Sergei Shatokhin: Climatic terrible nuclear weapons

Sergei Shatokhin

A conversation with a famous scientist and public figure on development and application of the most formidable weapons of mass destruction.

— Sergey A., April 10, the television channel NTV was broadcast "confession" to your participation on the problems of the so-called climate of weapons.

The fact of coverage by one of the central channels is welcome, but, as it turned out, quite a serious part of what you said to correspondents was not included in the transfer. Whether your thoughts are considered too categorical, or the program itself is not empowered to provide views. Well, try to compensate for this lack of agreement …

— Thank you for the opportunity to speak on this topical subject. Back in April 2010, I was part of the conference "Climate and Policy" on Global Climate Change, which was held in Moscow under the auspices of the Federation Council. The participants of the conference were divided: some recognized the existence and development of climate weapons, others — completely denied. Apparently, the authors of the TV show, which you mentioned, have sought to strike a balance between these two polar views.

— So what is the climate weapon? Where did it come from?

— Speaking about the origins of the climate weapons, we must recall the brilliant scientist Nikola Tesla. It was a diverse, wide-ranging and profound scholar ahead of his time in a century. He came up with ideas for new physical principles of the effects on the ionosphere, the region of near-Earth space 50 kilometers above Earth's surface. Tesla pointed out that, if artificially manipulate the ionosphere, it is possible to work for the climate, that is, the lower layers of the atmosphere. This is both a theoretical postulate. He also owns the idea of a wireless power transmission.

But Nikola Tesla was not only theoretical but also practical man. They had done a lot of the "miracles": get the counter artificial ball lightning illuminated the night sky in the ocean for thousands of miles and many others. As you know, one of the versions of the Tunguska explosion in 1908 — is the result of careless experiment conducted by Tesla. Shortly before his death in 1943, he said that he could light up the sky. On the basis of its development, he talked about the possibility of creating an invisible dome over any country or territory, impervious to penetration of any aircraft, and laser weapons, and the "E" guns, and many other kinds of weapons.

At the beginning of XX century on Long Island, near New York City, it was built 50-meter high tower with a huge frame copper plate on top. Amplifying transmitter located in a mine tower, 40 meters deep in the ground. In this structure he created artificial lightning and carry out other experiments with the atmosphere. New physical principle climate impact he called the resonant effect.

And in our time, his ideas formed the basis for development of a fundamentally new super weapon "Harp" — auroral resonance phased array antenna. At some enclosed space built dozens or hundreds of antennas due to their synchronous operation is additional ionization of a certain area of the atmosphere.

— It operates in the interests of the military-industrial complex of the time?

— I would not say so. He has worked on science, on the development of new physical principles — climate control. He was guided by the logic of scientific research and implement their ideas. Nikola Tesla can be classified as scientists objectivists, free of ideological motivations. A U.S. military leadership was, of course. interested in the practical results of its activities.

His diaries and manuscripts disappeared under mysterious circumstances. But in any case, the Americans, carrying out a program to create and use climate weapons, using his ideas and achievements. In 1985, American Bernard Istlund received a patent for the invention, development of ideas going in Tesla. Many researchers believe that this patent is in the technological basis of the U.S. military program «HAARP», Russian translation of this abbreviation — a program of high-frequency ionospheric research.

— But from what I hear, the relevant development is the American side as the scientific research on climate research and the Northern Lights.

— Certainly, Americans officially disguise their development as a peaceful atmosphere and study strongly refutes the military purpose of the program.

But to understand the true scale of the plans and ideas of today's Tesla United States, we should mention a very interesting book highly scientist Nicholas Begich and journalist Jean Manning "Nikola Tesla and his diabolical weapon — the main U.S. military secret." The book's title says it all. The book was written at the height of the "cold war", now it has been translated into Russian, and is commercially available. In Soviet times, having access to spetskhran, I could not get it for free access.

Nicholas Begich later expressed in the sense that when he compared the job descriptions and specifications Tesla patent B. Istlunda, I realized that «HAARP» was originally a land-based weapon systems "Star Wars" during the "Cold War." Thus, the U.S. anti-satellite weapons have been created as part of this project.

A military purpose of the program indicates the fact that the project was initiated by the Air Force and Navy, the U.S.. President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, draws attention to the fact that the most secret Pentagon structure is the so-called "Department of promising arms", which consists of two departments: the climate "C" and the political «P». This alone is enough to understand the purpose of exclusively military «HAARP».

— That of itself is actually «HAARP»?

— Giant object microwave radiation area of 13 hectares, consisting of hundreds of phased array antennas "Harp" and the radar, radar and a powerful computer. Facility is located in the town of Hakon in Alaska. Complex affecting the atmosphere guided beam of electromagnetic waves in the right direction. Energy of the emitted radio waves allows the concentration of energy within the previously unattainable by any power plants. Power is a billion watts. They radiated energy can create lenses and spectra in the atmosphere of tens or hundreds of kilometers over an area of the world.

— Alaska is the only object? Or the Americans have a network of antennas "Harp"?

— Landfill "Hakon" Alaska is not the only one. Another facility is located in Norway, near the city of Tromsø. Third, end constituting the chain — in Greenland. These three objects are created unlimited closed loop effects on the near-Earth space.

There is information that the department "C" has a meteorological laboratory, and set in Bermuda. In his order passed modern cruiser "Virginia", stuffed with electronic and other sensitive equipment.

