Secrets of the CIA murderous experiments


The "MK Ultra" remains one of the most inhumane and outrageous ideas in the history of mankind and one of the small secrets disclosed by the CIA. It combines a series of experiments conducted in the years 1950-1970. Their goal — control over the mind of man with the help of drugs such as LSD and mescaline.

During the experiments, the subjects took psychotropic drugs that affect the mind, then their behavior is thoroughly studied. Subjects were not even aware that they are taking.

Quite often, the experiments ended in the death of the participants. Also documented numerous cases of severe mental disorders. Despite this, the CIA continued their cruel experiments as long as they have not been completely exposed. And as a result of twenty years was only a very small piece of useful information. That's why the majority of historians, politicians and journalists believe that the driving force behind the experiment was simple sadism.

The head of the project was assigned CIA chief chemist Sydney Gottlieb, who launched a large-scale experiments. Under the wing of the "MK Ultra" was created more than a hundred of affiliate programs.

The aim is formulated as follows: for the use of drugs and electricity to take full control of the human mind. Tools: artificial amnesia, erasing the old and the creation of new individual, hypnotic character set.

Initial studies justify the CIA's search for "truth serum" in order to apply it in interrogations Russian spies.

Guinea also became soldiers, prisoners, members of government organizations, the debtors. All of them are not even aware of the fact that the experiments were performed on them.

At the initial stage, the main focus was to study the effects of radiation on the human mind. But as time went on, and priorities have changed. Another main goal was to study the psychotropic drugs, including LSD. Development programs required to attract new "recruits" — they were selected among the military and the CIA. Often used as guinea pigs patients psychiatric hospitals (and with minor mental disorders, such as mild depression and neurosis), prostitutes and other representatives of the marginalized sections of society.

In their experiments (Gottlieb pleased to add an element of torture. According to the order of the subjects were administered doses of LSD horse. In one experiment, the "volunteers" took the drug for two months or more, resulting in the majority having persistent mental illness. Few survived.

Secrets of the CIA: geeks in white coats

Interesting fact: the longer the project, the more inhuman and inhumane methods of getting used "researchers". But even at that price experiments have not yielded any positive results. Nevertheless, continued!

That's just one of the typical examples of "Operation Midnight Climax". Recruited by the CIA in San Francisco initially sedated their customers, and then injected them LSD. Agents followed the further conduct of the victim. From this operation, as well as of the program was not extracted no useful data. There is no doubt that the aim of the experiments was to satisfy the infamous lewd interests of its leadership … However, it took more than a decade to stop this brutal machine that destroys people senseless and aimless.

It later emerged that the behavior of the project manager Dr. Sidney Gottlieb had already caused a lot of doubts. Ironically, the doctor took large doses of LSD. And while one after another facts to support a complete failure of the experiment, Gottlieb did not cease to insist that drug — the strongest weapon in the control of reason.

The fact of the futility of LSD as a substance that controls the mind, did not stop the team, "MK Ultra", which continued to put more and more dangerous experiments on their hapless victims. In some cases, conducted a drip mixture of amphetamine and barbiturate, resulting in came the confusion, and often death. In addition to LSD, amphetamines and barbiturates, the team of "MK Ultra" and began using other drugs, such as heroin, marijuana, mescaline and alcohol.

The most tragic consequences had experiences of Dr. J. Cameron, who put forward the theory of "mental management", introducing in the mind of man (or removing) some information. Here experienced paralytic

— gases and poisons used real torture: electroconvulsive therapy, prolonged pharmacological coma, sleep deprivation, repetition of sounds, and other amazing techniques for their brutality … It is not surprising that by the end of the "treatment" of surviving patients suffered irreparable damage. They have become incurable lunatics.


1974. The newspaper "New York Times" published an article on the history of two decades of "MK Ultra."

Were immediately requested by the evidence, but much of it has disappeared without a trace … To really never surfaced, many recording experiments "MK Ultra" were destroyed. However, the information was enough to realize how great the extent of lawlessness. More than 30 universities and other research institutions have been implicated in the brutal project. However, most scientists knew that the experiments are useless from a scientific point of view. But the CIA was not interested in their opinions.

The first official victim was named military biochemist Frank Olson, who worked on the production of a secret weapon. Without his knowledge, Olson was packed with LSD and committed suicide by jumping from the window.

1994. Olson's body exhumed. Examination showed that before the "release" of a dead man out of the window was a severe blow to the head and was unconscious …

Another well-known member of the experiment — a professional tennis player Harold Bauer died of an overdose of mescaline. How many unknowns? ..

After a series of shocking revelations of some CIA secrets the U.S. government has taken a number of investigations, which were opened during the new horrific facts of the experiments.

Trials of the victims of the experiment people continue to this day. What new inhuman experiments on human beings involved U.S. intelligence does not know yet, neither the government nor the press, nor ordinary citizens, some of whom are not even aware that already are objects of secret experiments.

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