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December 4, 2011 20:51

Secret UFO crash at Roswell more than 60 years, but so far come up new details of unusual events that far from us the year. Thus, there is evidence that while the United States was not one, but three UFO crash, but what information is most incredible is that in August 1947, the Indians from the reservation Apache tribe managed to find and treat the wounded alien from outer space.

What silent Indians?

For nearly 50 years, and none of the UFO had no idea to look for witnesses distant events in 1947 among the Indians, the indigenous inhabitants of the American continent, reservations are located in the vicinity of Roswell. It was thought that they could just tell a bunch of their myths and legends, which would add even more confusion to the already quite contradictory set of facts about the UFO crash at Roswell.

The Indians, in their turn, are not very eager to contacts with authorities and journalists and even taboo to all information about the fall of UFOs, because they knew — where falling "stars" immediately appeared the soldiers, who do not really stand on ceremony as rate with the aliens from the stars, and with the curious of the local population.

Only in November 1995, German researcher Michael Hezemann held several meetings with the Indians, of whom learned to fragmentation of sensational UFO crash in that distant from us a year. All of the new information he presented in his book-study, "Aliens."

Three UFO crash instead of one

The Indians claimed that in 1947, there was not one, but three crash flying saucers: one fell near Socorro in early June, the sensational accident happened at Roswell in July, and the third a UFO crashed near Four Corners in northern Arizona. This is not particularly surprising Hezemanna that to the best of his earlier fact already suggested that the accident at Roswell was not the only one.
Trying to document the accident by more Socorro, researcher decided to turn to local newspapers the end of May — beginning of June 1947, but these newspapers (it is during this period!) Has not appeared in any of the libraries of the United States … But it was possible to find the living witnesses of the fall of UFOs — Indians Ascom. They were at the time of 13-14 years. May 31, 1947 (the one girl two days had a birthday, so she could just remember the date) teenagers climbed the water tower at the railway, when suddenly the sky lit up and flew over their heads to the north-west to south-east of the big fire ball. The light was so bright that the children covered their face with his hands. A couple of days they got blisters on my hands, but it did not attach much importance, and they soon came off.

Little Alien?

Most interesting is that a couple of days in the area teens met a strange little girl with grayish skin and gray, reminiscent of the wig hair. This girl avoid contact with adults, but with children playing, although many sides of her — it was too unusual, she looked, and those who are in close contact with her, soon fell ill. A week later, the strange girl disappeared. Who was she? Its appearance coincided with the collapse of the UFO. Maybe it's the child who survived the accident with the other stars tried to find help among the people?

However, the most sensational information received from Michael Hezemann Morningskaya Robert Injun, who claimed that from 1945 to 1950. U.S. 16 crashed alien ships. 14 of them were broken on Indian reservations or near them. Indians were many rumors about the fall of UFOs and even that had come up to them being sometimes remained alive, but died after a meeting with the soldiers.

If these rumors are true, then it explains a lot in a dense veil of secrecy over the events of those years. After all, if the military instead of helping sentient beings in distress shoot them taken prisoner, captured the intensity of their ships, seizing their purposes alien technology, they committed a crime against all humanity. Then they may well be tried as war criminals, the international court, as they ventured to draw the world's population to the conflict have a cosmic scale …

Saved by a stranger

Especially sounded incredible story of Robert Morningskaya a meeting of his grandfather with the alien from outer space. Dying grandfather bequeathed necessarily give someone your story about this unique event.

It happened in August 1947, a month after the accident near Roswell. Robert's grandfather, then a young, along with his friends noticed a ball of light, which, in their opinion, fell nearby. They decided to find him, and managed to the scene before the spacecraft soldiers. The ship they found a wounded stranger, and decided to take it with you. "Star Elder" (so-called alien Indians) used to come to consciousness and tells you how to treat it, and after a few months of full recovery.

I was a stranger with a small green crystal, through which he projected on a large, bright stone, different images, telling about its civilization. "Star Elder" reported that between the various space civilizations, alas, there are wars (think of long speculated that the large space can come only highly humane civilization …), and those gods and devils, as referred to in the earth and legends, were actually aliens from the stars.

We have created a slave?

The most striking information from his story was the story of our humanity. Turns out we did not have a natural way, we specifically created (this hypothesis is put forward by many researchers), to serve the creatures from outer space, created a space for the slaves of the "gods", and we suddenly got smarter and break out of the experiment … Unfortunately, "Star elder "did not say whether we are going to once again get their hands or are left alone and just watch our development.

In the world of the stranger was no place for religion, and life expectancy was truly astronomical time — in a few thousand years is still considered young humanoid … The human body was created the same way that it quickly grew old and decayed, although we can reach the age of 200-300 years with proper nutrition and supportive environment. Why do we not create a long-lived? Think about it, for too long-lived slave is much more likely to be too clever and get out of control, and it seems to be completely included in the plans of space experimenters.

To believe or not to believe the story of Robert Morningskaya? Unconditionally trust, may not need, but obmozgovat this information as follows — is worth. For example, in light of this story, it becomes clear that liberty with which strangers are abducted earthlings: the experiment continues, gentlemen! We do not stand on ceremony with guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and monkeys …
Still, the main mystery story about the "Star Elder" is the role of humanity in the experiment aliens. We had to serve them? Raw material for experiments, psychic energy producers or miners space mines? Or, far more mundane — a dishwasher, garbage collectors or clowns? Honestly, I would not like to see in this part of the Indian story was true: it is better to see their ancestors in monkeys amusing than feeling experimental rats, even vomited on the relative freedom …

Fedor Perfilov, "Abnormal news»

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