers, one meter — easy to calculate that for 100 years gruntoedy corroded wall deadly container, and 50-70 years of XXI century, mankind awaits a plague, which is described in the Bible. Life in the oceans will be destroyed. Poison gas composition of the ocean will change the gas composition of the atmosphere, the grass all life sulfide, increasing the greenhouse effect and the hydrologic cycle of the planet — will not begin until the Flood and sediment-tectonic cycles. Maybe Atlanta with such containers and destroyed their descendants — Boreas? But, perhaps, the result of the death of the Atlanteans was any new war with the use of, for example, geophysical weapons? Maybe boreytsev ruined all the same civilization dragons destroyed the Asuras?

Biblical civilization winners

After the last flood, people have had a big increase (4-6 meters) and the number of people saved it until our time. On the last of the giants said Magellan, he saw them in Tierra del Fuego during his world tour. Our ancestors preserved not only growth, but also many of the achievements of their culture. However, he could not destroy the flood, destroying the forces of Satan. During the early Christian people still knew that the Earth is not flat, as taught us scholastics, and the round and revolves around the sun and the Milky Way is a set of inhabited worlds. These views were common, as they are found in many ancient authors: Aristotle, Anaxagoras, Metrodota. If the medieval cities in England, France, Spain and Germany were built without a plan, over 2500 years before the birth of Christ, for example, Mohedzho daro and Harappa were located in what is now Pakistan, planned no worse than modern Washington or Paris, the streets were straight , there was a system of water supply and sanitation, bricks, which were built from these cities was refractory.

Central heating with hot water, was invented in the XVII century, until that froze all of Europe during the cold seasons. But over 4,000 years before, in the homes of the wealthy Koreans were spring room, heated by hot air circulating through pipes under the floor. A similar heating system was among the ancient Romans. We have heard evidence that in Babylon, using road signs and even in ancient Rome were traffic controllers, who "rush hour" a one-way traffic. It is known that in ancient Antioch had street lighting.

In the museums of Egypt in 1972, put up a lot of objects found in the sarcophagi of the pyramids, is a model of different gliders, airplanes, hydroplanes. They are made of wood and have been preserved in the pyramids because of the dry climate, there are models made of gold. Mapping Antarctica Piri Reis map was produced at a time when she was free from ice. The accuracy of it is that according to a number of cartographers create it without aircraft impossible.

But the ancient Egyptians could not just fly. For a number of the surviving written sources, we can conclude that in ancient Egypt used steam chariots, and Heron, an engineer from Alexandria, created a steam engine, which combines the principle of the turbine and jet engine. He also became famous for the invention of the speedometer. In medical Egyptian papyri the eleventh dynasty, refers to a specific type of mold blooming on stagnant water, which is prescribed for treatment of wounds and open sores, that is, for 4,000 years before Fleming, people knew about penicillin. The Chinese Emperor Qin Shi (259-210 BC), the descriptions of the chronicles, was a "magic mirror" which could enlighten the insides of the body and used to diagnose diseases. Vikings during their voyages using solar stone, which changes color when he was sent to the sun, even on cloudy days.

Ancient superiority over us, we can see even in the knowledge of the ancient Greeks, are the remnants of knowledge boreytsev. For some reason we believe a priori conviction that our civilization is superior to the Greek. But based on the remaining evidence miracle — that belief is not true. Thomas Andrews, in his book, "We are not the first" (published in the "We") found that in ancient Greece there were computers and robots. Even in the Middle Ages famous magician Albert the Great created a robot maid who could accomplishes actions beyond the power of modern robots. Estestvennoo worked this robot is not just a mechanical principle. Back then it was to create such a thing is possible, because in the books on magic was inserted as nonsense and lies. Another well-known mysteries of ancient Greece, which is Greek fire? It was a lot of speculation about its nature, but most researchers agree on the opinion that it is combustible substance similar to napalm. It seems that the nature of the fire much more difficult.

