Sensation! NASA discovered on Mars TRACES aliens and SPRING! (PHOTOS)


A rare case: the U.S. space agency itself pointed to the artifacts found at the landing site of its new research vehicle. Usually it pretends nothing particularly mysterious in images from Mars not. And there can not be.


And here on the official website ( scientists declared: look, say, someone's trail. As if the snow man left. A few days later again, pay attention to the spring of the next to the lander. Miracles …

Experts, of course, explain that the track — it's just a rock crag. A spring is supposedly fallen off from the casing, out of which climbed robotic arm, which is equipped with Phoenix.

Enthusiasts looking for signs of intelligent life on Mars, in a stone believed. A doubt about the origin of springs. They're too much buried in the ground to look dumps. Suddenly it did the Martians lost?

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