Secrets of the Princess of Altai and plateau Ukok

February 19, 2012 15:23

Princess Ukok now kept in the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This was another reason for the protests Altai. They stated that the dumping 2.5 thousand years ago, a woman — the ancestor of the people, and demanded to return the mummy to the republic. In this part of the population expressed a desire to re-bury the remains. But scientists agree to return the Princess of Ukok not be completed earlier than the National Museum of the Republic and will be storage facilities for the mummy.

Representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences called then this discovery one of the most important in the world of archeology. Scientists have for the first time not only the remains of bones, and a well-preserved mummy, allowing study of DNA to recreate the image of people and furniture.
Academician Vyacheslav Molodin and Doctor of Historical Sciences Natalya Polosmak in 2004 was awarded the State Prize for Science and Technology for the "discovery of the new Eurasian civilization." However, local authorities insist archaeologists different claims, the essence of which was to ensure that the scientists' desecrate graves of their ancestors. " Explaining that the mounds are not connected with the modern population of the Republic of Altai, then received were not.

Meanwhile, one of the DNA research has shown that the body does not belong to the woman-Mongoloids (both modern Altai), and refers to the European type.

Detection mummy age 2.5 thousand years Polosmak expedition became a sensation worldwide. The Russian Academy of Sciences, called the discovery by one of the most important in the world of archeology. The excavations were obtained for the study not only of bone tissue, a well-preserved mummy. Thanks to archaeological findings became possible to study DNA to recreate the image and decoration of the people who lived during the Age of Empires and the conquests of Alexander the Great.

Riddles Ukok Plateau. Mysterious place Altai

This is probably the most beautiful and at the same time, a mysterious place of Gorny Altai, it is here in 1993 during archaeological excavations revealed a possible site location database ancient alien conquerors and explorers of our planet.

Highland plateau has long attracted the attention of archaeologists, but looking here first Scythian parking, dumping and unique stone altars of the ancient nomadic civilization. Even megaliths, is a kind of gateway to the Ukok in places where the river Tarkhata, pulled out of the labyrinth of gorges in the Kosh Agach steppe, ranked as the culture of the Scythians. According to legend, these boulders were brought here by the ancient Scythians for 500 kilometers and 8.6 dated century BC. One of them is in the form of chairs, strictly aligned to the cardinal, as the locals say, a cure for infertility. Similar, but smaller stones — altars, unknown religion scattered throughout the plateau, many of them in the store itself petroglyphs, ancient written characters, which owned the ancient Scythians.

And the summer of 1993 by archaeologists of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography in Scythian burial on a high plateau Ukok began excavations supposed ordinary stone mound located in the basin of the Ak-Alakha. However, as subsequent events showed, the excavations were not only ordinary, but instead led to a series of unique discoveries. The first thing that scientists have found in the permafrost, Scythian burial was male. As was customary in ancient times, to another world respected and obviously rich Scythian accompanied the "essentials": three horses, iron knives and pottery utensils. Scientists began to carefully remove the contents of the tomb, and suddenly under the first burial shows a second, and here scientists waited a sensation, under the floor were the remains of six horses in rich harness, and under them in the sarcophagus was a woman of European appearance, is not peculiar to the local residents. But is not that surprised the researchers, in front of them was a real mummy, and perfectly preserved. Surprisingly there was no limit, because the excavations were not in Egypt, India and Tibet, and the hard to reach a plateau of Gorny Altai. On the body of the princess 'Kadyn', as dubbed scientists showed a griffin tattoo made in the Scythian animal style.

Ukok Plateau.  Photo:

Unfortunately, for reasons that remain unclear excavations had to stop, perhaps because of disturbance of local residents claim that the dust was disturbed by their progenitor. Although this is extremely controversial, because modern Altaians, are Turkic peoples, and Princess has classic European look. However, despite the termination of the excavation, a unique mummy was taken from the Altai and taken to the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, after its restoration by scientists of the Research Center of Biological Structures (Institute Mausoleum) in Moscow.
Where is the birthplace of Princess?
But who has been living in this amazing woman, because its discovery is fundamentally destroyed the idea of scientists of the past inhabitants of Altai mountains, it turns out, there lived not wild backward tribes, and judging by the discovery of Princess Kadyn, there was a strong development of civilization. After all, the age of the princess, the researchers estimated in 3000 years, it appears that in the year 1000 BC, the inhabitants of remote mountainous Altai plateau walked not in leather with stone axes, as previously thought, and had clothes made of fine silk, were able to make gold and bronze ornaments and tools. Looking into the features of the Altai ruler, one is struck how it differs from the modern inhabitants of the Altai: tall, thin, aristocratic features.