Has become talk of the town "mistake" of Aristotle, who correctly counted the number of legs of flies. Instead of six, he somehow got four. I think he was right, and flies at the time did have four legs. But due to his passion Greek fire, which taught them how to get priests, flies and other insects have undergone massive nuclear mutations and were about six limbs. Similarly, the six-legged cow is born, horses and pigs in the Chernobyl disaster. Perhaps an ancient Indian legend of the city, located at the foot of the Hindu Kush mountain range, in which, according to legend, lived six-armed people show the actual events that were the consequences of radioactive mutagenesis. Unknown to us descriptions of the technical achievements of the Greeks because "caring hand" time burned "unwanted" books in various countries, and in the correspondence of our wise ancestors of books that have to be done every 400-600 years (the period of the existence of the book) are more ignorant descendants often missed strange places.

In "Tablets Varihamiry" (550 g BC. E.) The dimensions of the atom, its modern assessment of the size of a hydrogen atom. In the holy book of the Quiche Indians of the "Popol Vuh" reported that the man was a precursor ape. And in ancient Greece Anaximander wrote that proroditelem man had the fish coming out of the water.

On the iron bird flies ancestors of Greeks — Hyperboreans. Radiation, electricity and eternal lamps, found in the tombs have been known not only to the Egyptians, and Greeks. Old Aryan people, according to the Mahabharata, about three thousand years ago had a vehicle "Vimana" which allowed flights accomplishes not only on Earth, but in space. Although the exploration of space was very difficult thing, because the forces of Satan constantly thwarted it. They continue to obstruct and now, in our time, by interfering in the affairs of NASA and Baikonur. As mentioned above, our ancestors possessed nuclear weapons. Sodom and Gomorrah — the city is not Borean, and our civilization, that is, local nuclear war taking place everywhere in the world has some three thousand years ago.

Especially a lot of descriptions of flights in Chinese chronicles, as in the days of Emperor Shun (2258 — 2208 BC) were known not only aircraft but his parachute. Hindu Ramayana written monument describes "vimaana" as a double-deck aircraft with round portholes and a dome. Legends about visiting the moon described by many people, but it is curious again mention in the history of Chinese astronaut Hu Jie (2309 BC), the time of Emperor Yao, that during the flight to the Moon, "he did not take the movement of the sun." This is an extremely important statement confirming his story, because in space one can not see the movements of the sun.

And the further we look back thousands of years, we find that amazing achievements of our civilization. Where are all the same ancient achievements, legacy of our civilization? Over the past 2,000 years, during which Christianity had already occurred 11,500 wars. How, then, there were over 7,500 years of our civilization? The forces of Satan always taught people to fight and now a lot of people can not be attributed to the form of "reasonable man", and — "belligerent man." Every war impoverishes society in terms of culture, science, intelligence and creativity. Take, for example, Nazi Germany, who defeated in World War II. As a result of its defeat was forgotten a lot of the medical, scientific, technological development — not all fall into Allied hands, but this is a topic for another conversation. A number of human and some of the sections were anathema: eugenics, serology, anthropology, which the Germans emphasized the (modern serology as anthropology, can unfortunately be called only as an introduction to the science, the German scientists were able to describe the types of 11.000 people, from which the rest).

The main thing that happens after every war — erased the history of nations. And now on Earth there is not a single country, no nation, no people with accurate, truthful history. But information on the cultural and scientific achievements erased not only in times of war. Throughout recorded history of mankind is constantly going destruction of libraries. Famous collection of Pisistratus (VI century BC) in Athens was completely looted, accidentally survived two poems of Homer. In Memphis, the papyri from the library of the temple of Ptah were completely destroyed. In the city of Pergamon (Pergamum kingdom in Asia Minor, II century BC) was destroyed 200,000 volumes and ancient scrolls. Library in Carthage the Romans razed to the ground, and then kept half a million ancient books. The same fate befell the library Bibrahte druids, now a French town of Athy. During the Egyptian campaign Julius Caesar burned the library of Alexandria, stores, seven hundred thousand scrolls, which list only one author with a brief biography of them was 120 volumes. Alexandria library was universitetoi and Research Institute. Pupils are studying mathematics, astronomy, medicine, literature and other subjects. For these purposes, the library had a chemical laboratory, an astronomical observatory, an anatomical theater for operations and autopsies, as well as botanical and zoological gardens, which involved up to 14,000 students. Such modern phenomena, our civilization does not know.

