Simla Indian resort occupied … monkey

Photo ITAR-TASSIn the Indian mountain resort of Simla sign reading "Beware, monkey" look as menacing as a warning about mining.
Local residents claim that more recently they live "under the occupation of the Apes", which act as hosts at Simla, and without any trace of education. Primates rowdy in the streets, "maliciously hooligans", "commit robbery" by the townsfolk. Citizens have to fend off the "aggressor." And it is in India, where the epic lovingly sung poluchelovek-prosimian Hanuman, the Hindu canon where believers are told to co-exist with any of God's creation, including primates.
But monkeys in Simla for his aggressive behavior more often lead people into sin. Monkeys break into the house residents, encroach on products in grocery stores and have already reached the stage of attacks on bystanders. Therefore the warning signs of "tailed hooligan" is not a joke. But when it comes to justice, although monkeys are guilty, but not quite. By forcing their aggression hunger that drove them out of the woods to Simla, where the animals have decided podharchitsya.
Something similar happened seven years ago, when the monkey army already seizing the city. Then he had great difficulty to get to step back into the woods, but now "the enemy" and showed up again in even greater numbers than before. Hunger is not an aunt, and he now manages these creatures. Moreover, over time they have multiplied greatly, making it difficult operation to free the Simla. But if it does not hold, then macaques risk ruining this Indian resort. And who knows, maybe the evil of hunger monkey leader said about Simla like when something Roman orator Cato of Carthage. In the sense that he "must be destroyed."

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