Still, where did these parts this amazing woman, and the woman there? Recently, more and more scientists are inclined to believe that the origin of the people, or at least teach them the basics of civilized life is associated with a visit to Earth by aliens from other planets, and possibly from the stars. And the touchdown called Starship Troopers a few, but rather specific places of the Earth: Egypt, Kola Peninsula, Chile (Aztecs) and China. It is not known why the millennium, this information was suppressed, as if to collect and analyze the monuments and ancient legends, the truth of the above theory is no doubt. Ukok Plateau and the legendary Princess Kadyn, which, by the way local residents believe ancestor of mankind, at the intersection of the borders of the four largest world countries: Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.
In the folklore of the place before the discovery of the tomb there is an ancient legend that tells of a princess Kadyn "… Ducks on a high plateau in the south of the Altai, is located at a height of about 3 feet above sea level, anciently considered as sacred territory, at the foot of the great mountains Tabyn- Bogda Ola is heavenly peace, "the second layer of the heavens", inhabited by the children of the sky. " Further legend tells how according to the Scythians who came to this land thousands of years ago, before they were living beings came here from the stars and have supernatural powers. And somewhere among the vertices Tabyn-Bogda Ola lived mysterious Huang and his "team". Perhaps this "man" was the captain of the ship, the team will return to Earth of extraterrestrial scientists because, as the story Scythian tradition, after several years of living in the world, Huang and his team as part of a fire-breathing dragon, cast copper, and flew home to the stars .

However, the rest of the team may have lived for a while among humans, and died a natural death. Many researchers believe the princess Kadyn, a member of the stellar crew. Also, even if you close your eyes to the striking difference between the Princess of races that lived in the Altai, as in ancient times, and now, to explain why for thousands mummy princess remained in its original form, as if the ritual was held yesterday, is still a mystery . Of course, one could argue that according to fashion the cosmic theory of the origin Terran, mysterious princess just for ears draw to this version, but here in the version of the defense advocates space faces Chinese researchers and even the famous Herodotus. So among archaeologists China, which, with their political system is difficult to suspect of myth-making, became known finds from the Altai in the immediate vicinity of the Russian border in the Chinese province Tszychzhou. During excavation of the tomb was open certain Chi, which Chinese archaeologists seriously consider assistant Huang, except that if the command Huang still rather be counted among the people, the Chi, according to Chinese experts was half humanoid half cyborg.
It is true that the age of discovery for five thousand years, which is two thousand years older than the intended age princess Kadyn. Thus, Ukok Plateau and nearby area, the locals since ancient times was considered a "refuge of the gods", and recently UNESCO declared the area a "zone of peace" and submitted to the World Heritage List of the Earth. The coincidence of the scientific version of the origin of the legendary princess Kadyn puts an end to the debate about the origin of mankind. And after just a few months after the opening of the tomb in the historical archives found another indirect confirmation of extraterrestrial origin Altai mummy: the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, a contemporary of the mysterious princess wrote about living in the Altai mountain tribes of the Scythians, who may apply to the vultures, "guarding the gold" .

These unknown beings were of high growth and "unearthly" appearance. Neither you slanted eyes or high cheekbones, like the Chinese or the Altai. "Portraits" them again very close to the ancient Chinese descriptions of the "sons of heaven." Herodotus says that the Scythians had their "kings", the head of which stood a "mother", "Mistress of the Scythians." The graves of this period found many images eared griffins — mythical creatures guarding the gold. On the plateau Ukok their way, especially a lot. But only one of them, the largest, has been applied to the human body. Thus, almost no doubt that the princess stamped on his shoulder, and was the very great priest. After the mysterious burial, except women mummy was buried six chestnut horses adorned with metal objects of unknown purpose. If we believe the Chinese mythology, like the horses were called "Jilin" — heaven, man can ascend to the very clouds. They were a cross between a griffin and have been associated with the image of the Goddess — the mother that gave birth to the whole human race, which disturb the dust is highly undesirable.
By the way the locals were very concerned about the discovery and opening of the tomb, rightly believing that archaeologists have disturbed peace of the gods. Indeed shortly after the discovery of Princess Kadyn, in 2003 in the Altai region, a wave of earthquakes that residents associated with relocation of dust Princess in Novosibirsk and Moscow.

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