Libraries were destroyed and in Asia, in 213 BC, the emperor Qin Shiuhandi ordered the burning of the book throughout China. Books being destroyed in the Middle Ages the Holy Inquisition. They are destroyed and now: the recent fires in the Lenin and Saltykov libraries (which there are always some reason) have claimed thousands of ancient books. And how many people died of libraries with the disappearance of countries and empires which were only mentioned in the legends?

Unfortunately, the history of our civilization, which we conventionally call the Bible, much less known than the history of civilizations Asuras, Atlantis, and boron. We have heard information about Egypt, arias and Greece took lunar cult successfully engrafted by Satan. About States that followed the solar cult, which originated on Earth, until we did not get anything except the legends and a few references in the chronicles. About the European realm (Afro-Aryan people) Fomorskom (Finno-ungorskaya group) and Bulgarian (Slavic-Turkic peoples) kingdoms that existed long before Egypt, little is known. Because they were of the solar cult and subjected to the most careful destruction. The history of these super-state, as well as other developed nations, completely erased from people's memory. The last country to maintain the cult of the Sun, was Russia.

Mankind thinks of himself as a primitive stage, which is only in the last three hundred years has become something of themselves to represent. But it is not so! Human civilization was well represented on all continents, not only in Greece, Egypt and Mesopotamia, which at the time of its "golden age" in fact almost lost all of their achievements. But even long before this "golden age", our civilization was known not only in our own galaxy, but also far beyond its borders.

Solar cult deduced humanity into space and lets you communicate with other civilizations. As the Italian scholar and historian Kolossimo in his famous work "The earth does not know the time," south of the Kun Lun mountain range in the northern region of Tibet, more recently, people lived Sing Well, arrived there, according to legend, from Persia. On Tibetan chronicle these people possessed extraordinary science and flying to the stars, where he had his colony associated with the Earth on regular flights. To date, this nation has survived. In 1725, Christian missionary father Diopark visited the ruins of the capital Sing Well, where he saw the structure within which towered over 1,000 monoliths coated with silver plates, covered with strange characters, the fifth part of which he investigated. In addition, his father saw Diopark stone called by locals "lunar", brought to the "Stars of the Gods", representing a lot of unrealistic white framed reliefs with images of unknown animals and flowers. This fact once again confirms the faithful conclusion that humanity has some 3-4 thousand years ago, flew to the stars. Even if our civilization has had such ups in its development, the extent of our knowledge level of Borean civilization for us is not possible.

Why is humanity managed to impose permanent war? Apparently, the founder of the solar dynasty of kings and He is the father of our race — Vaivasvata name is associated with the beginning of our civilization and the beginning of new calendar (though I could not find the exact date of birth Vaivasvata, but judging by the calendar existed in Russia (canceled our Emperor Peter I ) and save so far in India, 7503 corresponds to the year 1996, ie Vaivasvata born 5607 BC), in opposition to the teachings of our ancestors, the new religious trends that came to us on Earth from space. The nations that have preserved description flood, his name is in different ways, in the Bible it is known as Noah. Maybe he just tried to revive the faith of their ancestors, rather than to destroy primarily egregore created conquerors. Because as long as it exists on Earth is not possible any constructions and acts. Most likely this delay gave the invaders a chance and they provoked a flood.

Last religion named as a mockery of the Christian (ie saving) because of the crucified Saviour, the very name symbolizes that anyone who tried to save humanity — crucified. Crucified but risen. Therefore, our civilization is called not just biblical (Christian), but also a winner. We have to come out the winner in this situation and we have everything to win.

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