— Is this whole system is developing climate weapons? Are the objects you mentioned the development of more narrowly focused? As you said, many people do not believe in the existence of climate weapons.

— Analysis of the overall data available for public inspection, the characteristics and functionality of the antenna "Harp", the nature of "scientific" research on these landfills is inconclusive about the existence of climate weapons.

Published in the foreign press, especially in the American and English editions, testify to the existence of these weapons. Were involuntary leakage of information about the climate of weapons tests in the scientific community as well as in science is to classify all possible. Skeptics who do not recognize the existence of a climate of weapons, let me ask a rhetorical question: what is the purpose of the United States released the hundreds of billions of dollars on these programs? To study the northern lights? Not serious.

Incidentally, in 1974 the UN General Assembly has banned the use of environmental weapons. Environmental weapons — the same climate weapon. Thus, at the global level were confirmed facts climate weapons development.

— What are the opportunities and scope «HAARP»?

— This can generate heating and cooling effects of certain sections of the earth's surface, and can be triggered by heavy rains, or, conversely, the lack of precipitation. The scope of the system is also the impact on communication channels possible enemy, the-horizon radar, software radio with submarines, the destruction of any flying objects, disabling electronic equipment of spacecraft and ground facilities, provoking accidents in electricity networks and more.

There is speculation that «HAARP» is also a psychotronic weapon to influence the mental and moral condition of the people of certain regions of the world.

Such is currently a gigantic system of domination only superpower. And to counter this system almost in the world do not. Americans believe that their three polygons they have reached capacity, can influence the climate of half the planet.

— And as to the initiation of earthquakes? Painfully fresh impressions from the earthquake near the coast of Japan in March of this year, followed by a tsunami. At the level of speculation by some analysts suggests that the earthquake was created artificially in the U.S. to address the economic competitor.

— It is possible that the tsunami in South-East Asia in 2004 and the tsunami in Japan this year, which led to the catastrophe at the plant "Fukushima-1" provoked.

Some researchers argue that «HAARP» can provoke earthquakes. If you know the point of instability at the junction of tectonic plates, theoretically by high-frequency waves can initiate a reset of this tension. Although trigger an earthquake in the right place at the right time can be other, more "traditional" methods such as laying small capacity nuclear charges in areas of seismic intensity. Artificial explosion generates oscillations of the earth's crust.

It is interesting to look at the rivalry between the two superpowers during the "Cold War." There were Soviet secret development, providing a response to similar actions of Americans bookmark underground explosions specified capacity, such as in the Pacific Ocean, creating a tsunami that cover coastal areas of potential enemy.

— If it is likely to influence the United States to Japan, something like that can be expected in Russia.

— It is possible that a heat wave and the associated drought and fires in Russia in 2010 were due to use against our country's climate weapons. In any case, such a possibility in any case can not be excluded.

Satellite can serve as a receiver and a transmitter radiating antenna "Harp" of energy, reflecting the signal directional zone, create over a large territory of Russia ion lens. During interviews with highly skilled technical professionals and scientists I have heard many times that if direct with three ranges of antennas "Harp" pulses to a single point of the ionosphere, to the point, for example, over Moscow, you can get the "effect", which we saw in the summer of 2010 year in Russia. Nothing fancy for specialists in this version does not.

Moreover, our country is not able to capture these actions due to degradation of the overall level of technical and military capabilities, which occurred over the past 20 years. We, unfortunately, now we can only speculate and build version. We can not prove. Meanwhile, if our country has the technical means of detection of climate weapons, the potential enemy would dare to even think about the possibility of the application of climate weapons. That's the price of "liberal" reforms and neglect of national interests in favor of "universal" values.

— Tell me, are being developed in Russia, similar to the U.S.?

— In Soviet times, about 150 kilometers from Nizhny Novgorod was equipped with a unique set of "Sura". Though its features were an order of magnitude lower than «HAARP». According to my information, this complex still exists today, but for years not being developed, decaying. Radar, which was built during the Soviet era in Krasnoyarsk, could be comparable in performance with «HAARP», but under Gorbachev and then Yeltsin, the station was destroyed. All development of Soviet scientists in this field during the Yeltsin were taken abroad, which is a crime.

In our country, there are no programs currently impeding the development of the U.S., and in fact XXI century, in terms of weapons, will be different. Americans under President Obama demonstrate suspicious peacefulness in reducing nuclear weapons. Yielding to this, Russia continues to reduce their nuclear arsenals. But Americans nuclear weapons may not be necessary due to their having a more powerful weapon, which has not yet be classified. How to name it? As nuclear, chemical and biological — weapons of mass destruction? I would define as the climate weapon: the weapon of global destruction.

— What measures are in these conditions can be offered?

— To name just a few. At the state level it is necessary to proceed to determine the causes of anomalies and natural disasters. At the international level to raise the issue of threatening mankind plans to develop and implement climate weapons the United States.

In civilian life the current Ministry of Natural Resources does not act as a large-scale environmental analysis. You must create a Ministry of Ecology of Russia to the existence of laboratories and sectors of research to combat the war aims of potential enemies. And since the probability of war is called environmental, such a ministry is absolutely necessary and urgent.

In order to protect Russia's national interests need to resuscitate a total program of military developments climate weapons, their means of detection and protection from it, is carried out in the Soviet times. It should also abandon the further reduction of nuclear weapons as the only deterrent now use against our country's climate weapons.

Interviewed by Vitaly Filyaev


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