Shadow Magic

February 5, 2012 10:10

"Shadows — a door to inaction," Carlos Castaneda



The search for "unusual" in the familiar phenomena can lead us too far. But it is "far" may be of the same reality in which we have long since you feel "like a fish in water."
Shadow — not a shadow, a man — not the person. Should I refer to this phenomenon with contempt, as something routine? Usually we do so.
And yet our shadow that we used to see every day, it is only one form of shadows …

In certain circumstances, we can not only see the shadows of a variety of subjects, but even feel them and touch. The shadows surround us everywhere, and we never think about their faceless satellites.

One manifestation of the shadows are fungi. What is this, reality or fiction? And why did they come to us? Their world is covered by shadow that conceals the secret of these amazing creatures. No, wait, that's not a description of my imagination. Read to the end, and you will realize that this phenomenon can be actively used in life.

The sun fills the world with light. But, how possible light without shadow? And here we see how the trees, shrubs and grasses separated gray incomprehensible languages. They grow right "in the eyes." Every minute they increase in size, becoming dense and black, transformed into the most intricate shapes. Once in the forest, has happened to me a strange story. I overheard dialogue shadows.
— Ha — ha — ha! People call us the shadows! I heard a strange voice.
— Really? — Asked a second voice.
— Can not be? And that's all they can say about us?
— Yeah, buddy. People can not see that we have so carefully hid from them.
I looked around, trying to make the interlocutors, but to no avail. No one around me was not. Around me were moving shadows, they changed their shape and colors. I began to follow closely the darkened beings.
— That, my friend, did not understand how the voice?

Two unseen creatures laughed booming laughter. Chill ran down my spine. I felt like my perception began to fall apart, leaving the traditional forms and stamps, somewhere very far behind. My essence out of the linear perception of time, allowing me to see the life of the mysterious gray strangers.

I watched as the two gray shadows fell on the warm, moist soil, and began to grow. They are already covered the entire space. Then there was the most incredible thing: the thickness of the shadows straight into the ground, began to grow thin roots. Roots, like a spider web, quickly filled a large space in the ground. Gray shadows gradually turned into black. Of these black shadows in seconds grew two strong mushroom. One was a slim, handsome in a brown hat, and the second — no less fine krasnogolovik. Shadows sprouted mushrooms! So mushrooms — are children of shadows? Yes this is a discovery! Now I could understand why it was especially a lot of mushrooms in autumn. Yes, because in the autumn shadows are more and more.

Everything in this world reflects the shadows. Each bird or beast or a flock of mosquitoes throw their shadows on the ground. Night, out of the land of the little creatures. They gather shadows knead them like dough and bake one thread spawn. These creatures are called "shade grass." Each corresponds to a certain shade grass fungus.

In autumn, when the shadows becomes particularly large, strange beings from the shadows of the body mold fungi. The diversity of fungi depends on the variety of shadows that were put in their base. At first I thought that the shadows grow mushrooms, but here I'm obviously wrong. It turned out that the fungus is the result of the impact of the shadow of strange creatures that knead the shadows, like dough. I called these creatures shade grass.

Manicured garden or a shady park is unlikely to become a haven shade grass. Shade grass, do not fit into the usual classification of the world of living beings, as they have no analogy. The appearance of mushrooms on the ground, is the result of shade grass.

Sometimes the shadow is so much that the dough is obtained from them, it is not suitable for producing mycelium shade grass and then use them for other purposes. I must say that the world of shadows illogical. Any suspense, mystery, secret — will be for us to shadow.

The most unusual, on what shade grass is the ability to create out of the shadows of birds, animals, and sometimes — and people. If you decide to enter the world of shadows, you'll need a big stick to expel itself from the usual rhythm perception. Think right now all around: the sights, sounds, your body, wind, light, movement.

A flock of crows circling above the trees. Black birds — messengers of peace shadows. Now I start to understand that these birds recently did not exist. All of them lay on the ground: flat, weak, lifeless, ready at any moment to hide from the sun. Shadow — it essentially filled consciousness.

The difference in the structure of shade grass shows that this is a conscious being. It's right any game of shadows.

Probably for human shadow has practical value. That's the person's shadow formed by the rays of the sun. It is this shadow to which we are accustomed, and its presence does not cause any doubt. You can see how a sunny day cast their shadows, a few people. At first glance, they are the same shade of gray. If we start looking at them more carefully, we find a difference in the density of their shadows. The man with the lightest shade is currently the most energetic. He whose shadow is the darkest — is the most impaired in terms of energy at a given time. Without diving into a deep meditative state is difficult to compare the shade or talk about them specifically.

Let's consider the shadows of people that occur without heat and light. If you look at the shadow of a man, then she introduced herself to us as a whitish, translucent aura. And no more. Aura of the person is a person only energy shell and no relation to the shadow it has not. Since the aura of the person is individual, and the shadow, is an independent energy education, which is only partially influences people. The influence of shadows on the person during the day so slight as to be almost possible to feel this effect. If there are large concentrations of people, say something specifically about any man in his shadow, it is not easy, as the shadows begin to build up from a friend, another, merging into a single conglomerate.

To learn to see shadows, must be free of the feelings, emotions and desires. The shadow might be a whole world that visually looks like a continuation of a variety of items. Of internal concentration will depend positive effect. Quieter than distracting us thought, the clearer are the shadows.

