Shocking weather scientists in 50 years half of Ukraine will become a desert

After 100 years in Ukraine warmed by almost one degree, it already felt shellfish and praying mantises, and harmful ambrosia of Donetsk reached the most Carpathians.
The latest report of the United Nations, dedicated to the fight against global climate change, scientists have predicted that because of the disastrously rapid melting of glaciers in the world ocean levels by 2050 could rise by an average of 90 centimeters, so that the water will leave the whole island states (eg, Kiribati in the Pacific), as well as parts of larger islands, such as, for example, the United Kingdom (the report published in December 2007).

Ukrainian scientists, commenting on the UN findings, say that the nightmare does not come in half a century, but the fact of raising the average temperature is confirmed.

As a result, Ukraine is waiting for flooding and shoreline change threatens the shallow coast of the Azov Sea, its average depth is about 6.5 m, the level may rise to 12-13 meters, the water will go forward to a distance of 10 km. Already, the resorts seriously waterlogged, assure climatologists. In addition, our territory wander hitherto unknown animals — dragons. Increasing summer heat will lead to forest fires, and the rain forests and the Carpathians Polesie dry out and can turn in the desert, and the South-Ukrainian steppes — the dry semi-desert-type Kazakh.

Leading Ukrainian expert on global warming, the chairman of the Hydrometeorological Vyacheslav Lipinski said that scientists are already preparing a new UN report, not as disturbing as the previous one. According to him, the average water level of the oceans by the end of the century will rise to a maximum of 59 cm, not 90, as previously predicted. Global temperature rise is still within 1.8-4 * C, which is quite a lot.

"The most noticeable warming in the middle latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere. Get and the Ukraine, which under threat of flooding Kherson region, lowland areas of the Black Sea coast of Crimea, Odessa and the Sea of Azov. We will increase the number of cyclones and natural disasters. A recent example — an unexpected storm in the Kerch Gulf that killed several Russian ships. It is always a negative impact on the economy, because the money reserve fund to fight the effects usually do not have, they have to pull from other areas, "- says Lipinski. "Our forests in the north will be gradually transformed into the steppe, and steppe become even more dry. Cyclones, droughts and sudden temperature changes degrade crops, and it is — a blow to the economy. One of the few positive effects of warming may be the fact that in the winter we will be spending less gas and electricity to heat homes. In turn, this will reduce the emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere — and this is a positive step in the fight against global warming, "- says Lipinski.

"Before, we had four seasons with the strict brief offseason. Now the opposite is true, we have one season: March, April warmer, warmer in April May, spring begins in February and lasts until June, when the night is still frosts. Winters are "rotten" (anomalously warm), but at the same time there is an intrusion extremely cold arctic air, such as in the year before, which causes abnormal cold "- he describes the Ukrainian climate change.

"To say that for the next 50 years, we have some serious changes — an exaggeration. 500 years — more like the truth "- arguing with the position of the UN experts geography professor Kiev Pedagogical University. Dragomanov Gregory Protsenko. According to him, in the next few decades, we should expect more cooling than warming. The scientist explains the expectations cyclical temperature changes in nature. "The length of this cycle is 20 to 50 years. For example, the 30-ies of the last century was a cycle of warming in the 30-60-xx observed cooling, and the 60-70's. beginning of the current warm cycle. He will continue for the next 10-15 years, then he will be replaced by a cold, "- said the scientist.

In Ukrgidromettsentre cyclic temperature variations deny. "Over the last 120 years in Ukraine such cycles have been identified. There were only a few years, when the temperature is slightly decreased. But in general, we can speak of a stable upward trend in average temperature, "- said the deputy chief meteorologist Anatoly Prokopenko.

Animals begin to move to the north, picking up a more comfortable temperature for life. "One type of white clams that were previously found only in the Crimea, in the last 10 years has spread in Kherson, Mykolaiv and Zaporizhia regions even. A near Kiev in the warm summer you can catch a praying mantis than usual — typical steppe insect, — the deputy director of the Institute of Zoology of the National Academy of Sciences Igor Dougal. — We have recently been jackals. First they came from the Danube in Bulgaria, and then — from the Caucasus. "

Botanists now watch more rapid change. "Up to 600 species of plants change their areas of distribution. To us penetrate the views from the Near and Middle Asia, the Mediterranean. At the same time many of them — bad for us. For example, trigger allergic reactions to ragweed early expansion of Donetsk region and has already reached the Carpathians ", — said the director of the Institute of Botany of NASU Jacob Didukh.

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