For restless people, the practice can be a big challenge, but it can be mastered to get the missing balance.

We can now proceed to the practical understanding of the quality of shadows. We call this collaborative meditation. Only you and the people, the quality of the shadow that you want to know. The shadows can be seen from behind and to the side of the person.

Color shades do not have to be gray. Shadows can be painted in different colors, and each part of the shadow can be painted in a different color. Following a large number of experiments with the shadows, we can learn to identify the characteristics of each individual shade.

In defining features of any shade, is involved our radiator, which as you know, is not perfect, so there may be inaccuracies. However, in the shadows of the examined people you may notice certain patterns. And these laws, we have to consider releasing them from the overall spectrum. In each case, in a certain part of the spectrum you will see the shadow of a person about their spectrum. Keep this in mind. If the rendering of shadows is that some part of the spectrum is missing, then this area will be painted shade less bright. Its just not visible on the background of your glow. Suppose you want to determine the presence of lung disease in a patient. But without sufficient personal energy, it is impossible. To similar diagnostic experiments should be approached very healthy, otherwise it will be impossible to determine the range of the shadow of man. This procedure takes a lot of energy healer, so you should consider whether it is necessary to apply it in every case.

Can we, in our reality, to see a man without a shadow? Is it possible? The answer to this question is ambiguous. And, yes and no. As in everyday life we meet many people who are only superficially similar to the person. But who they are, we do not know. One of the features of these people is the lack of shade. It may be an interesting visual effect. On a sunny day, this person may not be visible, although it does not disappear. Soulless images also do not cast shadows. They just can not have them, because of the energy features.
As we have seen, the shadow appears when comparing the two sources of external light source and a source of human energy shell. This rule also applies to people. However, we must remember that two people with the same force of radiation that can not see each other's shadow.

Folklore character, called the Devil, just does not cast a light shadow, as is the essence of a different reality, with its emission dominates the external source.
On a hot afternoon is not bad to sit in the shade of a spreading tree, or sitting on the beach in the shade of the canopy. But seriously, the shadow — is the estimated structure of the enemy, which people perceive unconsciously. This is necessary to assess the danger of the enemy. Necessary to determine its capabilities and its respect for him. In the words of Don Juan, a man — a predator, a world of predators and that's fine. Ability to perceive a shadow — an innate property. What if you try to learn how to lighten his shadow or try to impose another, a distraction. Let's wait a day without the shadow and see what happens. Imagine that you do not cast a shadow, feel it his whole being.

I tried to "fix" to the soles of her feet. The effect will show immediately. I went into a complete car, and oddly enough, immediately found an empty seat. As if it awaited me specifically. I came up with the idea that this was due to the partial obestenivaniya my body, which allowed to release some of the surrounding space. I concluded that, by learning to focus their shadow in a given area of the body can affect the environment.

To start, I tried to remove the emotion of fear. Outwardly, nothing has changed, but emotionally became calmer. This I got from the very first. By removing from the minds of the emotions of fear, out of my memory began to fade the images of certain people. May have been associated with any event. This accidental discovery of a direct connection of our emotions, memory elements and shadows I just gave wings. But, there were some difficulties. When trying to simply "forget" some point in their life, it does not always have worked. Then concluded that, for the destruction of images, first of all, it is necessary to destroy the emotional shadow, which is a part of our memory. I tried to remove all the shadows of the emotional spectrum. That was something! Along with these emotions I almost removed all my memory! Still a little bit and simply would forget why I'm going somewhere and do what I am, but stopped in time. I already had an episode of a complete loss of memory for a few minutes. In those few minutes I had to look for the "thread" of my past. In his house I was suddenly surrounded by strangers. Somewhere inside me I felt like I know them well, but could not remember their names, where and when I saw them. In the end, I'm using unimaginable tricks and gimmicks learned their names. Having learned their names, I soon fully restored lost memory. What is it then happened to me? Now I'm sure that at that moment my shadow for some reason in a moment was hidden in me. You are all familiar with the many stories where people went out of the house and could not find his way home.

Memory function — is important for shade. It is, as it were, puts its stamp on the shade. It seems that the shadow was in part a result of our weakness or laxity. Using the already familiar concept to say that beyond a shadow of us because of the weakness of our aura. The optimal location shadow — is the presence of her in us.
Removing elements of consciousness shadow, we remove the emotions of fear, hate, regret and love. But in order to learn how to remove the shadow of the emotional part of the spectrum must grasp the philosophy of shadows, feel it. If you want to just remove certain emotions, it is unlikely to succeed. We must follow the rule, which was mentioned earlier.
We must remember that, spreading their emotions, we are not the best way working on his shadow. However, we become weak, lose strength and become just sick. Shadow memory takes us to the strength and health.

Relieving emotional shadow, we become vulnerable. People around us are feeling it. Since we no longer radiate emotional background. Freed from his shadow our senses become neutral.

Shadow, deprived of memory becomes — scout. It is set up only on feeling strange shadows, and is able to do with their quality assessment.

We are accustomed to looking at his shadow. Whether we like it or not, but it is always in front of us or next. Finally I want to mention, if after a while the negative emotions will again start to annoy you, then repeat the process again. From the first experiments, well cleaned shadow containing negative emotions can keep you up to six — nine hours. Repeat these steps and you will find his footing or the wings on his back.

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